Online Driving License Check Punjab DLIMS | Driving License Verification

You can easily access the Online Driving License Check for Punjab DLIMS (Driving License Management Information System) on this page. This system allows you to effortlessly verify and track your driver’s license in Punjab, Pakistan. DLIMS Punjab provides the convenience of online verification and tracking for both regular LTV and HTV driving licenses. DLIMS, short … Read more

Online NTN Verification FBR By CNIC Pakistan | Active TaxPayer Status

The National Tax Number (NTN), issued by the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) in Pakistan, is a unique identifier for individuals and businesses to ensure proper taxation. The validity of an NTN can be checked online using a Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC). The verification process involves going to the FBR website, selecting the “Online … Read more

Punjab Benevolent Fund Form 2024 Online Status Check

The Punjab Government is offering the Punjab Benevolent Fund (PBF) Scholarship 2024 for the children of currently serving, retired, or late government employees. Eligible students are those enrolled in Inter, BA, BS, MA, or MSc courses, having secured at least 60% in their matriculation or higher examinations. The scholarship application can be submitted for a … Read more

Tapmad Login Portal Create New Account in Pakistan

Welcome to Tapmad! This platform provides numerous entertainment choices, including movies, TV shows, and live streaming. A Tapmad account opens the door to this world of exciting content. This guide will navigate you through the account creation process, ensuring a seamless journey into the realm of Tapmad entertainment. Tapmad is your one-stop solution to all … Read more