Honda CD 70 2024 0% Interest Installment Plan with Bank Alfalah

Honda CD 70 0% Installment Plan with Bank Alfalah in 2024-34. Bank Alfalah, a leading financial institution, has unveiled an enticing opportunity for motorcycle enthusiasts in Pakistan. For the brand-new Honda CD 70 2024 model, the bank is giving a smooth monthly payment plan with no markup. This project offers an easy way to improve your vehicle without spending a lot of money. The Honda CD 70 is one of the most popular bikes in Pakistan. It is known for being reliable, having easy-to-find spare parts, and being simple to maintain.


The Honda CD 70 is a legendary name in the world of two-wheelers. This motorbike has been a trusted partner for many riders thanks to its long life, low fuel consumption, and sleek design. Because it’s cheap and doesn’t need much upkeep, it’s a popular choice for daily riding and pleasure riding. People have known for a long time that Bank Alfalah wants to help people reach their goals. Bank Alfalah is a name you can trust. It has a good name and many branches all over the land. For people who want to buy the Honda CD 70, they have a special plan with no payments at all.

Monthly Installment Options:

Total Price Rs157,900 Monthly Installment
3 Months Installments Rs52,650 (Zero Markup)
6 Months Installments Rs26,300 (Zero Markup)
9 Months Installments Rs20,465 (With Markup)
12 Months Installments Rs16,080 (With Markup)
18 Months Installments Rs11,700 (With Markup)
24 Months Installments Rs9,500 (With Markup)

Honda CD 70 2024 0% Installment Plan with Bank Alfalah

Honda CD 70 2024 Price in Pakistan

The Honda CD 70 2024 model is available at the price of Rs157,900.

Plans for paying for a Honda CD 70 in 2024

0% Markup: Bank Alfalah’s payment plan offers a 0% markup rate for up to 6 months, making it possible for people to afford to buy the newest Honda CD 70 model in 2024.

Exclusive Offer: This offer is only available to people who have a Bank Alfalah credit card. This makes this exciting payment plan easier for more people to get.

Extra Fees: The plan says there is no markup, but buyers should know that there is a 2.5% processing fee and the Federal Excise Duty (FED) that applies to the product.

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