Self pbs gov pk Registration Online. The Pakistan Bureau of Statistics has created a digital portal to register citizens for the 2023 census. The portal aims to make it easy for citizens of Pakistan to take part in the digital census. This article will explain the registration process and guide citizens of Pakistan to how to participate in the digital census via the portal. Every country should conduct a population census at least once a year. The census data provides a detailed picture of the population as well as its demographic characteristics. The census in Pakistan is done every ten years. The last one was conducted in 2017. The country’s census is conducted by the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS).

Importance and Usefulness of the Census in Pakistan

A country’s population census is an essential exercise. It provides data about its population, including demographic characteristics such as income, age, sex, and education. Data from the census can be used to plan and implement policies in different sectors such as housing, education, transportation, and health.

The Pakistani census is vital for the allocation of resources between the provinces as well as to determine the number and composition of the seats in the National Assembly. Based on the needs and requirements of the population, the census data can also be used to allocate funds to different sectors. Registration 2023 Online Registration 2023 Online Digital Census Portal

For citizens to take part in the digital census, the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics has created This portal is designed to make it easy and simple for citizens of Pakistan to register for the census. The citizens can register online and not have to visit any census office.

Register on

It is simple and straightforward to register on Follow these steps to register as a Pakistani citizen on this portal:


Click the “Registration” button.

Please fill in the information required, including name, father’s name, birth date, and CNIC numbers.

Send a scan of your CNIC.

Click the “Submit” button.

Registration Information

For registration on, citizens of Pakistan must provide the following information:


Father’s name

CNIC Number

Date of birth

Verifying the Registration

The citizens will be notified by SMS once they have submitted the registration form. The confirmation SMS will include the registration number as well as a verification code. To complete the registration process, citizens will need to enter the verification code via the portal.

Data Privacy & Security

PBS assures citizens that data submitted through the portal will remain secure and confidential. This data will only be used for statistical purposes, and will not be shared or sold to any government agency or private company.

The Benefits of Digital Census

There are many benefits to digital census registration through for citizens of Pakistan. The citizens can register for the census online and quickly without visiting any census office. The portal allows citizens to enter their data online, which reduces the chance of mistakes and inaccuracies.

The digital census portal also saves both citizens and the government time and money. This eliminates the need to fill out paper-based forms that can be costly and time-consuming. The government can also use the digital portal to gather data in real-time, which allows them to make timely and informed decisions.

Previous Censuses

In the past, Pakistan faced many challenges when conducting its census. Paper-based forms were used in the previous censuses, which were more susceptible to errors and inaccuracies. Also, the manual process was slow and took a lot of time. This led to delays in the completion.

The previous censuses also faced security and privacy challenges. There were also concerns about data misuse for political purposes.


Is it mandatory to register on for the census?

Yes, you must register at to take the census.

What information is required to register on

For registration, citizens must provide their name, date of birth, and father’s name.

Is the data provided on secure and confidential? 

Yes, data is safe and confidential. It will only be used for statistical purposes.

Is it possible for citizens to register for the census using the portal without using the portal?

The portal is required to register citizens for the census.

What are the benefits of the digital census registration process? 

The digital census registration process eliminates the need to use paper-based forms and is precise, quick, and cost-effective.


The portal offers citizens of Pakistan an opportunity to take part in the digital census quickly and easily. This portal offers many benefits including accuracy, timeliness, and cost-effectiveness that can assist in making informed decisions. The government has also taken measures to protect data privacy and security. This can help address citizens’ concerns about the misuse of personal information.

It is therefore recommended that every citizen of Pakistan registers on the portal to participate in the digital census. This will ensure that accurate and reliable data are available for planning and policy-making.