PESSI EHRMIS Login 2023.The Punjab Employees Social Security Institution provides social security services for the Punjab province of Pakistan. PESSI EHRMIS login portal allows employees to view their personal information, pay slips, and other details related to their employment. We will be covering all aspects of how to log into the PESSI EHRMIS portal and its benefits for employees.


PESSI EHRMIS provides many features for its users. These are some of the most prominent features:

Personal Information: Employees can access their personal information through the portal, including name, birth date, and contact details.

Pay Stubs: The portal allows employees to view and download pay stubs.

Reserve Balances: PESSI EHRMIS gives employees information about their annual, casual, and sick leave balances.

Claim Status: Employees can view the status of claims for medical and other benefits from PESSI.

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PESSI EHRMIS provides many benefits to employees of PESSI. Some of these are:

Convenience: Employees can access their PESSI EHRMIS information anywhere, at any time.

Time-saving: Employees don’t have to stand in long lines or visit the PESSI offices to get their employment information.

Secure: By requiring a User ID or Password to access the portal, you can ensure that employee data is kept private and secure.

 Registerd for PESSI EHRMIS?

Follow these steps to register for PESSI EHRMIS.

  • You can visit the PESSI office to provide your employment details.
  • You will be provided with a User ID number and password by the office.
  • Enter the User ID and Password you have been provided to the PESSI EHRMIS portal.
  • To access the portal, click on the button “Login”.

 Log in to PESSI EHRMIS?

It is easy to log into PESSI EHRMIS. To access the portal, follow the steps below:

  • Visit the official website of PESSI EHRMIS at
  • Enter your User ID & Password.
  • Click the “Login” button.

How do I update my personal information on PESSI EHRMIS

Follow these steps to update your personal information on the PESSI portal:

  • Log in to the PESSI EHRMIS Portal.
  • Click on the tab “Profile”.
  • Click the “Edit” button.
  • Make sure to update your contact information.
  • To save your changes, click on the “Save” button

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PESSI EHRMIS, an online portal created by the Punjab Employees Social Security Institution, (PESSI), allows employees of PESSI to access important information about their employment, such as pay slips, leave balances and personal information.

How do I register for PESSI EHRMISI?

You will need to register for PESSI EHRMIS by visiting the PESSI office. You will be provided with a User ID number and password that you can use to log in to the portal.

What kind of information can I access on PESSI EHRMIS? 

Access important information about employment such as leave balances and pay stubs on PESSI EHRMIS.

Is PESSI EHRMIS secure? 

Yes, PESSI EHRMIS can be accessed by anyone with a password or User ID.

What can I do to update my personal information in PESSI EHRMIS?

Yes. You can change your personal information, such as contact details, on PESSI EHRMIS. Log in to the portal and click on the “Profile tab.”

Can I access PESSI EHRMIS from my mobile phone? 

Yes, you can access the portal from your computer or mobile phone.


Yes, the portal can be accessed securely. You will need a User ID or Password to access it.


PESSI EHRMIS, a valuable online platform that provides convenience, security, and time-saving for employees, is available to them. This portal gives you access to important information about your employment such as leave balances and pay stubs. To enjoy these and other benefits, register for PESSI-EHRMIS today.