NTS GAT Result 2024 Check Online By Name

The National Testing Service (NTS) has announced the Graduate Assessment Test (GAT) Test Result 2024. GAT tests are well-defined tests designed to evaluate the abilities and skills of people who want to be admitted to advanced postgraduate courses in Pakistan. It is intended to measure the analytical thinking, critical thinking, and problem-solving abilities of the applicants. An announcement about the test’s results is a significant moment for those who are waiting for the results. The NTS has made the results accessible online. Candidates are able to check their scores on the official site of NTS. This announcement about the GAT Test Result 2024 marks a significant event in the academic career of those who took the test. If you are among the thousands of students who have taken the NTS GAT exam, you are probably eagerly awaiting your results. The good news is that you can check your results online by name, making it easy and convenient to find out how you did.

The NTS GAT exam is an important test for students who are looking to pursue higher education in Pakistan. It is used by many universities and colleges as a way to evaluate applicants and determine their eligibility for admission. The exam is offered several times a year, and students can take it in either the general or subject-specific format. Once you have taken the NTS GAT exam, it is natural to be anxious about your results. After all, your performance on this exam can have a significant impact on your future academic and professional prospects. Fortunately, checking your results online is a simple and straightforward process.

NTS GAT Test Result 2024 Check Online

The National Testing Service (NTS) Graduate Assessment Test (GAT) is a test that is standardized and conducted each year to determine the eligibility of various postgraduate programs across Pakistan. The NTS GAT Results 2024 are highly anticipated by a large number of applicants who took the test. The results will be posted at the NTS official site NTS and candidates will be able to check their scores using their roll numbers as well as CNIC. The GAT result of NTS 2024 can determine eligibility for applicants for admission into numerous universities and colleges across Pakistan. Candidates are advised to have their documents prepared to be able to apply for admission. Check Online

NTS GAT-General Result 2024

The NTS GAT-General Result 2024 has been eagerly anticipated by thousands of test takers who took the test. The outcome will be significant to the future of their job prospects. This is because the National Testing Service (NTS) is scheduled to announce the results within the next few weeks. Candidates can access their scores at NTS’s official site NTS. The results will be posted as a form of scorecard, which will display the marks of the candidate as well as their percentile score.

GAT General 2024 Result by Roll No 2024

It is expected that the GAT General 2024 Results by Roll No 2024 will be a long-awaited announcement for those who have been able to take the test. It is expected that the National Testing Service (NTS) will announce the results shortly. Candidates can view their score through the website for their official roll numbers NTS. The results will be made available as a scorecard which will show the candidate’s marks as well as their percentile ranking. It is recommended that candidates keep track of their roll numbers for a quick check of their results without difficulty.

NTS GAT Result by CNIC 2024

The GAT result of the NTS by CNIC 2024 marks a significant message for all candidates who have taken the test. It is expected that the National Testing Service (NTS) is expected to announce the results shortly. Candidates can view their results through your CNIC numbers on their official site of NTS. The results will be posted on a form called a “scorecard” which will show the candidate’s marks and their percentile rank. We recommend that candidates have their CNIC number on hand so that they can check their score without trouble.

Sr. Test Cities
1 Faisalabad
2 Islamabad
3 Karachi
4 Lahore
5 Multan
6 Peshawar
7 Quetta
8 Rawalpindi
9 Bahawalpur
10 Dera Ghazi Khan
11 Gujranwala
12 Hyderabad
13 Sukkur
14 Mirpur
15 Muzaffarabad
16 Khuzdar
17 Gilgit
18 Skardu
19 Abbottabad
20 Chakdara
21 Chitral
22 Dhodial
23 Kohat
24 Mardan
25 Swabi
26 Gujrat
27 Rahim Yar Khan
28 Sargodha
29 Sialkot
30 Larkana
31 Nawabshah
32 Tandojam


NTS GAT General Test Result Online

The GAT General Test NTS Results Online is an important announcement for applicants who have been tested. This announcement is made by the National Testing Service (NTS) is expected to announce the result in the near future. Candidates can access their score on NTS’s official site NTS. The results will be posted on a form called a Scorecard, which will show the candidate’s marks and their percentile rank. We recommend that candidates keep their login credentials on hand for a quick check of their results without difficulty.

www.nts.org.pk GAT Results 2024

This year, the National Testing Service (NTS) is likely to announce the result within the next few weeks. Candidates can view their results on the official website of NTS. The result will be posted on a card, which will show the candidate’s marks as well as their percentile score. Candidates are advised to be sure to check the website for any updates regarding the results announcement date and time.

