PMC Syllabus MDCAT 2024 Download Online

The Pakistan Medical Commission has released the MDCAT 2024 schedule and announced the MDCAT 2024 test dates. PMC said that candidates would be told about any changes to the PMC MDCAT curriculum for 2024. This is why students must look at the MDCAT course for 2024 from Pakistan to make sure they are better prepared. It has been said what the PMC MDCAT National course will be for 2024. The first part of the MDCAT starts on August 15 and goes through August 30. The second part of MDCAT will start on September 5 and end on September 20. To get into MBBS, students must get a score of 60% on the MDCAT as a whole. The officials will tell everyone who wants to apply when their forms must be finished. The registration form for the MDCAT can be found on the MDCAT website. Do you want to know what the National MDCAT curriculum will be in 2024? The PMC announced that the National MDCAT material for 2024 will be made public.

The syllabus has been subject to some modifications, such as the addition of and elimination of topics that are new. MDCAT exams will comprise 200 MCQs, which are according to the percentage of approval. The syllabus for the new exam is accessible here. The latest MDCAT Syllabus is available. This time, the PMC has reduced the syllabus by removing certain subjects. Here is the updated version of the MDCAT Syllabus, which is available to download as a PDF.

Note: The MDCAT Paper will be conducted on the 10th of September 2024.

PMC Syllabus MDCAT 2024 Download Online

PMC Syllabus MDCAT 2024

PMC Syllabus MDCAT 2024

The PMC (Pakistan Medical Commission) runs MDCAT every year. The latest MDCAT syllabus is available as PDF for all participants to download. Simply click the download button below to load the course. Stay tuned for more information on this syllabus. Because there are hardly any changes in the syllabus from the MDCAT staff each year.

National MDCAT 2024

NMDCAT includes students across Pakistan. Students from every province are able to take part in NMDCAT. However, prior to taking the test on a scheduled date, the students need to sign up their own self to take the test. NMDCAT 2024 is scheduled to occur within 2 months following the FSC exam. A period of 2 to 3 months is given to every student for exam preparation. You can enroll in any reputable institute to prepare for your test. If you are looking to learn at home or in any institution purchase the National MDCAT Book in retailers and online. The book can be downloaded in Pdf format by clicking the download link provided below. The book has been recommended by toppers of previous years as it contains all the essential elements of the outline. syllabus 2024

To download a simple and secure copy of your syllabus from MDCAT just click the blue button below. The PDF will be downloaded onto your device within a few minutes. MDCAT 2024’s syllabus has been made available in the wake of the twelfth National Council for Medical and Dental session, which was held on June 27, 2024. The syllabus was released in the wake of the 12th session that took place on the 27th of June 2024, in accordance with the recommendations of the National Medical & Dental Academic Board.

National MDCAT 2024 Date

In the past, MDCAT was through three phases because of the COVID spread.

15th to 31st August

5th to 20 September

30th September

A few important aspects of the syllabus

  • MDCAT Common Syllabus was designed on the sole premise that no subject is
    not part of any recognized syllabuses in the field of F.S.c outside of any recognized syllabus in Pakistan. It is
    A committee composed of provincial universities as well as IBCC.
  • The question to bank MDCAT Paper is based on the MDCAT Paper is also based on the principle that there are no
    The question seems to be not covered by any of the accepted syllabi of F.S.c in
  • If there is a question in the exam that is not covered by or on any of the prescribed syllabuses, that will be
    The committee removed their of scoring from the Examination Paper Review Committee immediately for all
  • Students who take the PMDC MDCAT examination will be provided with an objection form upon submitting the
    exam center where they can make every objection they have to any of the questions they feel
    is not covered by the syllabus that is required by the Board.
  • Every objection will be reviewed promptly following the MDCAT exam
    15th November and any question that is not within the syllabus identified shall be removed.
    to be taken off the scoring.
  • Any objections that are being raised regarding any topic at the moment are being addressed as well.
    regularly examined by the relevant committee which is finalizing the questions database for the

Registration of MDCAT 2024

The following documents are required to register your MDCAT in the country. This document is required by the Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PMDC) to approve the new PMC MDCATS syllabus in 2024. Start preparing for national MDCATS today as well as students may require help on the internet, like PMC national MDCATS preparation on internet. The right place is here and here’s this officially-issued National MDCATS Syllabus, which is the PDF file. It is also possible to download the PDF of the entire syllabus.

Board Wise PMDC MDCAT Syllabus

The sole reason for the revision of the MDCAT syllabus is to provide all subjects that are being taught or are not in the various provinces. The syllabus is reviewed by the following educational institutions.

