PIA Agent Login 2024 | fms.piac.com.pk

PIA Agent Login 2024. Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) is the airline that is the national carrier of Pakistan and offers both international and domestic flights. PIA has a website that lets agents manage and manage their clients’ flights. Agent Login Portal Agent Login Portal is an indispensable tool for all agents that work with PIA. This article will provide an in-depth look at this Agent Login portal, its capabilities, and a review of 2024’s changes and updates. This PIA Agent Login Portal acts as a centralized platform that is designed to provide PIA agents to have the equipment they require to succeed in their jobs. This secure online portal provides employees with access to private flight details, booking information as well as customer profiles, and many more. Through real-time updates as well as efficient communication, this portal plays an integral role in delivering outstanding customer service.

Login to PIA Agent

The Agent Login portal is a web-based portal that’s specifically designed for travel agents who work with PIA. Agents can book and manage flights, view schedules, check fares, as well as perform other functions that are related to PIA flights. Access to the portal is via the website fms.piac.com.pk. Login credentials are required.

PIA Agent Login 2024 | fms.piac.com.pk

PIA Agent Login 2024 fms.piac.com.pk

Login to PIA Agent Features

The P Agent Login portal offers many useful features for travel agents. These are the main features:

Flight Booking and Management

Agents can book flights for clients through the portal and manage existing reservations. Agents can view flight schedules and check fares. They can also select seats and make any changes.

Commission Tracking

Agents have access to a portal that tracks their commissions on PIA flights. Agents have the ability to view their commission history and see the status of pending commissions.

Customer Management

Agents can view customer profiles and book history on the portal. They can also make changes to their personal data.

Requests for Special Assistance

Through the portal, agents can request assistance for clients. Requests for wheelchair assistance or special meals can be made through the portal.

Cancellations and Refunds

Agents can request cancellations or refunds for clients through the portal. Agents can view the status of refund requests and track the progression of the refund process.

Updating for 2024

In 2024, the  Agent Login portal will undergo many updates and modifications. These are the most important updates:

Enhanced User Interface

PIA is redesigning the user interface for the  Agent Login portal in order to make it easier and more intuitive. The interface will be modernized with simplified workflows and better navigation.

New Booking Engine

PIA will be introducing a new booking tool that offers improved functionality and speed. Agents will be able to search for flights faster and more accurately using the new booking engine. It also provides real-time pricing and availability information.

Mobile App

PIA will also launch a mobile app to access the  Agent Login portal. Agents will be able to access the portal easily from their mobile devices using the app. It also includes all the functionality and features available in the desktop version.

How to access PIA Agent Login

Agents need to visit the website fms.piac.com.pk in order to access the  Agent Login Portal. Agents can log in to the login section of the homepage. These credentials consist of a username and password that PIA provides to registered travel agents. Once you have entered your login information, agents will be able to access the portal and begin booking and managing flights.

Checking Flight Schedules

Stay up-to-date with flight schedules effortlessly:

1. Search Functionality

Easily search for specific flight schedules using the intuitive search feature.

2. Printable Schedules

Agents can generate printable versions of flight schedules for reference or customer assistance.

Benefits of the PIA Agent Login Portal

The PIA Agent Login portal offers several key benefits:

Enhanced Customer Service

With access to personalized information, agents can provide top-tier customer service.

Time-Saving Efficiency

The portal streamlines tasks, saving agents valuable time in managing bookings and assisting customers.

Streamlined Communication

Real-time updates and notifications facilitate smooth communication between agents, passengers, and support teams.

Contact Information

  • Mobile: +92 330 0786786
  • Fax: +(92-21) 9924-2165
  • E-mail: [email protected]
  • E-mail: [email protected]
  • Postal Address: Awards +Plus Program ,Room # 293 PIA Head Office Karachi-75200 Pakistan


To access the Pakistan International Airlines  Agent Login portal, do I have to register as a travel agency?

To access the portal, you will need to register with PIA as a travel agent. To access the portal, you will be provided login credentials by PIA.

Can I book multiple flights using the PIA agent login portal?

Yes, multiple clients can be booked and managed through the portal.

How can I cancel or request a refund for my client’s book?

The portal allows you to request a cancellation or refund. Simply select the booking and follow the cancellation/refund process. The portal allows you to track the status of any refund/cancellation request.

How will the new PIA Agent Login portal updates have an impact on my bookings?

The updates will not impact your existing bookings. You can still manage your existing bookings as normal.

Is the Pakistan International Airlines Agent Login portal accessible in multiple languages?

The portal is only available in English.


Travel agents who work with Pakistan International Airlines have access to the Agent Login portal. It is a useful tool. Agents can book and manage flights, track commissions, as well as perform other functions that are related to PIA flights through the portal. The portal will be more user-friendly, efficient, and updated with forthcoming updates. The PIA Agent Login portal provides an indispensable tool for travel agents who work with PIA. To ensure seamless bookings and management of PIA flights for clients. It is essential to stay informed about the latest changes to the portal in order to fully take advantage of its features as a travel agent.

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