SPSC jobs 2023. Are you looking for work within the government sector? If yes, then you’ll be thrilled to learn that the Sindh Public Service Commission (SPSC) has released job openings for 2023. This article will provide all the details you require to know about the open job openings, application procedures eligibility requirements, and much more. Let’s begin! The Sindh Public Service Commission (SPSC) issued advertisements for different job openings across different departments in 2023. The jobs are open to female and male applicants who meet the criteria for eligibility. The selection process for applicants will be handled by the SPSC which is accountable for conducting interviews and tests to choose candidates who are eligible.

 About Sindh Public Service Commission (SPSC)

The Sindh Public Service Commission (SPSC) is a state-run agency that is responsible for hiring and relocating employees to various agencies that comprise the Sindh government. It was created in 1989 as part of the Sindh Public Service Commission Regulations Act 1978. The primary goal that this SPSC will be to guarantee that merit-based selection is made of candidates for administrative and civil posts within the state government.

SPSC jobs 2023 | spsc.gov.pk

SPSC jobs 2023 spsc.gov.pk

Position Available

The SPSC has released job openings across various departments, including finance, health, education and law, among others. The jobs available include:

  • Medical Officer
  • Dental Surgeon
  • Assistant Director
  • Research Officer
  • Assistant Sub-Inspector
  • Lecturer
  • Assistant Director Technical
  • Assistant Professor
  • Junior Scale Stenographer
  • Computer Programmer
  • Accounts Officer
  • Range Forest Officer
  • Agriculture Officer
  • Assistant Registrar Cooperative Societies
  • Inspector Legal

 Eligibility Criteria

The criteria for eligibility for each post are different and are listed in the official announcement. But, the most common requirements are:

  • The minimum age is 21 and the maximum limit of age 35 (the age limit could be different depending on the position)
  • The minimum requirement is a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited university
  • Experience on the job (for certain jobs)
  • Computer skills proficiency
  • Domiciles of Sindh province

Application Process

The process to apply for SPSC positions in 2023 will be totally online. Candidates are able to visit the official site of SPSC ( www.spsc.gov.pk) to submit an application for their desired job. Candidates must create their own account through the site complete the application form, and then submit it with all the required documents.

Deadline for Application

The last day to apply for SPSC positions in 2023 has been stated in the official announcement. It is crucial to complete the application by the deadline, as applications received after the deadline will not be considered.

Application Fee

Candidates must submit their application online on SPSC. SPSC website. The cost of application varies according to various posts and can be read in the official announcement.

Select Process

The process of securing SPSC jobs in 2023 includes two phases:

Written Test

The candidates who satisfy the eligibility requirements will be required to sit for an exam that will evaluate their abilities and knowledge in the area of expertise. The test will be administered through the SPSC.


Candidates who pass the test in writing will be invited for an interview.

Interviews are conducted by an expert panel. The interview will determine the suitability of the candidate for the job and their abilities to communicate.

Documents Essential

Candidates are required to submit the following documents along with the application form:

  • CNIC
  • Domicile Certificate
  • Educational Certificates
  • Experience Certificates (if relevant)
  • Photograph

Education and Probation

Candidates who are selected will be required to go through a period of probation and training and probation periods, which differ for various jobs. During this time, candidates receive on-the-job instruction and will be evaluated by their performances. Candidates who are successful will be accepted into their jobs after the probation period has been completed.

Salary as well as Benefits

The benefits and salary package that is offered for SPSC jobs 2023 differs for different jobs and is listed in the official announcement. In general, the salary package comprises basic wages, allowances, and additional benefits like pension coverage, medical insurance, and gratuities.

Contact Information

  • Address:  Branch, Sindh Public Service Commission, Thandi Sarak Hyderabad,
  • Phone: 022-9200373, 9200246, 9200694.
  •  E-mail: www.spsc.gov.pk


What is SPSC?

SPSC is known as the Sindh Public Service Commission, which is in charge of the hiring and recruitment of employees from different departments that comprise the Sindh government.

What are the available positions in SPSC jobs 2023?

The positions available include Dental Surgeon Assistant Director research officer, assistant sub-inspector Lecturer Assistant Director Technical Assistant Professor Junior Scale Stenographer Accounts Officer, Computer Programmer Range Forest Officer Agriculture Officer Assistant Director of Registrar Cooperative Societies as well as Inspector Legal.

What are the eligibility criteria for SPSC jobs in 2023?

The requirements for eligibility are different for different jobs and are listed in the official announcement. Common requirements are an age limit of 21 years and a minimum requirement of a Bachelor’s degree, work experience (for certain jobs) and proficiency in computer proficiency, and residence in Sindh province.

What is the application process for SPSC jobs 2023?

The process of applying for the position is completely online, and candidates are able to visit the official site of SPSC ( www.spsc.gov.pk) to fill out an application for the preferred job.

What is the selection process for SPSC jobs 2023?

The process of selection consists of a test on paper and an interview. Both are conducted by SPSC.


SPSC jobs in 2023 provide promising career prospects for people who are looking to work with the state sector. The selection process is fair and based on merits which ensures that only the top candidates are chosen for the vacant posts. In the event that you fulfill the criteria for eligibility, we invite you to apply for the position and begin the journey to your dream job in the Sindh government. Sindh government.