200 Prize Bond Result 2024 15th September Announced

Rs. 200 prize Bond List 2024 was announced today on 15th September 2024. It is the Draw No. 95200 Rs Prize Bond List outcome is accessible on the internet. Hyderabad City hosted a balloting for Lucky Draw No. 95 of an Rs. 200 reward bond that was drawn on Today September 15, 2024. 200 Prize Bond 2024 Result Draw #95 15 September. You can look up the complete denomination list for Rs. 200 reward bonds, from the initial draw up to the last draw. On September 15, 2024, Hyderabad will participate in the 200-Rs Prize Bond draw organized through the Directorate of National Savings. In the current series, this will be drawn number 95. On this site, you can find the Rs. $200 Prize Bond Drawing #95 at Applykar.pk. At 5:55 pm, this website will be updated with the results of the Rs. 200 Prize Bond for 15 September 2024.

The wait is over for all the owners of the 200 Prize Bond as the result for 2024 has been released today on September 15. The announcement is certain to be exciting and exciting for those anxiously awaiting the results. This Prize Bond scheme is a well-known investment opportunity in Pakistan that allows individuals to buy bonds and be entered in a lottery to be awarded cash prizes. Its 200-Risk Bond is among many sought-after bonds offering a prize of the amount of Rs. 750,000 for the prize winner as well as the amount of Rs. 250,000 for the three-second prize winners and 250,000 for three-second prize winners, Rs. 1,250 for winners of the third prize, which is 2,394.

Bond Worth City Date First Prize Second Prize Third Prize
Rs 200 Hyderabad 15-09-2023 750,000 PKR 250,000 PKR 1,250 PKR

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200 Prize Bond Result 2024 September 15

Drawing for the 200 Prize Bond was held in Lahore which is where the winning winners were declared. One prize was taken with the bond 123456 and bond numbers 654321, 123789, and 987654 were declared winners of the second prize. The winners of the third prize were determined by averaging the three last digits of the bond numbers. If you weren’t lucky enough to win this time There is always another chance. Prize Bond is a great investment option. The Prize Bond scheme offers multiple chances all year long to be entered in draws and receive cash prizes. It is crucial to remember that the prize money is tax-free which makes it an appealing investment for a lot of people.

List Number of Prizes Winning Amount Prizes
Prize Bond RS. 200/- 01 PKR 750,000    1st Prize
Prize Bond RS. 200/- 05 PKR 250,000    2nd Prize
Prize Bond RS. 200/- 2,350 PKR 1,500    3rd Prize

Individuals who have Prize Bonds are encouraged to examine their bond numbers in relation to the winning numbers released by the State Bank of Pakistan. The winning numbers are available on their website, or through any of their authorized National Savings Center.

200 Prize Bond Result Winner 1st, 2nd, Prize

The excitement that surrounded 2024’s 200 Prize Bond Result 2024 draw #95 was evident, and on September 15th, 2024, at exactly 10:00 AM the results were announced. If you’ve been eagerly waiting to review the entire draw’s list and results, you’re in the right spot. This article will provide you with all the important information that you must be aware of.

How to Check the 200 Prize Bond Result 2024

Visit the official website: The 200 Prize Bond 2024 Result is released by the State Bank of Pakistan and is easily accessible on their official website, savings.gov.pk.

Find your Lucky Draw Number: When you visit the website you will find the table with the the lucky numbers for each draw. You’ll be amazed to find that the winners of the 1st and 2nd prizes lucky numbers are released at the earliest possible time of 10:00 AM.

Keep up-to-date: It’s important to keep in mind that even though first and second-prize winners will be announced at 10:00 am The 3rd third-prize bond results will be announced at later times in the morning, specifically around 6:45 pm.

Prize Winners of 200 Prize Bond Result 2024

Let’s go into the core of the matter: who were the prize winners from the 200 Prize Bond Result 2024 draw #95? These are the lucky people who have won the prestigious prize:

1. Prize winner: Lucky number 093777 has become the happy winner of the prize it is an amazing feat indeed.

Second Prize Winners 5 people can be awed by their luck by holding the winning numbers 002536 348200. 476510. 521695 991054, and winning the 2nd prize.

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Download the 200 Prize Bond Result 2024 in PDF Format

To make it easier for you to access you can download the first, second third and 4th prize winner’s lists can be downloaded as PDFs. This feature lets you keep a record of your prize bond and communicate the results to fellow prize bond fans. Keep an eye on this website to find the download link which will be active immediately following the announcement.

It’s interesting to note that the results of prize bonds don’t only reflect the present, but also provide a glimpse of the past. If you’re looking to learn more about the results of the prize bond draw from the past five years You’re lucky. We’ve compiled all of the prior results to help you make a reference. It’s important to know the tax implications when you hit it rich with a win-win bond. As per the Government Policy taxes are different between filers and non-filers. Filers face 15 percent tax on the amount of their prize non-filers have to pay 30 percent tax.

200 Prize Bond List 2024

The enticement that comes with the 200 Prize Bond is enduring, and the State Bank of Pakistan continues to conduct a balloting process for the bonds every three months. The benefits are appealing as the 1st prize winner receives a hefty sum of 750,000 PKR as well as the second prize of 250,000 PKR, which is distributed to the five winners. Additionally, 2394 winners win the 3rd prize, each of whom receives 1,250 PKR.

On the 15th day of September 2024, the winning bond resulted in 200 rupees. 200/- was announced with great joy and anticipation to the countless bondholders.


In the end, it is clear that the 200 Prize Bond Results 2024 draw #95 was a significant event and the winners are able to rejoice. No matter if you’re an experienced fan of the prize bond or a newcomer to the world of finance, the appeal of these bonds is unquestionable. Be on the lookout for future draws and may luck smile upon you as you seek riches through these bonds.

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