Bano Qabil Online Registration Form 2023 Last Date

Al Khidmat Bano Qabil program The online registration process began this morning for the 2023 class of students. The registration process is open for girls and boys. Join now to participate in Bano Qabil 2023’s web-based courses prior to the deadline to complete your application. Improve your abilities through skills development and the knowledge needed to pass an exam for your BanoQabil entrance exam at the Bagh-e Jinnah Ground. Al-Khidmat has forged partnerships with a variety of institutions and organizations to give thousands of students the chance to pursue these courses or receive degrees at no cost. We are concerned about the next generation, as well as the future that our children are going to be creating. Bano Qabil Online Registration Form 2023.

Do you know someone who wants to become more confident and build the career that you’re interested in? If so, you may consider joining Bano Qabil which is a women’s empowerment program created to help young women from Pakistan to achieve their goals and achieve their goals. One of the conditions to be a part of the program is to fill out an electronic application. Bano Qabil online registration form is available for the 2023 intake.

Bano Qabil Online Registration Form 2023

The Bano Qabil online registration form for 2023 has opened and can be found on the official website for Bano Qabil. To access the application, you’ll need to sign up for your account through the site and then provide basic information regarding yourself, including your name, age degree, education level, as well as your contact information.

  • After you have set up an account, you are able to start filling out the application which is comprised of a number of sections. The first will require you to fill in details about your academic background such as your degree as well as your field of study and academic accomplishments.
  • The next section is all about your passions and interests. It is essential to outline your interests and passions and state the reasons you are keen to work in the field you are interested in.
  • The third part of the form concerns your work history in the event that you have one. It is important to include information regarding your past or current work experience, including your position as well as your responsibilities and accomplishments.
  • In the fourth part, you will be required to write an essay on yourself detailing your strengths limitations, weaknesses, goals, and goals. This essay is an essential element to the admissions process because it allows the program to evaluate your fit to the program and determine your motivations and drives of you.
  • The final part of the form requires the applicant to submit a CV as well as recent photos of you.

Bano Qabil Online Registration Form 2023 Last Date

Bano Qabil Online Registration Form 2023 Last Date

Bano Qabil Al Khidmat Registration

Jamaat-e-Islami & Alkhidmat Karachi has launched a highly hopeful Bano Qabil program that has the aim of providing employment opportunities for girls and boys in Karachi. Candidates who are selected will receive IT skills training and instruction in order to begin earning decently in the next 6 months.

Bano Qabil Courses

1. Web Developer:  Do you enjoy web development? Our Web Developer course covers PHP/Laravel, MERN Stack Development, and ASP.NET Core MVC development to give you the skills required to craft stunning applications and websites.

2. App Developer: In this course, you will gain an introduction to Dart Programming and Application Development using Flutter & Dart. Furthermore, testing with both languages will be covered along with the basic principles of Millennial Entrepreneurship.

3. Graphic Designer: Do you possess creative flair? Our Graphic Designer course could be just what’s needed to get you on track to becoming a graphic artist! Learn to use computer software and hand-drawn techniques to craft captivating visual concepts that excite and engage others.

4. Amazon FBA Virtual Assistant: This course equips you with essential skills for Product Hunting, Listing, and Optimization on Amazon FBA. Explore Wholesale/Private Label distinctions as you become an Amazon Seller Central expert.

5. Digital Marketer: Our Digital Marketing course will cover Marketing Principles, Search Marketing & Optimization, Social Media Optimization, Content Marketing, Affiliate & Lead Nurturing as well as Analytics. Furthermore, we will explore Millennial Entrepreneurship basics.