  • Baluchistan Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education
  • Directorate of Curriculum and Teacher Education Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
  • Federal Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education Islamabad
  • Punjab Boards Committee of Chairmen
  • Sindh Boards Committee of Chairmen
  • University Of Health Sciences, Lahore
  • Dow Univerity Sindh
  • Khyber Medical University, Peshawar

Structure for PMC Syllabus MDCAT 2024

It is the PMDC MDCAT tests are designed to include 200 multiple-choice questions. These MCQs test a student’s knowledge through various aspects of pre-medical courses including Biology, Physics, and Chemistry. The duration for the MDCAT exam will be 3.5 hours.

The minimum pass rate is 60. A student with a lower percentage will be entertained.


It is the most significant syllabus for the subject. It has 32 percent marks which is the highest amount of weightage. Students will have to attempt to complete 68 MCQs to complete. This section must be planned properly. Students who aren’t prepared training for biology will fail as it is the most extensive part of the test. It is important to take your time with every question, and then answer the ones to which you aren’t certain of the answers. A wrong answer isn’t going to cost you anything.


Chemistry is the second subject students must attempt in accordance with the federal MDCAT syllabus. It has 26.5 percent marks of a total score of 100% for chemical reactions and others. The MCQs will be attempted at 56 after completing the MDCAT registration in 2024. It is the second-highest number of questions to be considered. So, it is important to be prepared for it. To score high marks You should try every question, and never abandon any questions because there is no negative marking.


The third most significant topic as per the course syllabus. It is comprised of 26.5 percent marks of a total score of 100 percent in the MDCAT. The MCQs are 56 in total. This is the third highest amount of weightage to take into account. It is best to prepare it using preparatory books.


It is a difficult subject. English topic carries 10% marks of an overall score of 100%. It is required to complete 20 MCQs on synonyms as well as antonyms, sentence structures sentence completion, as well as another type of question as per the syllabus. Study it side-by-side with the other major subjects. get experience through previous exams and it will be effortless for you.

Level of difficulty

The paper is constructed in a hierarchical manner. It is composed of three levels of difficulty. There are 20 MCQs easy on the national MDCAT entry test making it easy to pass at the level. This level is designed at helping students learn with the least difficulty. In addition, there are 20 MCQs that are difficult to complete. These MCQs are designed for the best candidates who have been working hard throughout their entire careers. This is the highest level that is the highest three position holders from different provinces as well as Pakistan.

About National MDCAT Book

National MDCAT book with 7000 + questions bank for MCQs is the most popular entry test book, and also the preferred paper setter for NMDCAT. The book has the 7000+ MCQs that are required by the PMC MDCAT syllabus 2024. The aim of this book isn’t just to offer the most practice questions, but it is also to guarantee the quality and accuracy of the content. The questions are arranged in a unit-wise manner as per the Syllabus and all MCQs are provided with the answers as well as explanations. For MDCAT candidates, making this book is a sure way to succeed and this book is the perfect way to deliver the speech of their success.

Download PMC Syllabus MDCAT 2024 

MDCAT Paper Pattern

There will not be any negative markings for National MDCAT. Total marks are total 210. Total 210 multiple-choice questions. The total duration of the test will be 3.5 hours. So, with one MCQ you’ll receive a total of just one minute. This is plenty in the event that you’ve prepared enough for the exam.

The following is the order of distribution of questions:

Subject Number of MCQs
Biology 68
Chemistry 56
Physics 56
English 20
Logical reason 10


Here’s an outline of the MDCAT pattern paper

  • The test lasts about 210 minutes in length and comprises of 210 multiple-choice questions.
  • The biology section covers issues in biochemistry, physiology, and microbiology.
  • The section on chemistry covers subjects that deal with organic and inorganic chemicals.
  • The Physics section covers subjects in modern and classical physical science.
  • The English section will test your comprehension of reading and your language proficiency.

A new feature that was added to the national syllabus is the Logical reasoning tests. The purpose of this portion is to test your creativity, critical thinking and logical reasoning skills, and IQ. You will be provided with an assigned passage to read and will be asked to answer it following a thorough analysis of the situation.

PMC National MDCAT Syllabus 2024 in Pakistan

The admission rules of the Pakistan Medical and Dental Council make it mandatory for all students to pass the test in order to gain admission into the BDS degree program or the MBBS or BDS degree as well as the BDS course.

