Ramadan Relief Package 2024 at Utility Stores Online Registration

Ramadan relief package 2024 all information is here. Ramadan is a month of giving and blessings, which is why the Government of Pakistan has taken measures to offer help to those who are in need during the holy month. The government has unveiled the release of a Ramazan relief package of five billion rupees for 2024. The package will offer subsidies on 19 important items, which will make them more affordable to people in the general public. In this article, we’ll go over the specifics of this Ramazan Relief package which includes the items within the bundle, rates of subsidy, and eligibility requirements to be eligible for the subsidy.

 Ramazan Relief Package 2024

The Ramazan relief package is a project by the administration of Pakistan to help those in need in the holy month of Ramadan. The package provides subsidies on 19 essential products, such as sugar, flour rice, pulses, as well as drinks. The government has provided five billion rupees for this package. It will be distributed to the general public through utility stores.

Ramadan Relief Package 2024 at Utility Stores Online Registration

Ramadan Relief Package at Utility stores

19 Essential Items Covered Under the Package

The following 19 items are covered by the Ramazan relief package:

  • Flour
  • Sugar
  • Rice
  • Cooking oil
  • Ghee
  • Lentils
  • Gram flour
  • Black gram
  • White Gram
  • Masoor dal
  • Dates
  • Red chilies
  • Tea
  • Milk
  • Yogurt
  • Lassi
  • Soft drinks
  • Rooh Afza
  • Mineral water

Subsidy Rates for Essential Items

The government will offer assistance on the following items:

  • Flour – Rs.51.92 per kg
  • Sugar – Rs.30 per kg
  • Cooking oil – Rs.30 per liter
  • Ghee – Rs.80 per kg
  • Lentils – Rs.15 per kg
  • Gram flour – Rs.30 per kg
  • Black gram – Rs.10 per kg
  • White Gram White gram Rs.15 per kg
  • Masoor dal – Rs.10 per kg
  • Dates – Rs.5 per kg
  • Red chilies – Rs.5 per kg
  • Tea – Rs.50 per kg
  • Milk- Rs.5 per liter
  • Yogurt – Rs.10 per kg
  • Soft drinks – Rs.5 per bottle
  • Rooh Afza is priced at Rs.5 per bottle
  • Mineral water Rs.5 per bottle

Eligibility Criteria for Availing the Subsidy

In order to benefit from the subsidy, clients must show their ID card numbers at the store where they purchase their utility. This will ensure that the assistance is given to the intended recipients and is not used for ill use. Only those who are within the poverty level are eligible to receive the grant. But the exact criteria for eligibility have yet to be set by the authorities.

  • Inscribing  the Benazir Income Support Program (BISP)
  • inscribing at Punjab Social Protection Authority (PSPA)
  • Family income below Rs. 60,000

How to Avail of the Subsidy

This Ramazan assistance package for relief will be accessible in all stores that sell utility services across the nation. Customers must provide their ID card number in order to receive the subsidy. The items that are subsidized are marked by a green label to differentiate them from non-subsidized products.

Govt Ata Scheme Ramadan Relief Package

The Government of Punjab has announced an exclusive offer dubbed”the Ramzan Relief Package 8070. This package includes a grant that is 64 billion rupees. The purpose of the package is to offer an atta-free service to 10 million people by implementing atta online registration for 2024 in the range of 8070. The program is specifically targeted at people who are low-income and allows people with an annual income of fewer than 60,000 dollars to sign up online beginning on March 15th, 2024. Those who want to apply, they may choose to apply using the 8070 Atta Apply Online SMS feature.

How to Apply For Utility Store Ramadan Package 2024

Follow these step-by-step directions on how to submit your application for the PM Ramadan Assistance Package for 2024 online:

  • Open your mobile, write a text the message
  • Note down your CNIC Number
  • Send it to “5566” Code
  • After that, you will be sent an OTP code.
  • Visit the nearest utility store and present your CNIC
  • They can show the OTP and you will be able to receive relief from various grocery items


​ When will the Ramazan relief package start?

The package is already being sold at all utility stores across the country.

What are the benefits of the Ramazan relief package?

The package offers subsidies on essential items that make them more affordable to people during Ramadan.

Who is eligible for the subsidy?

Only those who are below the poverty line are qualified for the subsidy. But the exact criteria for eligibility are not yet disclosed by the authorities.

​ How will the government ensure that the subsidy reaches the intended beneficiaries?

Customers will have to show their ID card numbers at the store where they can take advantage of the subsidy. This will ensure that the money is distributed to the right recipients and is not used for ill use.

What are the consequences of misusing the subsidy?

Misuse of the subsidy can be a cause for legal action because it’s a form of fraud, and can be punished by law.


In the end, we can say that it is clear that the Ramadan Relief Package 2024 at Utility Stores Online Registration is a welcomed initiative of officials of Pakistan to help the poor throughout the month known as Ramadan. By providing aid on vital items, the government is aiming to ensure that nobody is left hungry during Ramadan. It is crucial for people to comply with the eligibility criteria and not abuse the subsidy since it could result in legal enforcement.

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