Prime Minister Laptop Scheme 2023. Prime Minister Pakistan is announcing the launch of a brand-new Free Laptop Scheme for students that aims to bridge the digital divide while ensuring an equal opportunity to learn. This program will be administered via the Higher Education Commission (HEC) and will benefit hundreds of students across the nation. The Free Laptop Scheme is an important step to ensure all students from Pakistan are provided with the necessary tools to excel academically.

In the age of digital technology laptops are an essential tool to learn as well as research and collaboration. But the cost of laptops is often putting them out of the reach of most students, especially students from families with low incomes. The Free Laptop Scheme is designed to tackle this issue by offering laptops at no cost to eligible students. The scheme is part of the larger efforts of the government to boost education and technological advancement in Pakistan.

Prime Minister Laptop Scheme 2023 |

Prime Minister Laptop Scheme 2023 |

 Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for this scheme, called the Free Laptop Scheme, students must meet the following conditions:

  • You must be enrolled in a degree program offered by an accredited public sector institution
  • They must have attained at minimum 60% marks at their last exam
  • Meet the socioeconomic requirements established by the HEC
  • The socioeconomic criteria consider aspects like family income as well as geographic location and gender. This ensures that laptops are distributed equally to those who require them most.

The Benefits of the Free Laptop Scheme

This Free Laptop Scheme is expected to bring many benefits to learners in Pakistan. These include:

The bridge that will close the Digital Divide

One of the main advantages that come with one of the main benefits offered by the Free Laptop Scheme is that it can help in bridging the gap between digital and rural regions. A lot of students from rural areas do not have access to the latest technology which means they are at a disadvantage with their urban counterparts. With the availability of laptops that are free, students from rural areas will be able to accessibility to similar technologies that urban students do which will even the playing field and allow students to compete on a level playing field.

Enhancing Academic Performance

Laptops are essential tools to conduct research in the academic field, collaborate as well as learn. With the free availability of laptops, students will have the ability to gain access to a wide range of digital resources, such as ebooks, online journals, or research databases. This will allow them to improve their academic performance and keep current with the latest developments in their field.

Enhancing Employability

In the age of digitalization, employers are searching for people with computer proficiency. The free laptops can help students learn these abilities which will make them more employable as well as better prepared to compete in the market for jobs.

Inspiring Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Innovation

Laptops are the most important tool to help in the process of creativity and entrepreneurship. With the laptops at no cost, learners will be in a position to create their own ideas and see them come to life. This will encourage the development of entrepreneurship and innovation in Pakistan and is vital to economic development and growth.


Who is eligible for the Free Laptop Scheme?

Students who are studying a degree course at an accredited public sector institution who have attained the minimum of 60% marks on their most recent exam, and have met the socioeconomic standards established in the HEC.

How will the laptops be distributed?

Laptops are distributed via the HEC and will be distributed to suitable students based on the criteria outlined

How many laptops will be distributed?

The amount of laptops that will be distributed hasn’t been confirmed yet. But it is anticipated to provide hundreds of students across the nation.

Will the laptops be of good quality?

Absolutely, laptops offered as part of the Free Laptop Scheme will be high-quality and conform to the specifications required to be used in academic settings.

When will the distribution of laptops begin?

The exact date of distribution of laptops hasn’t been confirmed at this time. However, it is anticipated to begin shortly once the selection process is done through the HEC.


The Free Laptop Scheme is a important step in ensuring equality of access to technology and education in Pakistan. By offering laptops at no cost to students who are eligible the government has helped to close that digital gap, boost academic performance, increase employment opportunities, and foster entrepreneurialism and innovation. This program is likely to improve the lives of hundreds of students across Pakistan and assist in helping Pakistan grow into a more prosperous and technologically advanced country.