PM Youth Internship Program 2024 Online Registration | Ba Ikhtiyar Nojawan Internship Program

In this post, we’ll look at PM Youth Internship Program 2024 Online Registration, its goals, advantages, and the best way to apply to it. While the globe continues to change and economies evolve there is a rising demand for highly skilled people to fulfill various roles within the workforce. The Pakistani government is aware of this and has launched a variety of programs that empower young people and prepare them for the career market. One of the initiatives is PM Youth Internship Program which is expected to begin in 2024. In the program, all inter-provincial coordination, ministry as well as substitutes are sent to departments, government services as well as banks for one year.


They receive a stipend of 25000 t0 40000 rupees per month. Candidates who wish to apply may do so via the website of PMYS Males and females are both eligible to apply for this program. All candidates are eligible to apply up to the date of the due date.

Prime Minister Internship Program 2024 Online Registration

Pm Youth Internship online program applications for registration have begun here. One of the greatest benefits of this scheme is that it offers students a monthly wage of 30,000 rupees. To give Pakistan’s young and educated an advantage to enter the workforce, this program places interns in public and private sector jobs for a specified amount of time. The premier of Pakistan has launched an internship program for students who have completed their bachelor’s degrees.

PM Youth Internship Program 2024 Online Registration | Ba Ikhtiyar Nojawan Internship Program

PM Youth Internship Program 2024 Online Apply | Ba Ikhtiyar Nojawan Internship Program

PM Youth Internship Program 2024

Candidates from across Pakistan are eligible to apply. Youth Internship Program is a federal initiative that aims to provide Pakistani youngsters with the chance to gain work experience in their field of interest. This Program is intended to provide students with the abilities and skills needed for work and also create job opportunities for those who are interns. For PM Youth Loan Scheme 2024 Click here

PM Youth Internship Program 2024 Objectives

PM Youth Internship Program 2024  is a program with a variety of goals. These include:

  • Encouraging youth and increasing their skills for employment
  • Practical work experience gained in a variety of areas
  • Bridge the divide between the education system and the job market
  • Making internships work for you
  • Encouragement of entrepreneurship and innovation

Latest National Internship Program Jobs 2024

This article also includes the criteria for applying as well as the deadline to submit as well as the list of prestigious applicants. The announce the opening of the online application on this website as quickly as we can. The internship program is designed to provide Pakistan’s students with an advantage when it comes to working. The program places students in specific jobs in both the public and private industries for a certain duration. The program has been designed to offer opportunities for training for highly educated youth in Pakistan through the provision of positions in both the private and public sectors.

پی ایم یوتھ انٹرن شپ آن لائن پروگرام کی رجسٹریشن کے لیے درخواستیں یہاں شروع ہو گئی ہیں۔ اس اسکیم کا سب سے بڑا فائدہ یہ ہے کہ یہ طلباء کو 30,000 روپے ماہانہ اجرت فراہم کرتا ہے۔ پاکستان کے نوجوان اور تعلیم یافتہ افراد کو افرادی قوت میں داخل ہونے کا فائدہ دینے کے لیے، یہ پروگرام ایک مخصوص وقت کے لیے سرکاری اور نجی شعبے کی ملازمتوں میں انٹرنز رکھتا ہے۔

PM Youth Internship  Kamyab Jawan Program Certificate | Prime Minister Kamyab Jawan PM Internship Program 2024 | Online Registration Apply at (10,000 PKR Monthly. Go through this article until the end since it contains all the details you require

PM Youth Internship Program 2024 Benefits

PM’s Youth Internship Program 2024 has a number of advantages to the interns that include:

  • Experience gained through work in a variety of areas
  • Opportunities to enhance and develop abilities and capabilities
  • Experience working in different settings and different cultures
  • Opportunities to network
  • Recognition and certification for success in completing the internship
  • Possibility of working after the period of internship

Eligibility Criteria for PM Youth Internship Program 2024

To be considered to participate in this program. The applicants must satisfy the following requirements:

  • Pakistani citizens between the ages of 18-30 years old
  • Achieving at minimum a bachelor’s degree, or equivalent
  • Are not currently employed or currently enrolled in an education program
  • Meeting the requirements to be considered for the internship program.

How to Apply for PM Youth Internship Program 2024

The application process for Prime Minister Youth Internship Program 2024 is easy. Anyone who is interested in applying needs to follow these steps:

  • Visit the official site
  • You can create your account with the necessary details like names, emails addresses, and telephone number
  • Log into the account and fill out the online application form.
  • Upload the required documents, such as academic certificate, CNIC, and passport-size photos
  • Fill out the application and then sit back and wait for the process of selection to be completed

Required Documents for Youth Internship

  • Photo of passport size
  • CNIC/Passport/B form
  • Degrees Certificate online form

The Prime Minister’s Youth Education Plan provides a program for interns to be employed in federal divisions and ministries, provincial government banks as well as industries, companies, and other private and public institutions for one year. You could earn a stipend of up to 10,000 rupees per month with the program. PM Youth Internship Application online at The Prime Minister Internship Program Registration is accessible here.

Online Registration For PM youth internship

Internship Programs Courses List

Internship Program 2024 provides internship opportunities in many areas, including:

  • Agriculture
  • Arts and Culture
  • Education and Training
  • Energy and Power
  • Engineering and Technology
  • Healthcare
  • Information Technology
  • Law and Justice
  • Public Administration
  • Social Services

Selection Process

The process of selection for Youth Internship will be determined by merit. The applicants were selected according to their academic achievements along with relevant experience as well as their performance in an online assessment. The candidates who have been shortlisted will then be invited to an interview.

Prime Minister Youth Internship Program

It’s time to announce the fact that PM’s  Internship Programme has been revealed. It is however an amazing opportunity for students as the Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan has recently announced his 2024 internship program. The program is intended to encourage youngsters to take up the profession they would like to pursue. Premier Secretary Narendra Modi has provided this program in conjunction together with Pepsi co.

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