Career Testing Services Pakistan Roll Number Slip 2024 Download Online

Career Testing Services Pakistan Roll Number Slip 2024. Are you looking to sit for an exam in the Career Testing Services (CTS) Pakistan but you are having difficulty getting the slip of your exam roll? Are you curious about how to access your slip of roll by using the name you have chosen or CNIC? In this article, we’ll explain everything you need to be aware of regarding your Career Testing Services Pakistan roll number slip 2024. We will also discuss what it’s about and why it’s so important and the best way to download it on the internet by making use of your username or CNIC. CTSP Roll number 2024 test slip online download By Name and CNIC here. Career Testing Service Pakistan CTSP is an agency located in Pakistan that conducts academic performance assessments for admissions tests, job tests and Scholarships, Internships Tests for Entry, etc, and in every Govt & Private Sectors Agency CTSP result. The Roll Number Slip

Career Testing Services – Pakistan (CTSP) was created on March 17, 2017. The organization was formed due to a requirement for a testing institution within the National Education Policy (GOP) as well as the Information Technology Policy (GOP). The objective of the tests is to plan and develop the necessary tests to determine admissions, scholarships, and recruiting for recruitment purposes. Candidates are evaluated based on the requirements set by the customer.

Career Testing Services Pakistan Roll Number Slip 2024 Download Online

Career Testing Services Pakistan Roll Number Slip Download Online Application form 2024

The testing company is always striving for excellence and is committed to the highest standards of efficiency, quality, and accuracy. It also ensures the trustworthiness of the entire system in a clear way, under strict security protocols. CTSP Testing Service has been established as an acknowledged authority to oversee assessments and tests for both international and national organizations by providing outstanding and highly trained human capital.

Career Testing Services Pakistan CTSP

Career Testing Services Pakistan is an independent testing company that conducts assessments and tests for different institutions of higher education including government agencies as well as private businesses in Pakistan. The company provides its customers with a range of testing options, including admissions testing, recruiting tests, as well as certification tests.

How to download your online Roll Number Slip with the Name or  CNIC

Downloading of the Career Testing Services Pakistan roll number slip online is a simple procedure. These are the steps to follow:

Check out CTS Pakistan’s website. CTS Pakistan website

Start your browser on the internet and navigate to the Career Testing Services Pakistan website:

Click on the ‘Roll Number Slip’ tab

On the main page of the site on the home page, you will see the “Roll Number Slip” tab. Click it to go there.

Enter your personal information

You will be directed to a new webpage, where you’ll have to input your details. You can enter either your name or CNIC number to continue. After you have entered the details, click the submit button.

Print and download the roll slip

If the information entered is correct, you’ll be directed to a web page that allows you to print and download the rolls number slip. Download the slip and print multiple copies of it.


What is a roll number slip?

The roll number slip is an item that includes all the essential details about the candidate who will be taking an examination. It contains information such as the name of the applicant, his photo, exam location examination date and time, and the subject that they’ll be testing on.

Can I download my roll number slip without my CNIC?

It is not possible to access your Roll Number slips without providing your CNIC number , or your name. It is crucial to supply accurate information in order to avoid any hassle.

What should I do if I encounter a problem with downloading my roll number slip?

If you experience any difficulties when getting your roll number slip you should get in touch with your Career Testing Services Pakistan support team right away. They will help you resolve the issue as fast as possible.

How many copies of the roll number slip should I print?

It is recommended that you take at minimum two copies of the Roll number slip. One copy should be kept by you, while the other must be provided to the officials of the exam center when you take the test.


The Career Testing Services Pakistan roll number slip is an essential document that all candidates must be able to present for the CTS Pakistan exam. CTS Pakistan exam. It has all the essential information about the applicant as well as the test without it candidates could face serious penalties. The process of downloading the roll slips online is an easy process, but you need to provide complete information and follow the proper steps. If you experience any difficulties you should call us at the Career Testing Services Pakistan support team right away.

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