In this article, we’ll explain all you need to know about the 100 Prize Bond Draw List 41 Rawalpindi Result 2023 15th February and how to verify the outcome and the distribution of prizes as well as other crucial information. It is believed that the Prize Bond Draw is one of the most awaited and expected occasions in Pakistan. All over the nation purchase prize bonds in hopes to make a fortune. The 100-Prize Bond Drawing List for 41 Rawalpindi 2023 results is scheduled to be announced on the 15th of February and the excitement among the public is at an unprecedented level. State bank does the balloting for the 100 Rs. Prize bonds. 100 Prize Bond List

Draw 41 Rawalpindi Result 15 February 2023

100 Prize Bond List Draw 41 Rawalpindi Result 15 February 2023. As you know the Rupees 100 Prize bond draw is held 4 times a year. Further, after every three months draw is held in different cities of Pakistan at their scheduled time. 1st prize of the 100 Rs. prize bond of value 700,000 PKR is awarded to 1 lucky winner, while the second prize of the 100 prize bond of amount Rs. 200,000 is awarded to 3 lucky winners. The last & third prize of the 100 prize bond is given to 1199 winners in the amount of Rs. 1,000/- each.

100 Prize Bond Draw List 41 Rawalpindi Result 2023 15th February


Prize Bond Rs 100 Schedule 2023

Every year Prize bond schedule is issued by the Directorate of National savings. A Prize bond draw of Rupees 100 is scheduled on the following dates in the year 2023:

  • Rs.100/-               February 15, 2023, Wednesday        Rawalpindi
  • Rs.100/-               May 15, 2023, Monday                     Multan
  • Rs.100/-               August 15, 2023, Tuesday                  Karachi
  • Rs.100/-               November 15, 2023, Wednesday      Lahore

How to Check the Prize Bond 100 Draw  List 41 Rawalpindi Result?

There are a variety of methods to verify the results of the 100-Price Bond Draw List of 41 Rawalpindi Results 2023. Here are a few ways.

  • Online: The draw results will be posted via the National Savings Pakistan website ( at 6 pm during the drawing day.
  • Newspapers: The results will be published in the major papers on the day following the draw.
  • Smartphone Apps: You could also get this National Savings Pakistan app on your phone and view the results.

Latest 100 Prize Bond List February 2023 Draw Rawalpindi

Rs. 100 Prize Bond List 15th February 2023 Lucky Draw Result held at Rawalpindi and can be seen on the official website at it is the #41 draw list. The list of winners for the 100 rupees prize bond draw was made public on February 15, 2023, at 10 a.m. The main department in charge of all Prize Bond Rs. 100 draws is the National Savings of Pakistan.