MDCAT Aggregate Calculator Formula 2024

MDCAT Aggregate Calculator 2024, Merit Formula, and admission eligibility criteria, check here. Pakistan Medical & Dental Council (PMDC) announced a new or revised merit policy in the PMDC MDCAT rule 2024. You can find your MDCAT aggregate as well as Merit using the calculator available here. Now you can calculate aggregate using the new merit formula. MDCAT the merit calculator as well as aggregate calculator calculate your aggregate by calculating the marks you earned in your Intermediate (or equivalent) and Matric(or equivalent) as well as your entry test scores. This is a step-by-step guide on MDCAT Accumulate Calculator 2024 and how to calculate it.

The MDCAT(Medical and Dental College Admission Test) is among the most competitive examinations in Pakistan that are taken in the thousands by students each year. In order to help students determine their overall score for the 2024 exam, a Mdcat aggregate calculator was made available in Urdu. The calculator considers the marks a student receives in matriculation, intermediate, and the Mdcat test and calculates their total score in accordance with their marks. It’s a great instrument for students to evaluate their chances of gaining admission to their preferred dental or medical school.

Notification: Pakistan Medical & Dental Council conducted MDCAT 2024 today, September 9, 2024. You can access your MDCAT Answer Keys here.

MDCAT Aggregate Calculator 2024

MDCAT Aggregate Calculator 2024 is an application that lets students determine their overall score on MDCAT, the Medical and Dental College Admission Test. It takes into consideration the marks earned by students in MDCAT, and FSC, as well as the weightage given in each of the subjects. With this calculator, students can assess their eligibility for dental and medical colleges in Pakistan. This tool, the MDCAT Aggregate Calculator 2024 will be particularly useful for students looking for a plan for their future academic careers and to make educated decisions regarding their future.

Passing Marks in MDCAT 2024

The total MCQs was 200, each with a single number. Therefore, out of 200 marks, you will get 120 marks. To be eligible for admission to any medical college in Pakistan you must have at least 40 percent marks in Intermediate and 50% marks for the entry test conducted by PMDC. This standard is part of Pakistan’s Medical Dental Council MDCAT rule 2024.

Aggregate Calculator for MBBS 2024

In Pakistan, the candidates took part in this Medical & Dental College Admission Test. They are awaiting results as well as searching for an MDCAT calculator that will calculate their aggregates for the year 2024. PMC along with NUMS both have updated the MDCAT calculation Formula and Calculator. Girls and boys can take part in MDCAT for admission into MBBS as well as BDS programs after completing FSc. Continue reading this article until the end to determine your odds of being admitted to medical schools in Pakistan.

MDCAT Merit Formula

The Merit and Aggregate formula is built upon Matriculation (or equivalent), Intermediate (or equivalent), and MDCAT marks for 2024. The weight percentage for each component was calculated as below:

  •      Matric (or equivalent) Matric (or equivalent): 10 10%
  •      Intermediate (or equivalent) Intermediate (or equivalent): 40 percent
  •      PMDC MDCAT: 50%

The formula considered scores obtained during the matriculation (or comparable) as a secondary factor when calculating merit overall. The focus is primarily on higher (or equivalent) marks that carry the highest weight. The scores of the entrance test were a major factor in determining the merit score at the end.

MDCAT Aggregate Calculator 2024

The Merit Formula for MDCAT Aggregate Calculator 2024 is a sophisticated algorithm that considers several factors like the student’s marks on MDCAT, FSc, and the weightage that is assigned for each topic. This formula is developed to ensure that the best students are accepted into dental and medical colleges in Pakistan. It is a regular process to ensure that the Merit Formula is regularly updated to reflect the changing requirements of the educational system as well as to ensure that it is open and fair. It is the Merit Formula for MDCAT Aggregate Calculator 2024 is an indispensable tool for students who are looking to pursue the field of dentistry or medicine and wish to be aware of their chances of being accepted into top universities.

Aggregate Formula MDCAT

The aggregate formula assists students in determining the probability of admission to the most desirable programs. Numerous schools in Pakistan have adopted an MDCAT-based aggregate formula with admission takers’ assistance. In some cases, PMC modifies the merit policy, and then applicants have to adhere to the most recent merit policy. MDCAT Answer Key 2024 Check Online White, Blue, Yellow, Green, Pink. The overall mark of the MDCAT is 210 and candidates must have scored the maximum score.

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