HJRS HEC Recognized Journals List 2024 | HEC Journal Recognition System

HJRS HEC Recognized Journals List 2024 all information is here. The Higher Education Commission (HEC) of Pakistan frequently changes the HEC-recognized journals list, which includes reputable and highly-impact publications. In this complete guide, we’ll look at all of the HJRS HEC Recognized Journals List 2024, which highlights the best journals in a variety of disciplines. We will explore each of the categories and explain the significance of having been included on the HEC Recognized Journals List. No matter if you’re a veteran researcher or a student the article should provide important information and aid you navigate through the maze of academic publishing.

Higher Education Commission Pakistan targets to improve the quality of journals and publications. To recognize the titles of journals, HEC has introduced an online system dubbed HJRRS. Its main goal is to recognize journals that are research-based. HJRRS is the name of Europe’s Journals Recognition System. Researchers and scholars have to adhere to the HEC-recognized journals for research in Pakistan to publish articles. HJRS Research journals that are accredited by HEC are legally recognized in Pakistan. Anyone can go to hec.gov.pk and connect to the HEC HJRS portal. HJRS HEC list contains the names of the research journals that are believed to be legitimate.

hjrs.hec.gov.pk System 2024

This article will be of great help to Pakistani researchers or scholars, as well as faculty members, as for students in becoming aware of the different kinds in National as well as International journals i.e. Z, W, Z, and X. The purpose behind publishing journals is to present the most recent research in specific subjects of research. Through this portal, you can search the journal according to Title and ISSN, and subdiscipline or discipline. We’ve covered the process to find an index of recognized HEC institutions in Pakistan in detail and will shortly discuss ways to utilize this system. HEC Journal Recognition System to gain access to the HEC-recognized journals for social, medical sciences, and other disciplines.

HJRS HEC Recognized Journals List 2024 | HEC Journal Recognition System

HJRS HEC Recognized Journals List HEC Journal Recognition System

HEC Journal Recognition System

The HEC Journal Recognition System is a step toward promoting high-quality research and development in Pakistan. It was created to recognize journals that satisfy certain requirements, for example, being governed by an editor, peer review process, and adhering to the guidelines of ethical publication. This system makes sure the researchers of Pakistan can access high-quality journals that are able to publish research of originality, which leads to the development of the scientific community within Pakistan.

Criteria for HJRS HEC Recognized Journals List 2024

The HEC has established specific requirements that journals must satisfy to be recognized under the HJRS. This includes having an editorial board of international standards as well as a peer-review system and a clear policy on ethics concerning publication. Journals must also adhere to certain standards for citation and publish new research that adds value to the discipline.

HEC Pakistan has categorized and acknowledged journals in these disciplines.

  • Engineering and Technology
  • Health Sciences
  • Natural Sciences
  • Agriculture
  • Social Sciences
  • Arts and Humanities
  • Management Sciences and Economics
  • Multi-Disciplinary

List Of Hec Recognized International Journals 2024

W, X, and Y categories, based on their high quality as determined by internationally recognized and benchmarked metrics referred to as the term Journal Prestige Index (JPI). The new system online provides an extensive selection of HEC research journals in all disciplines and subject areas as per JACS’s Journal of the American Chemical Society (JACS).

HJRS HEC Recognized Journals List 2024

The HEC updates the list of journals that are recognized each year. In 2024, there were 13,720 HJRS-recognized journals that are recognized across different disciplines. The list includes journals from natural sciences, social sciences as well as engineering and medicine. Researchers are advised to publish their research in these respected journals to guarantee the integrity and authenticity of their research.

How to Get a Journal Recognized by HEC

To be recognized as a journal by the HEC The journal must meet the requirements that are set in the HJRS. The journal first needs to submit an application for recognition, supplying proof the editorial panel, peer review process, and ethical guidelines in addition to original research. The HEC examines the submission and, if the journal is able to meet the requirements then it will be recognized as a member of the HJRS.

HEC Contact Information

  • Address: Head Office, Sector H-9, East Service Road, Islamabad
  • Phone: 051 9040 0000
  • Website: www.hec.gov.pk


What are Y-category journals?

Experts Groups confirm the quality of their journals. the top journals that are of archive quality.
 Journals not having an Impact Factor They meet all HEC Journal Criteria except a review of each paper by at least one expert from an Industrially/Academically advanced country in the respective discipline.

How many journal categories does Hjrs suggest? 

HJRS classifies a research journal according to three distinct categories three categories namely W, X, and which is the most prestigious category followed by X, and Y for each subject and sub-categories.

Q: How often is the HJRS HEC Recognized Journals List updated?

A: The HJRS HEC Recognized Journals List is typically updated annually, with the latest version reflecting the most recent evaluations and inclusions.

Q: Can international researchers submit to HEC Recognized Journals?

A: Absolutely! The HEC Recognized Journals List includes both national and international journals, welcoming submissions from researchers worldwide.

Q: Are all journals listed in the HJRS HEC Recognized Journals List open access?

A: No, not all journals are open access. The list includes both open-access and subscription-based journals, offering a diverse range of publication options.

Q: How can researchers access journals listed in the HEC Recognized List?

A: Most journals listed in the HJRS HEC Recognized Journals List are accessible through institutional subscriptions, libraries, or individual purchase.

Q: What criteria does HEC use to evaluate journals for inclusion?

A: HEC evaluates journals based on their editorial policies, peer review processes, international presence, impact factor, and adherence to ethical publishing practices.

Q: Can journals be removed from the HJRS HEC Recognized Journals List?

A: Yes, journals can be removed if they fail to maintain the required standards or if ethical violations are identified.

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