How to Register for Bano Qabil Online 2023

Registering for Bano Qabil Online 2023 is quick and straightforward. Just follow these steps to reserve your place in this life-altering initiative:

  • Visit Official Website For an in-depth understanding of the program and to access all necessary resources and information. Simply head over to Banoqabil. pk
  • Subscribing for Program To subscribe to the Banoqabil program please go online at banoqabil. pk for all the resources and details that may help.
  • Submit Your Registration Form: Fill out an online registration form accurately, providing all pertinent and up-to-date details to prevent any discrepancies from being submitted as errors. Double-check any details entered so as to avoid making mistakes when entering details for registration.
  •  Verify Your Email: After submitting the registration form, a verification email will be sent out with a link that allows you to verify your registration. Clicking this link will complete this step of registration.
  • Attend an Entry Test: Once registration has been completed, you will be informed about a test date and venue for attending your entry test. Be prepared to demonstrate your abilities in your field of study during this exam.
  •  Wait for Your Results: After taking part in our entry test, we will evaluate your performance and contact any successful candidates via phone call or email with their results.
  •  Begin Your Journey: Once accepted into the Bano Qabil program, your educational journey and path toward a prosperous career have officially started!

Last Date for Bano Qabil Online Registration Form 2023

Students who are enrolled can sign up on the Bano Qabil application to take online courses for free. If you’re not yet registered, for whatever reason, you can go to this site Bano Qabil website to register yourself banoqabil.pkThe deadline for submitting your Bano Qabil online registration form for the intake in 2023. Make sure you fill out and submit the form before the deadline to be eligible for the program.

Bano Qabil Login

Bano Qabil Aptitude test organized in the name of Alkhidmat Karachi live. If you already have your account through Bano Qabil, and you have already registered on the Bano Qabil website, you are able to use those login credentials in order to access your account, and then continue to fill out the online registration form. If you’ve lost your password, select”forgot password” on the login page “forgot password” link on the login page, and follow the steps to reset it.

Organization: Bano Qabil
Bano Qabil Entry Test: Aptitude Test
Collaboration:  Jamaat-e-Islami Karachi & Al-Khidmat
Offers Courses: Amazon FBA, Graphic Designing, Social Media Marketer, Freelancer, Web Developer App Developer, etc.
Bano Qabil login: Click Here
Bano Qabil Location: 501, Quaideen Colony, Karachi
Bano Qabil app: Download Bano Qabil APK
Bano Qabil Registration Form: Click Here

Bano Qabil Women Empowerment Program

Bano Qabil is a women empowerment program in Pakistan created to assist young women to develop their capabilities and achieve their goals. The program provides a range of training and courses programs across various areas, such as IT and healthcare, business, and education. The goal of the program is in empowering women by equipping women with the abilities in knowledge, confidence, and knowledge that will allow them to excel in the field they choose to pursue. Bano Qabil also provides mentoring and networking opportunities that enable women to connect with professionals in their fields and create a strong community of support.

Bano Qabil Aptitude Registration for Boys

Bano Qabil also offers an aptitude registration program for boys. The program is specifically designed to help boys learn and achieve their goals. The program offers classes and training programs across a variety of areas, such as IT, healthcare, business, and education. The goal of the program is to help young men become successful by equipping them with the abilities in knowledge, confidence, and knowledge they require to be successful in the field they choose to pursue. Bano Qabil also provides mentoring and networking opportunities that enable young men to connect with professionals in their fields and develop an effective support network.

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 Who can apply to Bano Qabil Program?

Females who have Pakistani citizens between the ages of 18-35 and who have at the minimum, a bachelor’s level of education are eligible to apply to the program.

 Do I have to be a part of more than one course or program?

Yes, you may make an application to more than one training or course program, but you’ll be required to submit separate applications for each course.

 Is there a fee associated with this program? 

The Bano Qabil program is free for all participants. But, you’ll need to pay for your own travel and lodging expenses when you travel to any of the classes or other activities.

 How long will this Bano Qabil program last?

The length of the course will vary based on the training or course program you decide to enroll in. Some classes may last only a few days while others can take months to finish.

 What can I do to contact Bano Qabil if I have any concerns or questions?

You can reach Bano Qabil by calling their helpline at +92-300 1234567. You can also check out their social media accounts via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to receive updates and information regarding the program.


In the end, it is clear that the Bano Qabil program offers an ideal chance for women in Pakistan to fulfill their ambitions and reach their goals. After completing the online registration form you will be able to take the first step to establishing an impressive career and empowering yourself. Be sure to complete the form and submit it before the deadline

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