Draz Seller login create account

Draz Seller login create account is very important and easy for all seller.If you’re planning to sell your goods online, you’ll need an efficient platform that can assist you in reaching out to millions of potential buyers. Draz is an online eCommerce platform that offers many different products and services for sellers. In this post we’ll take a look at how to make accounts on Draz as an seller and access your account. Before we go into the specifics of setting up an account for sellers on Draz it is important to be aware of what the platform’s about. Draz is an internet-based marketplace which permits sellers to post their items and interact with buyers from across the globe. With millions of people visiting each year, Draz offers a massive market for sellers to display their products and build their business.

How do you become a Seller on Draz Complete Guide line

The following steps will assist you on how to become an online Daraz seller: Daraz:

  • Create an account on the Daraz website. Daraz account: Visit Daraz’s website. Daraz website and sign up for an account by providing personal and business details.
  • Prepare your documents Take all of the necessary documents, such as the National ID or passport, VAT registration certificate, as well as trade licence.
  • Apply for registration as a seller: After you’ve got your seller’s account and all the documents in order, you can submit an application for registration as a seller sending your documents and information via Daraz’s portal for sellers. Daraz vendor portal.
  • Verify your information: Daraz will verify your details and your documents. The process could take several days.
  • Create your online store Once your account is verified, you are able to create your store online by making products listings as well as setting prices and uploading descriptions and images.
  • List your items: You are able to list as many items as you like, and across different categories too.
  • Sell the products you sell are on Daraz you will begin receiving orders and then selling your products on Daraz.
  • Fulfill orders: If the order arrives you must fulfill the order by packing and shipping the goods to the buyer.
  • Receive your money: Daraz will handle the payment process and will transfer the cash to your bank account.
  • Track your sales: Track your sales and feedback from customers to help improve your business and expand your client base via Daraz.

Draz Seller login create account

Draz Seller login create account

Sell On Draz Importance

There are a variety of reasons that selling on Draz is a fantastic alternative for sellers selling online. Here are some benefits that Draz provides:

  • Broad Audience Reach

With millions of people visiting Draz every year, Draz offers a massive market for sellers to display their goods and expand their business.

  • Low Selling Fees

Draz has one most affordable selling costs in the business This means you’ll get to keep the majority of your earnings.

  • User-friendly

Draz is a user-friendly user layout that will make it simple for retailers to control their own accounts and merchandise.

  • Secure Platform

Draz is a security-conscious company and offers an encrypted platform for buyers and sellers.

How do I Create an Account for a Draz Seller Account

Setting up a seller account on Draz is easy. These are steps you should follow

  • Visit Draz Seller Center :It is the first thing to access first the Draz Seller Center website. You can access it by typing in the following URL: sellercenter.draz.pk.
  • Select Register Now : When you’re there on the Draz Seller Center website, click the “Register Now” button.
  • Complete Your Information: You’ll be directed to a webpage where you’ll have to complete your information such as your name as well as email address and telephone number. Make sure you provide the right details since you’ll need to confirm your account in the future.
  • Check Your Number: Once you’ve completed your personal details, Draz will send you an verification code to the contact number you have provided. Use the number to confirm your account.
  • Fill in your Seller profile: After your account has been verified, you’ll have to fill out your profile as a seller. This involves providing details like your company’s name as well as address as well as payment information.
  • Add Your Products: Once you’ve finished the seller’s profile you’re now able to begin adding your items on Draz’s marketplace. Draz marketplace.

How to login to your Draz Seller Account

Once you’ve signed up for your seller account with Draz and you’ve signed up, you are able to log in at any time to manage your orders and products. Here’s how you can accomplish it:

  • Visit Draz Seller Center
  • Go to the Draz Seller Center website by typing in the following URL: sellercenter.draz.pk.
  • Enter Your Login Information
  • Fill in your password and email into the fields, then click”Sign In” and then click on the “Sign in” button.
  • Begin Managing Your Account
  • After logging in, you’ll be able start taking control of your account. This includes including new products, as well as completing orders.

Create Seller Account


Draz Seller login create account is very important and easy for all. Draz is a fantastic platform for online sellers who wish to increase their reach and increase the size of their business. Following the steps laid out in the article below, you are able to sign up for an account for sellers on Draz and begin selling your goods on the internet. Make sure you protect your account’s information

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