  • The entire PMC curriculum 2024 has been uploaded to this page.
  • Students are encouraged to get excellent marks in MDCAT 2024.
  • The entrance exam is conducted in accordance with the university’s guidelines.
  • Students should take the test in accordance with the syllabus provided.

PMC MDCAT Syllabus 2024 for Biology: Topic
1 Biodiversity (acellular life/varieties of life)
2 Bio-energetic
3 Biological Molecules
4 Cell Structure and Function and Function
5 Control and coordination and chemical Coordination
6 Diversity within Animals
7 Enzymes
8 Evolution
9 Life cycle in Animals & Plants (nutrition/ gaseous exchange/transport)
10 Prokaryotes
11 Reproduction
12 Support & Movement
13 Variation & genetics/ inheritance

PMC MDCAT Chemistry Syllabus 2024: Topic
1 The introduction to the fundamental concepts of chemical chemistry
2 Atomic Structure
3 Gases
4 Liquids
5 Solids
6 Chemical Equilibrium
7 Reaction Kinetics
8 Thermochemistry and Chemical reactions’ energy
9 Electrochemistry
10 Chemical bonding
11 Block elements S and P
12 Transition Elements
13 Organic Chemistry: Fundamental Principles
14 Chemistry of Hydrocarbons
15 Alkyl halides
16 Alcohols & phenols
17 Aldehydes and Ketones
18 Carboxylic acid
19 Macromolecules

PMC MDCAT Physics Syllabus 2024:

Sr, no Topic
1 Motion and force
2 Energy and work
3 Circular and rotational motion
4 Waves
5 Thermodynamics
6 Electrostatics
7 Current Electricity
8 Electromagnetism
9 Electromagnetic Induction
10 Electronics
11 Dawn of Modern Physics
12 Atomic spectrum
13 Nuclear Physics

PMC MDCAT English Syllabus 2024

sr, no Topic

PMC MDCAT Syllabus 2024 for Logical Reasoning:

sr, no Topic
1 Critical Thinking
2 Letters & Symbol Series
3 Logical deductions
4 Logical Problems
5 Course of Action
6 Cause & Effect

MDCAT Preparation Tips

Below are some helpful tips from the Toppers. Follow these suggestions.

  • The first step is to study your Text Book. Since you will gain complete information from your textbook. Then, you can go to other preparatory books. However, first, you need to learn your personally recommended book.
  • Set a timetable for each subject in accordance with its requirements.
  • You can try to solve IQ-increasing questions to prepare for the logical reasoning portion.
  • When you are making preparations for the entrance exam at any institution, do not become depressed or confused due to the quick-thinking skills of repeaters. Also, repeaters shouldn’t be a source of depression for them their actions.
  • There is clearly an enormous distinction between the FSC exam and NMDCAT. Do not be anxious. Stress is not helpful anytime in any area. Remember to be confident and keep this in mind.
  • Follow the PMC syllabus guidelines.
  • To get the best performance, buy MarylandCAT’s National Edition 2024.

Merit Calculation Percentage

  • 10% of the matric exam
  • 50 percent of FSC exam
  • 50% of NMDCAT

Students who score less than 65% are not able to apply for admissions to dental or medical schools. Students who have 70% marks are eligible for admission.

Contact Information

PMC Official Website
Email [email protected]
UAN 111-321-786 (For PMC Offices)
Contact Timing 9:00 am – 5:00 pm

Is MDCAT 2024 syllabus released? 

The MDCAT’s first phase begins on 15 August and until 30 August. The second phase will begin on the 5th of September and continue until the 20th of September. The MDCAT Syllabus for the latest edition is now available in PDF format for all learners to download. Simply click the download button below to get the entire syllabus.

Is the MDCAT syllabus changes every year? 

 The Pakistan Medical Commission (PMC) on Monday stated that there’s no change to the syllabus of the forthcoming Medical and Dental Colleges Admission Test. “The MDCAT 2022 will be scheduled for November 13 in accordance with the syllabus that is accessible on our PMC’s official website.

Which syllabus to follow for MDCAT? 

The MDCAT test is comprised of five topics including biology, Chemistry, Physics, English, and Logical Reasoning.


We have talked about the pattern of the paper and the syllabus for MDCAT. The national MDCAT syllabus can be downloaded on our site for free. There is no doubt that MDCAT is crucial to your career as a doctor. If you’d like to learn more about MDCAT then you can post a comment on your questions. We’ll gladly discuss them in future posts. This standardized curriculum is a great first step. It is our hope that we will get to witness the fruits of this in the near future.

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