Nums Entry Test syllabus 2024 Download Online

Nums Entry Test syllabus 2024. Are you considering joining the National University of Medical Sciences (NUMS) and preparing to take the entrance test? If so you’re looking for what the curriculum will be for the NUMS entrance test in 2024. In this article, we’ll give you all the details regarding the NUMS entry test syllabus 2024. NUMS is a renowned institution that provides a broad selection of medical courses to students. Every year, thousands of students apply to join NUMS. To be admitted to NUMS students must pass the entrance test. The NUMS entrance test is a crucial element of the admissions process, and it’s crucial to be prepared in preparation for this test. Knowing the test’s syllabus is essential to ensure that you’re covered in all areas and are able to pass the test.

 NUMS Entry Test 2024

The NUMS entrance test is an exam that is standardized and administered by NUMS. National University of Medical Sciences (NUMS) to assess the abilities and knowledge of applicants who are seeking admission for admission to NUMS programs. It is intended to test the candidates’ knowledge in different disciplines, such as the sciences of biology, physics, chemical sciences as well as English. The test is comprised of MCQs (multiple-choice test questions) Candidates are required to pick the correct answer from the available choices. The test duration is 3 hours and the final score is 180.

Nums Entry Test syllabus 2024 Download Online

Nums Entry Test syllabus 2024 Download Online

NUMS Entry Test 2024 Syllabus

The NUMS entrance test 2024 syllabus includes the following subjects: Biology Physics Chemistry and English. Each subject comes with a distinct number of topics that the candidates need to know in order to perform effectively on the test. This is a complete outline of the syllabus:


Biology is a key subject on the NUMS entrance exam, and it is given the highest weightage. The biology section is comprised of 70 MCQs each of which has a mark of one. The subjects included in the Biology section include:

  • Introduction to Biology
  • Cell Biology
  • Biological Molecules
  • Enzymes
  • Bioenergetics
  • Nutrition
  • Transport
  • Respiration
  • Homeostasis
  • Support and Movement
  • Coordination and Control
  • Reproduction
  • Genetics
  • Biotechnology
  • Evolution
  • Ecology


Physics is a different aspect of the NUMS entrance exam, and it’s worth 45 marks. The Physics section comprises 45 MCQs and each one is worth one point. The subjects that are covered in the physics section include:

  • Physical Quantities and Units
  • Kinematics
  • Laws of Motion
  • Work, Energy, and Power
  • Circular Motion
  • Oscillations
  • Waves
  • Heat and Thermodynamics
  • Electrostatics
  • Current Electricity
  • Electromagnetism
  • Electromagnetic Induction
  • Alternating Current
  • Physics of Solids
  • Electronics
  • Modern Physics


The section on chemistry in NUMS Entry Test 2024 syllabus. NUMS entry test 2024 curriculum is intended to assess students’ knowledge of the basic principles of chemistry, which includes organic and inorganic chemical concepts. This portion of the test is comprised of multiple-choice tests that will require students to prove their knowledge of the basic concepts of chemistry.


This English portion in NUMS Entry Test 2024 syllabus NUMS entry test 2024 curriculum was designed to assess a student’s ability to write, read and comprehend English. The test will comprise multiple-choice questions which require students to show they are proficient in the English language.

Subjects Check Syllabus
NUMS Syllabus 2024 Introduction Check Syllabus
NUMS Biology Syllabus 2024 Check Syllabus
NUMS Chemistry Syllabus 2024 Check Syllabus
NUMS Physics Syllabus 2024 Check Syllabus
NUMS English Syllabus 2024 Check Syllabus

How to Prepare for the NUMS Entry Test 2024

Making preparations to take taking the NUMS Entrance Test in 2024 takes an enormous amount of effort and dedication. Students who wish to score very well on the test should begin to prepare for the test a few months ahead of time. Here are some suggestions to assist you in your preparation in preparation for your NUMS entry Test 2024. Practice tests frequently to assess your progress and pinpoint areas you’ll need to make improvements.

No Subject MCQ Percentage
1 CHEMISTRY 40 25%
2 BIOLOGY 55 35%
3 PHYSICS 40 25%
4 ENGLISH 15 10%

Contact Information

Address: National University of Medical Sciences, The Mall, Rawalpindi, Pakistan.

Phone: +92-51-9270677

Email: [email protected]


What are the passing marks of NUMS?

Minimum marks of 70 attained in HSSC or F.Sc (Pre-medical) or an equivalent exam with a minimum of 12 years of study. Minimum 60 marks in the entrance exam. Minimum 70 percent aggregate marks 70% marks. MBBS.

How many MCQs can you find in the NUMS test?

A total of MCQs in the range of 180. Each Multiple choice question carries one mark. No negative marking. Psychological test that consists of 50 multiple choices (MCQs) with a time limit of 30 minutes. The total amount of MCQs is 150. The time permitted for this test is 180 mins (3 hours)

Is the NUMS syllabus the same as MDCAT?

The National University of Medical Sciences (NUMS) has declared the eligibility criteria for NUMS entry Test that is identical to MDCAT i.e. 55% for MBBS and 45% for BDS.

How can I prepare for NUMS at home?

  • Preparation Books for NUMS
  • Entry Test Booklet For NUMS.
  • Textbooks of F.Sc and Matric.
  • MDCAT Preparation Score Improvement Test System developed by Dogar Brothers.
  • High Scoring AMC Package (With Online Module) by Dogar Brothers.
  • Past Solved NUMS Papers.
  • National Foundation Books.

What is the difficulty level for NUMS?

NUMS Entrance Test (NET) is composed of two elements two components. (3) The difficulty level for MCQs in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology will be as follows the following: (a) Easy – 25 percent (b) Moderate 60% (c) Hard 15% b


The NUMS entry Test is an essential test for medical and dental students. The exam’s syllabus includes important subjects in chemistry, biology, and Physics. In order to be successful in the exam it is necessary to plan your study plan and be practicing regularly. Consulting with experts as well as taking practice tests could help.

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