LUMS SBASSE Subject Test Past Papers Online Download

LUMS SBASSE Subject Test Past Papers.If you’re looking to pursue a degree in engineering and science at the Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) and the Syed Babar Ali School of Science and Engineering (SBASSE) is the right place to go. In order to be accepted into this highly regarded school you have to pass the SBASSE Subject Test. One of the most effective methods to get ready for this test is to practice with past papers. In this article, we’ll examine what is important about SBASSE Subject Test past papers and the best places to get the papers.

SBASSE Subject Test Past Papers

The SBASSE Subject Test is a challenging test that tests your knowledge of different subjects like Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. The test is designed to test your ability to think critically and the capacity to use your skills to tackle complicated questions.

Through practicing previous papers, you will gain a better understanding of the format and the difficulty degree of the test. Past papers can help you determine the areas in which you should focus in your preparation. Additionally, solving past papers aids in building confidence and lessens exam anxiety.

How to Find SBASSE Subject Test Past Papers?

LUMS is not able to offer official past papers in subjects like the SBASSE Subject Test. However, there are a number of sources to find past papers:

Online Forums

A variety of online forums, provide previous examination papers that are suitable for taking subjects like the SBASSE Subject Test. These forums also provide discussion forums as well as study materials to assist you in your preparation for the test.

Social Media Groups

There are a variety of social media networks available on Facebook and WhatsApp that can help you find previous papers from this SBASSE Subject Test. These are usually led by students that have completed the test, and they are able to share their experiences as well as tips to assist you with preparing for the exam.


Certain stores in Lahore offer SBASSE Subject Test preparation materials that include previous exams. These books also contain studies and exercises that will assist you in your preparation for the test.

SR  Test Type Aptitude Test
1. Duration 90 minutes
2. Format Multiple Choice Questions
3. Sections Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry
4. No of Questions Approximately 80
5. Marking Scheme +2 to the right answer. -0.25 to indicate an error
6. Difficulty Level High
7. Purpose Admission to the School of Science and Engineering (SSE)
8. Eligibility Candidates must complete middle education with at minimum 60 percent marks for Math Physics, Physics, and Chemistry
9. Registration Online registration is required and a fee has to be paid
10. Test Date Typically in April or May
11. Test Centers Numerous locations in the major cities in Pakistan
12. Past Papers Availability Yes, it is on the LUMS website as well as in the test preparation books
13. Preparation Books for test preparation along with online tools are also available

LUMS SBASSE Subject Test Past Papers Online Download

LUMS SBASSE Subject Test Past Papers Online Download

How can you prepare for the LUMS SBASSE Exam?

When they solve past papers students can determine what their weaknesses and strengths are, and improve their skills accordingly. In order to prepare to take taking the LUMS SBASSE subject exam, students should first take possession of the previous papers. Students can find the previous tests through the LUMS website or in a variety of test preparation books that are available.

Tips for Using SBASSE Subject Test Past Papers

Here are some helpful tips to make use of SBASSE Subject Test past papers efficiently:

Answer the questions under Exam Conditions

If you are solving previous papers, try to reproduce the conditions of the test as accurately as you can. Set a timer so that you can complete the question within the stipulated time. This will allow you to learn the real test and increase your time management skills.

Recognize your weak spots

When you have completed an assignment, pinpoint the areas in which you encountered problems. You can make a list of these issues and concentrate your study on them.

Examine your answers

When you have completed a previous assignment take a look at your answers and attempt to pinpoint your mistakes. This will allow you to avoid making the same mistakes again in the future.

Take Multiple Practice Tests

Do your best to solve all past papers feasibly. This will allow you to get an understanding of the format for the test and the level of difficulty.

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Where can I locate past essays that were used in this test? SBASSE Subject Test?

There are past exams to prepare for Subject Test SBASSE Subject Test on online forums, social media forums, and even in bookshops.

How many past papers should I solve to prepare for the exam? 

It is suggested to attempt the most past papers feasible to have a clear concept of the exam structure and the difficulty level.

Can I get official past papers for the SBASSE Subject Test from LUMS? 

There is no need to worry, LUMS does not provide official past exams in preparation for subjects of the SBASSE Subject Test.

What are some other resources to prepare for the SBASSE Subject Test? 

Other resources for preparing in preparation for SBASSE Subject Test are preparatory books, study materials, and online classes.


The SBASSE Subject Test is an important test that will determine your eligibility to pursue undergraduate studies in engineering and science at LUMS. It can be a good method of preparing for the test. Past papers can be found on social media forums as well as in bookshops. Make sure you solve the paper in the exam environment, pinpoint the areas where you are weak, go over your answers, and then take several test-taking sessions. With these suggestions and the right study plan, you will be able to pass this SBASSE Subject Test and secure your spot at LUMS.

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