IRISH Medical Council Registration 2023.IRISH Medical Council Registration of Pakistani Doctors Established. The Irish Medical Council (IMC), is the statutory regulator for Irish medical doctors. It’s responsible for maintaining and protecting public health by ensuring only competent and qualified medical practitioners are licensed to practice medicine in Ireland. The IMC registration process can be daunting for International Medical Graduates (IMGs), who are from Pakistan. This article will provide a step-by-step guide for IMC registration for IMGs (International Medical Graduates) from Pakistan. For IMGS, a Pakistani medical graduate has been able to work as a doctor in Ireland. This is because of the exemption for the medical licensing exam (PRESS). Therefore, both Pakistani and other countries listed below can apply for a medical practitioner license.

IMC Registration for IMGs in Pakistan

IMC Registration is a complex process. The applicant must complete a series of steps. It is designed to ensure that only competent and qualified medical professionals are allowed to practice medicine in Ireland. IMC registration is available to IMGs from Pakistan with a recognized medical qualification and who meet the eligibility criteria.

Preparing for IMC Registration. Before IMC registration can begin, IMGs from Pakistan should ensure they have a recognized medical qualification that is recognized by the IMC. They must also meet IMC’s eligibility criteria. These include language proficiency, competence assessment, and compliance with ethical or professional standards.

IRISH Medical Council Registration 2023 Apply Online

IRISH Medical Council Registration 2023 Apply Online

IRISH Medical Council Registration Submission of documents

Submitting documents is the first step in the IMC registration procedure. Pakistani IMGs must show proof of their identity, medical qualifications, and proficiency in the language. They will also need to provide information about their medical training, clinical experience, professional registration, and other details.

Payment of application fees

IMGs from Pakistan have to pay the application fees after they submit their documents. You can pay the fees online with a debit or credit card. The fees are subject to change depending on what type of registration you want.

ECFMG Verification IRISH Medical Council Registration

IMGs from Pakistan must have their credentials verified by the Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates. This verification can take several weeks so applicants should allow enough time to complete it before they apply for IMC registration.

Language Proficiency Test

Bypassing an approved proficiency test in English, IMGs from Pakistan have to prove that they are proficient in the language. You can take the test online and receive your results in a matter of days. Competence Assessment Pakistani IMGs must pass a competency assessment to determine if they possess the skills and knowledge required to practice medicine in Ireland. This assessment is composed of a written exam and a skills assessment. It takes place over two days.

Interview with IMGs in Pakistan

Applicants who pass the competence assessment must be available for an interview at the IMC. Interviews are used to evaluate the applicant’s professionalism, ethics, and ability to work in a team.

Register and Induction

Registration and induction IMGs from Pakistan can register with the IMC after completing the above steps. Induction sessions are required for IMGs from Pakistan. They will receive information about their professional obligations and the legal and ethical framework in which they can practice medicine in Ireland.

Post-Registration Requirements

IMGs from Pakistan need to register with the IMC in order to fulfill certain requirements. These include participation in continuing professional development (CPD) activities and compliance with ethical standards and professional standards. To ensure they meet these requirements, the IMC periodically reviews registered medical practitioners.

Important Information about Credentials of IRISH Medical Council Registration

The credentials required to support your application to the Medical Council will vary depending on your training history and whether or not you are applying for an exemption from the Medical Council’s Pre-Registration Examination System. For complete details on the Medical Council’s application process and required documents, visit the official website. For Medical Council applicants, EPIC verifies the following credentials:

  • Basic Medical Qualification (Final Med Diploma in EPIC).
  • An official document issued by your medical school upon graduation
  • All applications to the Medical Council must be submitted in writing
  • The full graduation date must be displayed on the document
  • These documents are not required by The Medical Council. will not accept as a replacement for your final medical school diploma.
  • Medical School Transcript
  • Alternate Graduation Document
  • License to Practice Medicine
  • Certificate of Graduation
  • Certificate of Internship, Certificate of Experience or Attestation of Postgraduate Education, or an equivalent (Postgraduate Medical Ed Credential in EPIC).
  • The credential must be issued by the relevant postgraduate training organization. It should include the name of the program and the length of the training.
  • The document must come from Pakistan Medical Commission (successor to Pakistan Medical & Dental Council), which certifies intern experience. This certificate must include a breakdown of all rotations, according to specialty.
  • Visit the Official Website if you want to apply for an exemption from PRES based on an equivalent internship. For a complete list of currently accepted internships, visit the Official Website.
  • Applicants who wish to be exempted from the PRES on account of a recognized Higher Qualification must provide evidence of higher qualifications (Specialist Qualifications in EPIC).
  • For a complete list of Higher Qualifications currently recognized by the Medical Council, visit their website.