NTS GAT Result 2024 Check Online

NTS GAT Result 2024 Check Online

GAT Results 2024

The Graduate Assessment Test (GAT) Results of 2024 refer to the outcome of the GAT General test conducted during 2024 by the National Testing Service (NTS) which will inform candidates regarding their performance in the GAT examination. The GAT Results 2024 provides individuals with a detailed evaluation of their scores and performance across each section of the test. Candidates can access their results online through NTS or other designated platforms, making this score extremely crucial when applying to MPhil programs or HEC Scholarship Schemes; it also serves as an important criterion used by universities or scholarship providers when selecting students for admission or scholarship award purposes.

www.nts.org.pk GAT Result 2024

We have spoken to the officials of the National Testing Service they are now in the process of releasing GAT General results on this website. Candidates are encouraged to visit this page regularly to check their results immediately following the announcement. When the results are announced, NTS GAT results from 2024, we will publish the merit list for postgraduate programs on this page.

GAT Test 2024

NTS provides the GAT General six times per year. The dates are January, March July, May, and September. In November it is the GAT General is conducted through NTS (National Testing Service). The GAT General exam is designed to aid in acceptance to the MS or M.Phil. programs. Candidates can sit for the test if they’ve completed at least 16 years of schooling.

Graduate Assessment Test 2024

Candidates can calculate their GAT scores from answer keys that are posted here. National Testing Service is the most well-known testing organization in Pakistan. NTS conducts various tests for applicants for jobs, admissions, and scholarships. In general, NTS has written exams every Sunday. Each year, thousands of applicants take part in tests.

NTS GAT General Result 2024

In order to qualify for the GAT (Graduate Assessment Test) General, individuals need to have successfully completed a minimum of 16 years of formal education. The GAT exam is a prerequisite for admission to MS/M. Phil programs and HEC Scholarship Programs, and it is conducted annually. This exam serves as a crucial evaluation tool for assessing the eligibility of candidates seeking admission to higher education programs and those applying for scholarships facilitated by the Higher Education Commission (HEC). By ensuring the completion of 16 years of formal education and successfully passing the GAT exam, applicants increase their chances of securing admission to the desired MS/M. Phil programs and becoming eligible for various scholarship opportunities provided by the HEC.

Test Date: 18 June 2024
Check GAT NTS Answer keys Check online
NTS Gat Result Check online

Schedule of 2024 GAT Test

NTS has announced the dates for the 2024 session of the academic year. Students who plan to appear on the GAT should follow the dates. It is also possible to see the Graduate Assessment Test General (GAT) results for 2024are available within the tables.

January 23, 2024 January 3, 2024 January 10, 2024 January 24, 2024
March 27, 2024 March 14, 2024 March 21, 2024 April 4, 2024
May 22, 2024 May 9, 2024 May 16, 2024 May 30, 2024
July 17, 2024 June 27, 2024 July 4, 2024 July 25, 2024
September 25, 2024 September 5, 2024 September 12, 2024 October 3, 2024
November 20, 2024 November 7, 2024 November 14, 2024 November 28, 2024

You may find out more about the NTS test results, the timetable for the test interviews, the list of applicants who were chosen for interviews, and the final NTS merit lists here. All applicants are welcome to stay with us.

How to Check the GAT Results

  1. Two ways of checking for the GAT results 2024.
  2. The most effective method to verify the GAT exam’s results in 2024 is to look up the CNIC number.
  3. Another way to check your score is to use the roll number. It is possible to check this on the official website. Input your Roll number on the site and then check the results.
  4. Enter your ID card’s number on the back of your ID card. Then, select the paper type. Then, enter your correct number. Then click to search. You will be presented with a search result will appear.
  5. The last seven numbers have to be entered as passwords.
  6. Go to www.nts.org.pk
  7. Enter your CNIC number.
  8. Give the last 7 digits of your phone number for your password
  9. Click Submit, and verify your result online

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What is GAT?

The GAT (Graduate Assessment Test) is designed specifically for students. Candidates must pass the test in order to be admitted to the Master’s degree program. Every student must pass the test if they intend to earn their degree from one of the institutes. This is the policy of HEC. Students are encouraged to read the entire article to gain more details on GAT.

How do I check my GAT test results? 

The GAT Results for the General Exams for 2024 have been released from the National Testing Service (NTS) in January 20, 2024. Students can check their GAT Results from the NTS online on our site. Stay informed about all educational news by checking regularly our website۔

How can I get my NTS result card?

Candidates who took the test can view the NTS and print results by entering their CNIC number or roll number and downloading their result card. Candidates have the option to apply online for another copy of the NAT outcome card if they don’t take the result card within 10 days of receiving the NTS result.

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