UCMD Merit List 2023 | ucmd.uol.edu.pk.UCMD or University College of Medicine and Dentistry is an elite institution located in Pakistan that offers top-of-the-line dental and medical education. Each year, thousands of students apply to this school and the admission process is extremely intense. The most significant aspect of the procedure is to select the UCMD merit listing, which is published each year. In this post, we’ll provide all the details you require to learn about this year’s UCMD merit list 2023 as well as how to access it.

UCMD Merit List 2023

The UCMD merit list for 2023 includes applicants that have been chosen to be admitted to the MBBS and BDS programs of the University College of Medicine and Dentistry for the period 2023-2024. It is based on the candidate performance on the entrance test and FSc pre-medical test results. Candidates are ranked based on their total score which can be calculated as a combination of 50 percent of the examination score with 50 percent of the FSc pre-medical result.

UCMD Merit List 2023 | ucmd.uol.edu.pk


ucmd.uol.edu.pk Merit List 2023

Since the establishment of the university it has been able to produce a number of doctors. They have been working in Pakistan as well as overseas for suffering humanity. This is why many organizations have praised the work of UCMD for the benefit of humanity. It is now associated with medical schools. Stay on our site to find out about Ucmd.uol.edu.pk merit listing 2023 as well as other alerts on news.

How to Check the UCMD Merit List 2023

The UCMD merit list for 2023 will be posted on the website of the University College of Medicine and Dentistry (ucmd.uol.edu.pk). It will be presented in PDF format and students can download it directly from the website. To review your merits, you need to follow these easy steps:

  • Check out the official website for UCMD (ucmd.uol.edu.pk).
  • Go to the “Admissions” tab on the homepage.
  • Choose the “Merit Lists,” or “Merit Lists” option from the drop-down menu.
  • Choose the appropriate software (MBBS or BDS).
  • This merits list is shown in PDF format.
  • Save and download the merit list for later use.

Expected Date of UCMD Merit List 2023

The University College of Medicine and Dentistry hasn’t yet announced the exact date of publication of the merit list for 2023. However, based on past year’s trends it is anticipated to be announced in the first week of the month of October 2023. Candidates are advised to frequently go to on the website for UCMD to know about any changes on their merit lists.

What to Do After the Release of UCMD Merit List 2023?

Following the announcement of the merit list for 2023 applicants who have been admitted must follow the guidelines given by the University College of Medicine and Dentistry. Candidates must submit their documentation to be verified and complete the admissions procedure within the deadlines specified. The inability to comply could cause the cancellation of the applicant’s admission.

Contact Information

  • Address: 1 – KM Defence Road, Lahore
  • Address: 10 km Lahore – Sargodha Road, Sargodha
  • Phone: +92 (0)42 111865865
  • Phone: +92 (0) 48 3881101
  • Helpline: +92 (0)48 388110203
  • Email: [email protected]


What is the UCMD merit list?

The ucmd merit list is an annual list of the most successful students who have been accepted into the University of Pakistan’s College of Medicine and Dentistry.

When is the ucmd merit list for 2023 being released?

The UCMD merit lists for 2023 are expected to be announced in the month of September or August of 2023.

How is the ucmd merit list calculated?

The list of ucmd merits is determined based on a variety of elements that include the student’s academic record tests, scores on the test, as well as other relevant criteria.

How can I check the ucmd merit list for 2023?

The UCMD merit lists for the year 2023 are available on the website of the University of Lahore, uol.edu.pk, and will also be made available in other publications relevant to the topic.

What should I do if my name is not on the ucmd merit list?

If your name isn’t listed on the UCMD merit list, you may look into other avenues for acceptance to the University of Lahore, such as applying to a different university or applying through different channels.


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