Please note that although EPIC will primary-source verify Medical Registrations/Licenses to Practice Medicine, the Medical Council requires that a Certificate of Current Professional Status/Good Standing, dated within the last three months, be sent directly to the Medical Council from all overseas registration authorities with whom you are or have been registered within the past five years. The EPIC verification of a Medical License/License to Practice Medicine is not an alternative.


Irish Medical Council registration processing time

The entire process can take anywhere from 6 to 12 months so plan ahead. Complete the Genform and return it to the council with all the required paperwork. “Indemnity form supplied and a copy of the passport given, again”After obtaining your Medical Council Ireland license, the next step is to find employment. If you have previous training, the best jobs to search for are SHO or Registrar levels. Although the license is general, holders of the license have been able, for the past year or so, to register for training using the same license, even without passing the press test.

Registering with the IRISH Medical Council is a requirement

  • Language Certification (IELTS/OET).
  • Your university may offer a medical degree or diploma.
  • Certificate of Internship/House Job Experience.
  • Certificate of Good Standing

How do I apply?

  • First, submit an application to Irish Medical Council with the required fee. This will allow the council to evaluate and verify the qualifications of the applicant.
  • After the initial evaluation, applicants can choose to take the licensing exam or the PRESS. This exam consists of two parts. The first is an mcq-based test that checks candidates’ medical information. The second is the OSCE which tests applicants’ practical skills.
  • You will need your medical degree and issuing body, as well as details about your registration with the Pakistani medical council or in your home country.
  • You should fill in any gaps in your experience such as exams, schooling, or other periods. If there is not enough space between the dates, you can enter N/A in the hospital or specialty field to fill the gap period.
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Contact Information

Phone: +353 1 4983100

Address: Medical Council Po Box 13498, Dublin2, Ireland


 How long does the IMC registration process take? 

The IMC registration process may take up to several months depending on the circumstances of the applicant and the availability for assessment dates.

Can I apply for IMC registration before obtaining ECFMG verification? 

You can submit an application for IMC registration prior to obtaining ECFMG verification. However, it is important that you allow enough time for verification.

 What is the cost of IMC registration? 

Costs for IMC registration vary depending on what type of registration is being requested. You can find the IMC website for details about fees.

 Can I take the language proficiency test in Pakistan? 

Yes, you can take the language proficiency test online from any part of the world, even Pakistan.

 Do I need to be in Ireland to complete the competence assessment and interview? 

Yes. The interview and competence assessment must be done in Ireland. You must arrange your own travel arrangements, and pay for your accommodation and travel.

 I am applying to the Medical Council for registration; do I need to use EPIC?

The Medical Council requires only Category 4 applicants for entry in the General and Trainee Specialist Divisions–applicants who qualified outside of the European Union, the European Economic Area, and Switzerland–to create an EPIC Account and have their credentials primary source verified through EPIC.

When do I need to verify my documents through EPIC? 

Before a request for registration to the Medical Council is made, verification should be done.

 Which qualifications do I need to submit to the Medical Council through EPIC?  

The credentials required to support your application to be admitted to the Medical Council will vary depending on your training history and whether or not you are applying for an exemption from the Medical Council’s Pre-Registration Examination System. Visit the Official website for more information about the Medical Council’s application and required documents.


IMC registration is a strict process that guarantees that only competent and qualified medical professionals are licensed to practice medicine in Ireland. It can be daunting for IMGs from Pakistan to navigate this process. However, if they follow the steps in this article, they will be able to do so successfully.