Hajj Flight Schedule 2024 from Pakistan Online Check

Discover the Hajj Flight Schedule 2024 from Pakistan and check it online. Stay updated with departure and arrival times, airlines, and more if you have applied for the Government or Private Hajj scheme in 2024 and wish to obtain the flight schedule, it is important to ensure that you have access to all the necessary details and information from this webpage. The cabinet approved the Government Hajj scheme in 2024, and it was sanctioned by the Ministry of Religious Affairs. The inaugural Hajj Flight from Peshawar Airport is scheduled to depart soon. This year, three airline companies, namely Pakistan International Airlines (PIA), Shaheen Air, and Saudi Airlines, will be responsible for conducting all the operations. The application process for the Government Hajj Scheme 2024 commenced, and the candidates were then shortlisted in March 2024.

The scheduling of flights from Lahore, Karachi, Faisalabad, and Peshawar will depend on the prevailing conditions. The final decision regarding these flights is contingent upon the status of the Coronavirus pandemic. Permission for these flights will only be granted once the pandemic situation improves. Therefore, it is difficult to predict the current circumstances.

Hajj Flight Schedule 2024

Hajj Flight Schedule 2024 refers to the planned flight timings and itineraries for transporting Hajj pilgrims from Pakistan to Saudi Arabia in 2024. It includes departure and arrival times, designated airlines, and airports involved in the pilgrimage. This schedule is crucial for both pilgrims and authorities to ensure a smooth and well-coordinated transportation process for the millions of pilgrims. Officially, Hajj Application Form Flight Schedule 2024 has been issued and from 21 May PIA will start operation. On the other hand, the last Hajj flight will depart on 20 June 2024.

Hajj Flight Schedule 2024 from Pakistan Online Check

Hajj Flight Schedule 2024 from Pakistan Online Check

PIA Hajj Flight Schedule 2024

The status of PIA flights will be updated closer to the time of Hajj as more information becomes available. PIA Hajj Flight Schedule 2024 specifically pertains to the flight schedule provided by Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) for the Hajj pilgrimage. Check Hajj Balloting Draw Result 2024 here. PIA, one of the major airlines in Pakistan, plays a significant role in facilitating the transportation of Hajj pilgrims. The schedule outlines PIA’s dedicated flights for transporting pilgrims, including departure and arrival times, flight numbers, and other relevant details.

Hajj Flight Requirements 2024

Hajj Flight Requirements are specific criteria and regulations set by the Saudi Arabian government and relevant authorities for pilgrims traveling to Saudi Arabia for Hajj. These requirements include a valid Hajj visa, passport, confirmed flight tickets, and compliance with health and safety protocols. They ensure that only eligible and prepared individuals undertake the journey while maintaining order and safety.

  • It is mandatory to undergo a Corona test within 72 hours before traveling to Saudi Arabia; otherwise, boarding the plane will not be permitted.
  • The aviation authority verifies the Corona test results before allowing passengers to travel.

Mora Hajj Flight Schedule

Mora Hajj Flight Schedule refers to the flight schedule provided by the Ministry of Religious Affairs (MORA) in Pakistan for the Hajj pilgrimage. MORA is responsible for organizing and coordinating Hajj operations. The schedule outlines flight timings, airlines, and designated airports, ensuring proper management and coordination of the pilgrimage for smooth and safe travel.

Government Hajj Flight Schedule

Government Hajj Flight Schedule refers to the flight schedule managed and organized by the government of Pakistan for transporting Hajj pilgrims. The government plays a crucial role in arranging flights, coordinating with airlines, and ensuring smooth movement. The schedule includes flight timings, designated airlines, and airports involved in the transportation process. As of now, the government has released the official schedule for Hajj. According to sources, the Hajj operations are expected to commence on May 21st and continue until June 20th, 2024. We have obtained this information from multiple sources,

Date Event
May 21-June 20 The arrival of Hajj pilgrims in Saudi Arabia
June 21-July 2 Pilgrims perform the Tawaf and Sa’i in Mecca
July 7-8 Pilgrims travel to Mina
July 8-9 Pilgrims stand on Mount Arafat
July 9-10 Pilgrims throw stones at the Jamarat
July 10-12 Pilgrims perform the Tawaf al-Wada’ in Mecca
July 12-22 The departure of Hajj pilgrims from Saudi Arabia

Private Hajj Schedule

Private Hajj Schedule includes the flight schedule provided by private travel operators and agencies organizing Hajj packages for individual or group pilgrims. These operators offer personalized services, accommodation, and transportation arrangements. The schedule outlines flight timings, airlines, and airports associated with private travel operators, providing flexibility and options for pilgrims seeking customized travel experiences. Check Hajj Schedule Online 


How can I access the Hajj flight schedule?

You can check the Hajj flight schedule by visiting the official webpage of PIA or the Ministry of Religious Affairs, where all the relevant information is available.

What is the schedule for Hajj in 2024?

The Hajj Flight Operations by PIA is scheduled to begin on May 21, 2024, and conclude on June 20, 2024.

Which is the first flight for Hajj departing from Pakistan?

The first Hajj flight from Pakistan is set to depart on May 21, 2024.

What is the cost of Hajj in Pakistan in 2024?

According to media reports, the cost of Hajj in Pakistan for 2024 is 1,025,000 Rupees.

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