Check CNIC Number Full Information Online

You can Check CNIC Number Full Information Online very easily . Discover comprehensive information about any CNIC (Computerized National Identity Card) number online. Verify personal details, and authenticity, and ensure security with easy access to full CNIC information. The Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC) plays a significant role as it acts as the primary form of identification document for citizens of Pakistan. Issued by the National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA), each CNIC contains an individual number associated with them upon reaching 18 years of age, acting as an important identifier throughout many official processes and transactions. NADRA plays an essential role in Pakistan, established as part of the Pakistani Ministry of Interior in 1998 as the National Database Organization (NDO).

Since then, they have gained international acclaim for their impressive identification solutions, e-governance services, and secure document management solutions as well as their commitment to mitigating identity theft, protecting clients’ interests, facilitating public services provision as well as software integration, and data warehousing infrastructures. checking a person’s CNIC number with their mobile number can serve as a valuable resource for verifying identity in Pakistan. It is important, however, to exercise responsibility and respect for individuals’ privacy when utilizing these methods.

Check CNIC Number Full Information Online

Before exploring how to check CNIC biodata online, it is vitally important to comprehend its significance and applications. Pakistan’s National Identity Card (NIC) serves as proof of the nation’s commitment to innovative technology and well-defined business regulations. CNIC serves as a unique identification number that is recognized nationwide. This number is necessary for various activities, including obtaining a driver’s license, opening bank accounts, applying for passports, or purchasing property or vehicles. Furthermore, your CNIC plays an essential role in exercising your citizenship rights such as voting and availing government services.

Check CNIC Number Full Information Online

Check CNIC Number Full Information Online

Check CNIC Number with Mobile Number

  • If you need to confirm the identity of someone in Pakistan, you have the option to utilize their CNIC (Computerized National Identity Card) number and mobile number. This can prove beneficial in various scenarios, including job interviews, rental agreements, or financial transactions.
  • To verify a person’s CNIC number using their mobile number, there are a few methods available. One approach is to visit the NADRA (National Database and Registration Authority) website. There, you can input the individual’s CNIC number and mobile number to authenticate their identity.
  • Alternatively, you can utilize a third-party service like PakData. This service allows you to enter a person’s mobile number and acquire details about their CNIC number, along with other information like their name and address.
  • It is crucial to recognize that accessing someone’s personal information without their consent can infringe upon their privacy. Prior to employing any of these methods, ensure you possess a valid reason and, if possible, obtain the person’s permission.

Decoding CNIC Number

In order to fully grasp the structure and significance of your CNIC number, deciphering each of its digits is crucial. Each one holds information regarding your province, division, district, tehsil number, union council number, family number or even the gender of the cardholder.

  • The first digit indicates the province, while each number refers to a specific region within it. For instance, 3 indicates Punjab while 1 represents KPK, and 2 FATA while 4 signifies Sindh 5 Balochistan Islamabad 6 Islamabad and 7 represents Gilgit Baltistan respectively.
  • The second digit indicates the division within a province; this allows further identification of specific administrative divisions within it.
  • The third digit depicts the district of said division; whilst its fourth digit represents its tehsil.
  • The fifth digit denotes the union council number for more granular information. The next seven digits (between dashes) identify individuals with shared blood relations.
  • The last digit, from one to nine, indicates the gender of the cardholder. Odd numbers (1-3-5-7-8-9) represent men while even numbers (2, 4, 6, 7-8) show female cardholders. By understanding these details of your CNIC number, you will gain a greater appreciation of its intricate complexity.

Verifying CNIC Number Biodata via SMS

Now that we understand the significance of CNIC numbers, let’s examine two reliable methods available for checking our CNIC details online easily:

Verifying CNIC Number Biodata via SMS Simplifying this process by opening your text messaging app on your mobile phone and entering your 13-digit CNIC number in a message sent directly to 7000. Within seconds, an instant response will appear on your screen with the CNIC owner’s address and zone details. Utilizing SMS-based technology provides a quick and hassle-free method for gathering CNIC biodata.

How to Check SIM Owner Details with Mobile Number?

Discovering how to obtain the details of a SIM card owner using their mobile number? Let’s explore a method that allows you to access various information, including the owner’s name, CNIC number, IMSI, and activation date.

  • To begin, launch the Messages application on your mobile device.
  • Compose a message containing the text ‘MNP’ and send it to the number 667.
  • Shortly after, you will receive a response from 667 containing a comprehensive display of the associated details linked to
  • your SIM cards, such as the owner’s name, CNIC number, IMSI, and activation date.

 NADRA Online CNIC Verification

Navigate to NADRA’s official website, look for identification tracking options, and enter your CNIC number into the search box before submitting. Your CNIC number has been successfully registered. You will now be provided with additional details regarding its usage. This approach can also be utilized to uncover your CNIC family tree by making sure all details have been registered correctly with CNIC. In such a situation, send a text message with just your CNIC number without dashes to 8008 in order to receive your registered family tree and surnames. NADRA’s user-friendly online platform makes accessing and verifying CNIC details hassle-free.

Importance of Checking CNIC Number’s Biodata

Given Pakistan’s current security challenges and digitization efforts, verifying your CNIC number’s biodata has become essential. Your national ID serves as your identity document and verifying its accuracy ensures personal records remain uncorrupted while contributing to national security efforts. Verifying CNICs became even more important following terrorists exploiting fraudulent documents to acquire CNICs. With an influx of Afghan refugees receiving CNICs and the verification process becoming essential in distinguishing genuine citizens from non-residents. Furthermore, CNIC verification helps combat crime related to stolen SIM cards, potentially protecting innocent individuals from legal complications.

By regularly checking your CNIC number’s biodata, you will stay aware of what information NADRA holds on you, giving you the power to maintain accurate records, safeguard your identity, and exercise your rights as a Pakistani citizen.

Uses of a CNIC

Why You Need a CNIC CNICs are essential documents for residents in Pakistan for various reasons, and here we explore some essential ones:

  • Voting Rights To exercise your voting right in Pakistan, obtaining a CNIC is mandatory and it’s both a right and a responsibility as a citizen to participate in democracy by casting your ballot.
  • Banking and Financial Transactions: To open a bank account for both personal and professional use, a CNIC is necessary. Banks rely on this document as proof of identity while complying with regulatory standards.
  • Passport Application: To travel internationally, having a Pakistani passport is absolutely essential. A CNIC number must be provided when applying for one in order to verify your nationality and identity.
  • Acquiring a Driving License: To be eligible to obtain a driving license in Pakistan, an Individual Citizens National Identity Card (CNIC) is essential. This document serves as proof of identity and age while ensuring only eligible individuals receive licenses.
  • Vehicle and Property Transactions: In Pakistan, when purchasing either vehicles or properties, CNICs are necessary to establish ownership and comply with legal requirements – providing transparency and lawfulness during transactions.
  • Mobile Phone SIM Card Activation: To protect individuals against fraudulent usage and security risks associated with SIM cards, Pakistan’s government requires verification of ownership before activating them – mandating that CNIC holders use an electronic signature system for this process in order to activate SIMs responsibly and reduce misuse.

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