DNFBP Registration 2023 has been started through a mobile app that was launched on the web at www.fbr.gov.pk. DNFBP can be described as a smartphone app that was launched through FBR. The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) in Pakistan has launched an application for mobile phones known as Defined Non-Financial Businesses and Professions DNFBP for the registration of Designated Non-Financial Businesses and Professionals (DNFBPs) across the country. DNFBPs are professions and businesses that fall within the scope of the Anti-Money Laundering Act, of 2010. The mobile app was created to simplify the registration process for DNFBPs and to make it easier for both businesses and individuals to sign up. In this article, we’ll examine the primary characteristics included in the DNFBP mobile application and its benefits.

What is DNFBP?

Before we go into the benefits and features offered by the DNFBP mobile application it is essential to know the definition of DNFBPs. DNFBPs are professions and businesses that are recognized by the Anti-Money Laundering Act, of 2010. The professions and businesses that are DNFBPs include real estate agents accountants, lawyers dealers of precious stones and metals, and other companies that deal with high-value transactions.

DNFBP Registration 2023 | www.fbr.gov.pk.

DNFBP Registration 2023

DNFBP Registration 2023

The DNFBP mobile app has several characteristics that make it a simple and efficient method of registering as a DNFBP. The most important attributes of the app are:

  • The registration process is simple The registration process using the mobile app is simple and simple to follow. Users can sign-up by providing basic details about themselves, their profession, or their business.
  • Secure login features: This application comes with the feature of secure login which guarantees the security and privacy of data provided by users.

DNFBP Registration Required Documents

The DNFBP document list for registration is accessible at the DNFBP official site. Real estate agents must be registered with their companies. After that, you must upload the following documents to upload to DNFBP registration.

  • Evidence of Payment of DNFBP Registration fee
  • Business License
  • Business Name Registration (Where Applicable)
  • Identification documents for every natural person are provided within sections 3-4 as well as 5 in the applications.
  • Principal Residential Address Confirmation
  • Evidence of any AML Qualification
  • Due Diligence Document
  • Dear applicants, we have included the complete information about DNFBP registration in this article. You can also
  • download the AML  to learn the complete details of DNFBP applications.

Status of application Application status: Users can monitor what is happening with their application directly through the application.

Benefits of making use of the DNFBP mobile application

The DNFBP mobile app provides a number of advantages to its users. The main benefits of the app are:

The mobile app lets both individuals and companies register as DNFBPs at the convenience of their homes or workplaces. The registration process using their mobile devices, without needing to visit an office.

Efficiency: The application streamlines the registration process, making it quicker and more efficient. Users can monitor what is happening with their applications in real-time, and receive updates about the status of their applications.

Cost-effective: using the mobile application to sign up as DNFBP DNFBP is an affordable solution. It removes the requirement for users to visit an office in person, which saves time and cash.

DNFBP Obligations: Preventive Measures and Internal Controls
Implementing and executing the complete compliance program consisting of safeguards and controls will assist to safeguard the DNFBP from misuse by criminals, and will guarantee that the DNFBP is in compliance with its obligations in accordance with Pakistani law.

How do I get the DNFBP mobile application?

The DNFBP mobile application is available for download from the Google Play Store for Android users and in the App Store available for iOS users. Users simply need to browse for “DNFBP” on their respective app stores and download the application. FBR strongly recommends that all registered business entities talk about their business activities with DIFCA. DIFCA can help you complete your DNFBP registration correctly. Fill in all the relevant information on the DNFBP registration form. The DFSA team will then ask questions about the information you have provided. You should therefore be sure to go through your DNFBP registration procedure prior to making it available for submission.

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What businesses and professions are classified as DNFBP?

The answer is. DNFBPs include real estate agents lawyers accountants, accountants, dealers of precious stones and metals as well as other businesses dealing with transactions of high value.

Can I register as a DNFBP through the mobile app if I am not based in Pakistan?

A. No The DNFBP mobile application is only accessible to individuals and businesses located in Pakistan.

Does the registration process for the mobile app different from the traditional registration process at the office? It’s not, the process is identical regardless of whether you register using the mobile application or through

What is Dnfbp in AML?

Defined Non-Financial Businesses and Professions (DNFBPs) can be classified by FATF as real estate agents. Dealer in precious metals, or precious stones. Dealer in all items that are sold with a value equal Notaries, lawyers, legal professionals, accountants, and others.

Who are Dnfbp?

Registered DNFBPs (Designated Non-Financial Business or Professions. A profession or business that is not an Authorised Person or Auditor or Auditor, and who operates the following profession or business either within or outside the DIFC is a designated Non-Financial Business or profession (DNFBP)