STS Result 2024 Answer Key Check Online

STS Result 2024 Answer Key Check Online here. The SIBA Testing Services has announced the results for the year 2024, and it can be checked online. You can also find the Answer Key for the STS Result online. To access the SIBA Testing Service Results and Answer Keys, visit By entering your roll number or name, you can check your STS Result for the year 2024. The IBA Sukkur Merit List and the list of selected candidates for the STS Result can be viewed online by entering your CNIC number. The official websites of IBA Sukkur and SIBA Testing Service will have the STS Results available. The screening test results have already been announced, and results for other positions will be released soon.

STS Result by CNIC Click Here
STS Result by Roll Number Click Here
STS Result by Name Click Here
STS Physical Test Result Click Here

STS Result 2024 Answer Key Check Online

STS Result 2024 Answer Key Check Online

STS Written Test Results 2024

Good news! The results of the STS Written Test for the year 2024 are now available online. You can check your results by entering your name, roll number, and CNIC (Computerized National Identity Card) number. This online platform makes it easy for you to see how well you performed in the written test. By providing the necessary information, you can quickly access your results and find out if you qualify for the next selection stages. Make sure to stay updated by visiting the official website regularly to check the STS Written Test Results for 2024. Results 2024

The SIBA Testing Services Access Answer Key and the merit lists of these final scores are accessible on the internet. The required materials and results of the tests are eagerly anticipated by those who have passed The Written Test in time to successfully pass the STS.

By the timetable set by the team’s organization, the institute will release every type of test result based on the preliminary and final results from SIBA Testing Services available STS 2024 StudentsPortal Login on the official website and examine the results. If you’re looking for information about ST’s job openings and new projects, news and Announcements on STS tests, STS Results, and much more at

SIBA Testing Services Jobs 2024
STS Result by CNIC Click Here
STS Result by Roll Number Click Here
STS Result by Name Click Here
STS Physical Test Result Click Here
STS Merit List Click Here
STS List of Candidates for Interview Click Here
STS Application Status Click Here
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SIBA Testing Service Test Answer Key 2024

The “SIBA Testing Services Answer Keys 2024” are the official answer keys published by Sindh Institute of Business Administration (SIBA) Testing Services specifically for the year 2024. These answer keys are accessible to individuals who have participated in the respective examinations organized by SIBA. They serve as a valuable resource that presents accurate solutions to the questions asked in the test. By comparing their responses with the answer keys, test takers can evaluate their performance, determine the number of correct answers, and estimate their scores. The answer keys play a vital role in ensuring transparency and providing clarity in the evaluation process. Result 2024

The official website serves as the designated platform where these results are published for public access. Students who have participated in the respective examinations can conveniently visit the website and retrieve their results by providing the necessary identification details, such as their roll numbers or registration numbers. This online portal offers a user-friendly and accessible means for students to retrieve their test scores and assess their performance. It acts as a centralized hub, enabling students to verify their results and evaluate their eligibility for further educational opportunities.

STS Answer Key For intermediate

The STS IBA Sukkur Answer Key for intermediate is a resource offered by the Sukkur Institute of Business Administration (IBA) in partnership with the Sindh Testing Service (STS). It is intended for use in intermediate-level exams and functions as a helpful tool for students. By providing the correct answers to the exam questions, the answer key allows students to verify their responses and gauge their performance. It enables them to evaluate their comprehension and knowledge of the subjects covered in the exams administered by STS IBA Sukkur. Ultimately, the answer key assists students in assessing their understanding and performance.

How to check STS answer key Test Results Online

To view the STS Answer Key Test results on the internet, do this by following these steps:

  • Visit the official website of SIBA Testing Services at
  • Choose the project that you would like to test your answer keys.
  • Input your CNIC number in the field.
  • Select “Submit” and click on the “Submit” button.
  • Answer key is displayed.

STS Sukkur IBA Result BPS 5-15

IBA Sukkur Jobs STS Test Answer Key Results 2024. Once an official answer has been made public, the answer will be published here after we have solved the question each day. To keep track of papers and keys that have been solved, bookmark this link. Candidates who apply for IBA BPS 5 to 15 scale positions and pass the written test have the option to access their scores online by entering their name as well as their Roll number. 2024 Result

To check your SIBA Testing Services (STS) Result for the year 2024, you can visit the website On the website, you need to select the Project you participated in, enter your CNIC Number, and click on submit. This will allow you to view your STS Test Roll No Slip, Answer Keys, merit lists, candidate lists, and results for 2024. If you took part in the SIBA Test Services Testing STS 2024, you can conveniently access your answers and results online through the STS Candidate Portal.

STS Test Marks for Passing

The most likely mark for passing the Graduation Category will be 50%.

 How to Check IBA STS Test Result 2024

  • Go to the official STS website.
  • Click “Results Click on the “Results” option on the home page.
  • Select the “IBA STS Test Result 2024” option.
  •  Enter the CNIC code and then click the “Search” button.
  • The result will be on your screen
  • Take a printout of it

Contact information

  • Phone:+92-51-2741833
  • Website:
  • Address: Office No. 105, First Floor Riaz Arcade Kuri double Road Islamabad.


How do I download ST’s slips? 

STS Candidate Portal. SIBA Testing Services. Download your test slip when you log in to your online account as well!

How do I check my JEST STS results?

SIBA Testing Services STS Result 2024 check online @via Select the Project, enter your CNIC Number, then hit submit. Candidates can look up STS Test Roll No Slip and Answer Keys and also the selected candidates’ merit lists, as well as the results for 2024 on this page.

What is a passing score on the STS test?

What is the STS exam’s passing score? You must correctly respond to at least 70% of the questions on the test to pass.
What is a standardized test score?

When comparing a student’s performance on a test to a representative sample of pupils of the same age from the general community, standard scores and percentiles are used. The term “norm group” refers to this comparison sample or group.

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