Nixor College Admission 2024 Apply Last Date Fee Structure

Nixor College Admission 2024: Apply Now Before the Last Date! Are you looking to further your education and pursue a degree from a prestigious institution? Look no further than Nixor College! With a wide range of programs and courses to choose from, Nixor College offers a world-class education that is both comprehensive and affordable. In this blog post, we will provide you with all the information you need to know about Nixor College Admission 2024, including the application process, fee structure, and important dates to remember.

Nixor College Admission 2024-25 Last Date to Apply

Step Round Deadline
Step 1: Online Application Form Round 1 December 15, 2024
Round 2 March 1, 2024
Step 2: Interview 1st Round of Interviews Nov 1, 2024 – Dec 31, 2024
2nd Round of Interviews Jan 15, 2024 – Mar 31, 2024
Step 3: Wait for a Decision 1st Round of Decisions Communicated by Jan 1, 2024
2nd Round of Decisions Communicated by Apr 1, 2024

Nixor College Offered Programs

Nixor College values individual student needs and offers various academic policies to accommodate them. Students can list a preferred teacher for each subject, and NP courses are offered for subjects not studied at O Levels. Accelerated courses combine AS and A2 syllabi, and clusters do not restrict subject selection. The no-tuition policy encourages student responsibility, and TAs are available for peer-to-peer tutoring.

Nixor College Entry Test Date 2024 Check Online

Nixor College Admission 2024 is now open for students interested in pursuing A-Level education. The college was established in 2008 and is recognized by the British Council as one of the best colleges in Pakistan for O-Levels. The college offers high-quality education and training for students’ future careers. Scholarships are available for exceptionally talented students. The article provides the application form, deadline date, and eligibility requirements. Candidates can also check the Nixor College Entry Test Date 2024 by marking their calendars, which will help them prepare effectively and increase their chances of getting admission to the college.

Nixor College Admission Fee Structure 2024 Download PDF

Fee Type Amount
Admission Fee Rs 168,000/
Security Deposit 60,000
Tuition Fee (Non-Science) Rs 45,000
Tuition Fee (Hybrid) Rs 48,669/
Tuition Fee (Science) Rs 55,000

Nixor College Admission Eligibility Criteria 2024

Nixor College values more than just grades. They also consider a student’s character and extracurricular activities. While there’s no minimum grade requirement, character is essential. However, there are minimum grade requirements for each A Level subject. To view the required minimum grades, click here

Nixor College Application Form 2024

Action Description Button
Register To start your application, register yourself as an applicant by clicking on the button below. You will be asked to enter a valid email address and create a password. Register
Log In If you have registered for an account and are a returning applicant, please log in by clicking the button below. Login

Nixor College Admission Portal

Nixor College Admission Portal is an online platform that allows students to apply for admission to Nixor College. The portal provides information about the college, the admission process, and the required documents. Students can create an account, fill out the application form, and submit it online. The portal also allows students to track the status of their application and communicate with the college’s admission office. Additionally, the portal provides information about the college’s programs, faculty, and facilities, helping students decide about their education. Overall, the Nixor College Admission portal is a convenient and user-friendly tool that simplifies the admission process for students.

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How to Apply for Nixor College Admission 2024?

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to apply for Nixor College Admission using the online application form:

  • Visit the Nixor College website and familiarize yourself with the college’s programs, policies, and core values.
  • Click on the “Online Application” button to access the application form.
  • Fill out the required information marked with (*) to submit your application.
  • If you want to save your application and complete it later, click the “Save Answers and Resume Later” button. You can access your application by logging into your account.
  • Writing an essay is optional, but it can strengthen your application. The essay should demonstrate your understanding of the Nixor Community and its A Level program.
  • Check your essay for spelling and grammar errors before copying it to the text box provided in the application form.
  • If you encounter any problems with the application form, contact the admissions office at
  • Submit your completed application form.

By following these steps, you can apply for Nixor College Admission using the online application form.

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