Alfalah Scholarship Scheme 2024 Apply Online Last Date |

Alfalah Scholarship 2024. for Financial Aid. In today’s world, education is now more of a necessity than an option to enjoy. However, not every student can afford the growing costs of higher education. This is where scholarships are able to offer aid for students who struggle to finance their education. One such program can be found in one called the Alfalah Scholarship scheme, which provides scholarships to students in need in the undergraduate, intermediate postgraduate, DAE, and postgraduate programs. In the article below we’ll look at what is the Alfalah Scholarship 2024 and how you can apply online.

About Alfalah Scholarship

The Alfalah Scholarship scheme is a welfare initiative designed to assist deserving students in their education. The scheme is available for students all across Pakistan who are enrolled in undergraduate, intermediate postgraduate, postgraduate, and DAE programs. The scholarship will cover tuition costs, exam fees,s and other costs for the academics of the students selected.

Alfalah Scholarship Scheme 2024 Apply Online Last Date |

Alfalah Scholarship Scheme 2024 Apply Online Last Date |

Alfalah Scholarship 2024 Last Date to Apply

They offer financial aid to DAE students, in addition to undergraduate, graduate as well as intermediate and advanced students. One of the most sought-after need-based scholarships in Pakistan schemes is known as the Alfalah Scholarship Program. The last day to apply for the Alfalah Scholarship 2024 is 31st September 2024. It is a great way to contribute to charitable causes and help those who are less fortunate than others. Therefore, it is the Alfalah Scholarship Program 2024 will provide financial aid to undergraduate students at the well-known Alfalah Academy in Pakistan.\

  • It’s simple to get financial assistance under the Alfalah Scholarship Scheme if you are a qualified student.
  • Download the application for the scholarship form.
  • The applicants must fill out their applications using the prescribed form and properly filled completely and then submit it together with the necessary Iqrar Nama and genuine certificates, using the samples provided on the Alfalah website.
  • Print it, get the head of your institution to testify to it, then mail (post) it back to headquarters of the Alfalah Scholarship Scheme together with any necessary additional documents.
  • If needed, a phone call to arrange interviews will be given to you.

 Eligibility Criteria for Alfalah Scholarship 2024

Candidates who are eligible for the opportunity to receive a scholarship to attend college can submit an application. Applications for Alfalah Scholarship Program are accepted by those who are orphans, or located in earthquake-prone areas. At a number of universities, a portion of students can now get the education they need at no cost. Additional eligibility requirements for the Alfalah scholarship program are listed below.

  • All students from Pakistani provinces including Gilgit/Baltistan that are enrolled in the intermediate or DAE students, postgraduate, or undergrad courses are eligible to apply for scholarships.
  • You are eligible to apply if are in a government institution.
  • The institution must be recognized or registered by the relevant organisations.
  • Students must have scored an average of at minimum 60 percent marks in Inter DAE, Inter higher levels, and at least 70% on Matric in their most recent university or board examination.
  • Minority students who score 60% or more in the MAT or 55% and greater for DAE or the Inter or DAE can apply.
  • Phantom students
  • IDP students as well as students from areas affected by the earthquake.
  • Family members who are poor or in need are facing financial hardships that can be very severe.

Required Documents for Alfalah Scholarship

  • Documents that require attestation
  • Copy of one’s CNIC.
  • CNIC photocopies are available for the father or guardian.
  • 3 current images.
  • A copy of the previous electricity bill.
  • A photocopy of your retirement book, or the pay stub of your father, mother brother, sister or brother.
  • Results copies for all previous exams.
  • A photocopy of the previous year’s or semester’s invoice.
  • Real Certificate of Authenticity (With Start and end dates of the course). On the official website of Alfalah, the sample is available.
  • Iqrar Nama, which is available to download at Students who are applying to receive scholarships for intermediate BA as well as BSc, and B.Com should submit your Iqrar Nama in plain writing, whereas those who are applying for scholarships for DAE, BS, MS Master’s, MBBS, BSc Engineering, LLB, and other similar fields should submit their Iqrar Nama with a stamp worth at least Rs. 50, 40, or 20 that have been certified by a Notary or an Oath Commissioner.

 The selection process for the Alfalah Scholarship 2024

The process of selecting candidates for the Scholarship 2024 is a merit-based system. The committee that selects the scholarship reviews the applications and selects applicants according to their academic performance as well as financial needs and other pertinent factors. The candidates who are shortlisted will be invited to an interview, and the final decision is on the performance of the interview.

Benefits of the Alfalah Scholarship

The Alfalah Scholarship 2024 offers financial aid to the chosen students to pay for the cost of tuition, exam fees, as well as other costs associated with their academic studies. It helps students having difficulty paying for their education and allows them to concentrate on their studies and not worry about financial issues.

Deadline to apply for the Alfalah Scholarship 2024

The deadline to submit applications for Scholarship 2024 is 30th June 2024. The applicants are encouraged to apply before the deadline to ensure prompt processing.

Terms and conditions of the Alfalah Scholarship 2024

These terms and conditions are applicable in relation to Scholarship 2024:

  • It is available for the current academic year.
  • The scholarship will cover tuition, exam fee, as well as other expenses associated with academics.
  • The scholarship is not transferable and not refundable.
  • The chosen candidates must keep an unavoidable level of level of attendance and academic achievement in order to keep the scholarship.
  • The committee for scholarships reserves the right of removing the award in the event that the candidate does not fulfill the academic and attendance criteria.

 Alfalah Scholarship 2024 Apply

If you’re a college student who comes from a financially challenged background and is struggling to pay for your education then you might be eligible for the Alfalah Scholarship 2024 is a fantastic chance for you. If you are awarded the scholarship, you can concentrate on your studies and not worry about financial issues and prepare for a brighter and more promising future. Furthermore, a merit-based award is a great way to encourage academic excellence and encourages students to be their best.

Apply Online For Alfalah Scholarship 2024


Is the Alfalah Scholarship 2024 only for Pakistani citizens?

The award is only available to Pakistani citizens.

Can I apply for a scholarship if I am studying at a foreign university?

The award is only available to students who are studying in Pakistan.

Is there any age limit to apply for the Alfalah Scholarship 2024?

There isn’t an age limit for applying for the award.

What is the duration of the scholarship?

This scholarship will only be available for the current academic year.

Can I apply for the Alfalah Scholarship 2024 if I have already received a scholarship from another organization?

You can submit an application for the grant so long as your eligibility requirements.


The Alfalah Scholarship 2024 is a welfare program that provides aid in the form of financial aid to worthy students who are enrolled in undergraduate, intermediate, and postgraduate programs. The scholarship covers tuition costs as well as examination fees as well as other expenses associated with academics. It is awarded on the basis of the merits of the applicant and their financial needs. The candidates who qualify can apply for the award on the official website of the Alfalah Scholarship scheme. This scholarship is a great opportunity for students with economically disadvantaged backgrounds to further their education and meet their academic objectives.

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