SEE Result 2080 Check SEE Class 10 Result

Check SEE Class 10 Result for 2080. Access your SEE Result 2080 online. Verify your performance in the Secondary Education Examination (SEE) for class 10The Secondary Education Examination (SEE) is an essential examination for students in Nepal and serves as an important benchmark in their academic journey and will shape future educational prospects. The announcement of the Secondary Education Examination (SEE) results for class 10 is anticipated to be made by the National Examination Board (NEB) during the initial week of July 2024. Those students who have appeared for the SEE 10th exams in 2024 will have the opportunity to access their results online through the NEB’s official website at To check their SEE result for the year 2080, students will be required to provide their credentials, including their symbol number and date of birth. The SEE Results 2080 hold immense significance for students, parents, and educational institutions alike.

According to Nepal’s calendar year 2080, this result represents students who took part in the Nepali Secondary Education Examination class 10 examination in that particular year and displays individual scores and grades achieved by them – showing off their academic accomplishments. Today the results were made available using a similar grading system as before.

SEE Class 10 Results 2080

The SEE Class 10 Results are of paramount significance to students as it determines eligibility for higher education. Grades obtained on this examination influence selection processes at colleges and universities, opening doors to prestigious institutions, scholarships, and educational opportunities that boost confidence. A good performance on this examination provides students with a sense of accomplishment and provides confidence boosts that can carry over into future endeavors. Office of the Controller Examination NEB has issued the SEE Class 10 Results 2079 2080 and these dates and times can be found below for students to keep track of all important events related to these results.

SEE Result 2080 Check SEE Class 10 Result

SEE Result 2080 Check SEE Class 10 Result Result 2080

The expression “ Result 2080” seems to combine a web address and a reference to the results of Nepal’s Secondary Education Examination (SEE). The web address, “,” indicates a possible affiliation with the National Examination Board (NEB) of Nepal. The phrase “SEE Result 2080” likely pertains to the examination results for the Nepalese calendar year 2080. The website may offer access to the SEE results or provide related information about the NEB-conducted examination in Nepal.

Board Name National Examination Board
Exam Name NEB SEE Exam 2080
Result Name SEE Result 2079-2080
Category Result
Session 2079 – 2080
Direct Link Given Below
Exam Date 31st March to 9th April 2024
Result Date 6th July 2024
Result Link 2080
Official Website

How to Check See Result 2080 Online?

Checking Your SEE Results 2080 Its Exam results can be checked easily online using the Office of the Controller of Examinations Nepal website, so follow these steps to access your SEE Class 10 result:

  • Step One: Visit the Official Website Visit the Office of the Controller of Examinations Nepal via any web browser and access their official website at
  • Step 2: Navigate to the Results Section Search the homepage of your website for “Results” or “SEE Result”, and click the appropriate link in order to continue.
  • Step 3: Enter Your Information Here Enter all required information into the designated fields, such as your exam symbol number and date of birth. It’s a good idea to verify its accuracy by performing a double-check of each field’s data entry.
  • Step Four: Submit and View the Results of Your Test As soon as you have entered all necessary details, click “Submit” or “View Result”, and the website will display your SEE Result 2080 on-screen.
  • There are other methods of checking a SEE result as well; such as:
  • SMS Service: Certain telecom operators in Nepal offer SMS services for SEE result delivery to students. Be sure to inquire with your service provider if this option is available before taking the exam.
  • Newspapers in Nepal: National newspapers typically publish SEE results in print editions. You should look out for dedicated result pages or announcements related to SEE results in these newspapers.
  • School Notice Boards: Schools often display SEE results on notice boards for students to visit their respective schools to see their scores.Cross-check results obtained using alternative methods with those obtained through official channels (online or otherwise).

SEE Result Check By SMS

SEE results are released by the Office of the Controller of Examinations (OCE), and you have the option to check your Secondary Education Examination results by sending an SMS. By following these steps, you can receive an SMS containing a subject-wise list of your marks for the NEB SEE results in Marksheet. Here’s how to get your Class 10 NEB Board SEE result in 2080 through SMS:

  • Open the SMS app on your mobile phone.
  • Compose a new SMS with the following format: SEE <Symbol Number>
  • Send the SMS to the number provided by the NEB board, which is 1600.
  • Within a few minutes, you will receive your Class 10 SEE result 2080 through an SMS on your mobile phone.
  • By utilizing this convenient SMS service, you can easily access your SEE results without the need for an internet connection. Follow these steps and retrieve your results quickly and efficiently.

SEE Results 2079/2080 Date and Time

When will the SEE results 2079/2080 be published? According to information received from NEB’s SEE department, they anticipate publishing them on 21st Ashar 2080; we will keep you up-to-date regarding any additional developments regarding them; once the government gives their go-ahead they could appear sooner than anticipated. Here are a few key points about the 2079/2080 SEE exam conducted.

Details Mentioned in 10 SEE Exam Result 2080

Students taking the 10 SEE Exam Results 2080 exam must check that all details in their results are accurate, in case there are any discrepancies they should contact NEB officials or schools immediately for corrections. SEE Class 10 results 2080 will show information such as:

  • Name,
  • Symbol Number,
  • Father’s Name
  • The birth Date of the Student for GPA purposes as well as Subject Grade grades achieved is required in order to register with any Boards/Subjects etc..

Here is a table outlining the SEE Result 2079 Grading System in Nepal:

Percentage GPA Grade Remarks
90-100 A+ Outstanding
80-89 A Excellent
70-79 B+ Very Good
60-69 B Good
50-59 C+ Satisfactory
40-49 C Acceptable
30-39 D+ Partially Acceptable
20-29 D Insufficient
01-20 E Very Insufficient

In this grading system, students who score between 90-100% are awarded an A+ grade, which signifies outstanding performance. A score ranging from 80-89% earns an A grade, denoting excellence. The B+ grade is given to students who achieve between 70-79%, indicating very good performance. Similarly, the B grade represents good performance for scores between 60-69%. Scores between 50-59% receive a C+ grade, while 40-49% earn a C grade, both indicating satisfactory and acceptable performance, respectively. The D+ grade signifies partially acceptable performance for scores between 30-39%, while the D grade represents insufficient performance for scores between 20-29%. Finally, scores ranging from 1-20% are marked with an E grade, reflecting very insufficient performance.

SEE Result 2080 Website List

As per an update from Secondary Education Examination Board (SEE Board), here is the list of websites where you can easily check your SEE results 2079-2080: As per recent information from SEE Board, these are the available platforms where SEE results 2079/2080 can be easily checked


Q: Am I able to access my SEE Results through mobile applications? A: Yes.

Mobile apps provide access to SEE Results. Simply search app stores and follow their instructions for checking results.

Question: If I notice discrepancies in my SEE result, what should be my course of action? A:

A: In case there are discrepancies with your SEE Results, it is advisable to reach out for assistance and clarification from either the Office of the Controller of Examinations Nepal or your school administration.

Q: Does SEE Offer Reevaluation Procedures?

Yes, students do have the option of seeking re-evaluation if they believe there has been any discrepancies in the assessment of their answer scripts. The process entails submitting an application and paying a specific fee.

Q: If I did not achieve satisfactory results in my SEE examination, what can I do next?

A: Even if your SEE results did not reach expectations, remember that this does not mark an endpoint on your journey. There are numerous educational paths and vocational training programs that could allow you to pursue your interests and build a promising career.

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