Top 10 Best Academy for ISSB Preparation in Pakistan

Here you can find our top 10 Best Academy for ISSB Preparation in Pakistan. Applykar. Pk is the most viewed site for those who want to prepare for taking the ISSB test. It offers a complete list of the best academies to study for ISSB preparation, students are able to choose from a vast selection of options that fulfill their requirements. Academies provide experts in guidance and instruction to aid applicants in passing the exam. The user-friendly interface available on the platform lets users explore various schools before deciding on one that’s best for their requirements. With Applykar. candidates from Pakistan can feel confident that they will receive the best training at the most prestigious school in Pakistan. This article will explore the top 10 most respected academies for ISSB training in Pakistan and provide valuable information to those who are on the way towards military duty.



Making preparations for the Inter Services Selection Board (ISSB) in Pakistan is an important step for those who want to join the army. A successful ISSB test is vital to be able to get a seat in the most prestigious military Academies. In order to help you make an informed choice this article will take you through the 10 academies to use to prepare for ISSB training in Pakistan. The Inter Services Selection Board (ISSB) is a stringent selection procedure used by Pakistan’s Pakistani military to evaluate and select the most suitable candidates for officer commissions for the Army, Navy, and Air Force.

Best Academy for ISSB Preparation in Lahore

We’ve got you covered! If you’re searching for the best ISSB (Inter Service Selection Board) preparatory academies in Lahore We’ve curated a few of the top choices for you to consider. If you’re seeking expert training, knowledgeable instructors, or comprehensive classes there’s something for you here. Through these academies, you’ll be able to begin your journey to a successful ISSB exam preparation and increase your chances of landing an important job within the army. Find the best options right here.

Best Academy for ISSB Preparation in Pakistan

In this blog post, we provide the top 10 best academies for ISSB Preparation in Pakistan. In Pakistan, aspiring members of the armed forces must take the ISSB exam (Inter Services Selection Board). Applicants from Pakistan can choose from a number of respected institutes that specialize in preparing students for the grueling ISSB examinations and interviews. These Academies provide all-around preparation for their students, from interview preparation to psychological testing to physical exercise. A candidate’s chances of being selected by the ISSB are heavily influenced by the quality of the ISSB preparation academy they attend. Candidates making this option should think about things like the school’s history, the qualifications of the faculty, the percentage of graduates, and the availability of relevant courses.

Top 10 Best Academy for ISSB Preparation in Pakistan

Top 10 Best Academy for ISSB Preparation in Pakistan

List of Top 10 Best Academy for ISSB Preparation in Pakistan

1 Pakistan Military Academy (PMA), Kakul

Location: Kakul, Abbottabad

The Pakistan Military Academy, located in Kakul, Abbottabad, is surely one of the most well-known institutes to study ISSB preparation. It provides a full curriculum that covers academic and physical fitness.

2. Garrison Academy for CSS & ISSB

Location: Lahore

In Lahore, Garrison Academy is an alternative option in ISSB preparation. Garrison Academy is staffed by highly skilled faculty and provides a rigorous curriculum to improve candidates’ mental and physical skills.

  • Address: Lahore Garrison University, Sector C, DHA Phase VI, Lahore Cantt, Lahore, Pakistan
  • Phone: +92 42 37181864
  • Email: [email protected]

3. Sir Syed Coaching Center

Location: Islamabad

Sir Syed Coaching Center, located in the capital of Islamabad is renowned for its skilled instructors and well-structured classes designed to enhance students’ decision-making and problem-solving abilities.

  • Address: Street 9, Cavalry Ground, Lahore Cantt, Lahore, Pakistan
  • Phone: +92 42 36672521
  • Email: [email protected]

4. Fauji Foundation College

Location: Rawalpindi

Fauji Foundation College, based in Rawalpindi is a top institution that offers a great ISSB training program. The school is focused on developing character and leadership skills which are crucial for success in an ISSB interview.

  • Address: Fauji Foundation College, New Lalazar, Rawalpindi, Pakistan
  • Phone: +92 51 9270556
  • Email: [email protected]

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Top 10 Best Academy for ISSB Preparation in Pakistan

5. KIPS CSS and ISSB Academy

Location: Karachi

KIPS CSS, as well as ISSB Academy in Karachi, provides specialized training for ISSB applicants. It is renowned due to its practice in ISSB examinations and engaging methods of teaching.

  • Address: 11-Aibak Block, New Garden Town, Lahore, Pakistan
  • Phone: +92 42 35941956
  • Email: [email protected]

6. Pakistan Naval Academy (PNA)

Location: Karachi

The Pakistan Naval Academy, located in Karachi is a highly regarded institution to help with ISSB preparation, particularly for those who want to become a part of the Navy. It provides specialized training in naval-related topics.

  • Address: Pakistan Naval Academy, PNS Rahbar, Habib Ibrahim Rehmatoola Road, Karachi, Pakistan
  • Phone: +92 21 48505174
  • Email: [email protected]

7. The Educators

Location: Multiple Cities

The Educators which have branches across Pakistan provide ISSB preparation classes. The organization’s wide reach allows for students from all regions.

  • Address: 39 E 1st Floor, PIA Main Boulevard, Block E1, Johar Town, Lahore, Pakistan
  • Phone: +92 42 35302335
  • Email: [email protected]

8. Frontier Education Foundation

Location: Peshawar

Frontier Education Foundation in Peshawar offers ISSB coaching that focuses on physical and mental fitness, which are essential to succeed during the process of selection.

  • Address: 2-A Sher Shah Suri Road, University Town, Peshawar, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan
  • Phone: +92 91 5842946
  • Email: [email protected]

9. Hamdard Institute of Management Sciences

Location: Karachi

Hamdard Institute in Karachi Hamdard Institute in Karachi offers ISSB preparation that puts a heavy focus on developing personality grooming, communication, and abilities.

  • Address: Sharae Madinat Al-Hikmah, Karachi, Pakistan
  • Phone: +92 21 36440041
  • Email: [email protected]

10. Eagle’s Career Academy

Location: Quetta

Eagle’s Career Academy in Quetta is a well-respected option for ISSB coaching. It is renowned for its highly skilled instructors and hands-on training.

  • Address: 85 Shadman-1, Jail Road, Lahore, Pakistan
  • Phone: +92 42 37554660
  • Email: [email protected]

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The right school to begin your ISSB preparation is essential to your success during the selection process. Each of these academies has its own strengths and features. Take into consideration your budget, location, and the specific needs you have in deciding. Keep in mind that consistency and determination are the keys to passing an ISSB interview and landing the best career opportunities with Pakistan’s armed forces.

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