Tareen Oxford Scholarship 2024 For Pakistani Deserving Students

The Oxford Pakistan Programme (OPP) is proud to present the Tareen Oxford Scholarship 2024 For Pakistani Deserving Students. It will offer means-tested financial aid to Pakistani students with a preference given to highly talented pupils who hail from South Punjab who have an acceptance letter for one of the enticing graduate programs offered by Kellogg College, University of Oxford but are not have financial resources to avail the opportunity. The preference is given to those who believe that the scholarship could provide a life-changing opportunity and have the potential and willingness to help in the growth of South Punjab. The great news for students attending the highly regarded Oxford University is that they are now eligible to be eligible for Scholarships.

Pakistan Air Pakistan Program (OPP) has announced the newest Oxford call-ship to help talented children who are not able to continue their education due to financial circumstances to pursue their education by participating in sports. We are told that OPP is based on their Oxford Pakistan program, this scholarship will be given to students who meet the requirements to take one of the graduate programs available at Oxford College but do not have the money to pay for the tuition. According to the Oxford Pakistan program, this scholarship is offered to those who are not financially able. resources. See Also Ehsaas Scholarship 2024 Detail here

Tareen Oxford Scholarship 2024 For Pakistani Deserving Students

Tareen Oxford Scholarship Detail

The Tareen Oxford Scholarship 2024 For Pakistani Deserving Students is made possible through the generous contribution of the late Mr. Ali Tareen, an alumnus of Kellogg College, Oxford. This scholarship will aid meritorious Pakistani students who hail from South Punjab and increase their participation in their home institution, the University of Oxford. This scholarship is created as a five-year program and the funds will be given annually and distributed on a recurring basis. This Tareen Oxford Scholarship will also be announced through Kellogg College, the OPP, Kellogg College, and the central University as well as by the departments that comprise the University and is accessible to potential graduate students all over the University.

The Tareen scholarship is among the first scholarships that are targeted toward the students of South Punjab. The scholarship will not just benefit the recipients but will also result in positive spillover by encouraging aspirations of other gifted scholars within the communities where Tareen scholars will come from.

Tareen Oxford Scholarship Initiative

This program will consist of two projects

  • A program to facilitate students who are in their final year and seeking graduate degrees which will include the Access Conference for final year students from South Punjab who are in the process of submitting applications for MSc or Ph.D. degrees abroad. The top 20 students who attend Access Conference will be offered one-on-one mentoring alongside one of the Oxford students or a recent graduate for no cost.
  • To select FSc’s best performers and first-year university toppers from the public sector 100 pupils will be chosen in South Punjab who have either passed their FSc. boards or earned the top scores in their first year of university. The students will receive guidance on how to maximize their next three or four years, direction regarding career options, and individual mentorship to assist them in aspiring to be the top minds worldwide.

Eligibility Criteria For Scholarship

  • This is the last year for students to submit their applications for graduate degrees.
  • Students who hail from South Punjab and want to join this group should organize a rasai conference
  • For students who have completed MSP and hold Ph.D. degrees abroad, the rates are kept to 20 percent.
  • rasai conference will be given in a one-on-one session with the student on Masayakam
  • Students who are toppers of FSC and whose institution is tops in the first-year bill and strive to produce some of the top minds around the globe
  • Be aware of the fact that each year there are around thirty students hailing from Pakistan every year who receive an offer to graduate.
  • There are many reasons other than the desire to attend Oxford but not being able to finance the costs
  • Other students who are meritorious cannot join the account for the same reason, just as they are facing financial hardship

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