Kamyab Jawan Program gov pk Online Registration

Kamyab Jawan Program online registration has been started. We are happy to inform you that the Prime Minister has granted his approval to the process of the Kamyab Jawan Program gov pk Online Registration
Phase 2. Candidates are able to download the registration form as well as an announcement at this site. Keep checking this page to keep informed regarding this Kamyab Jawan Programme Phase 2 loan scheme’s deadline to register and eligibility requirements, as and the loan amount as well as a calculator. Kamyab Jawan program.gov.pk Form for online registration 2024 will be available on this page. In this article, we’ll look at how to complete the Kamyab Jawan Online Program Registration Form for 2024.

Kamyab Jawan Program.Gov.Pk Online Registration Phase 2

Anyone who is interested from 21 to 45 years old is eligible to apply via the online portal. In order to apply, you have to visit www.kamyabjawan.gov.pk. You can register your details as a loan applicant If you are interested and have some skills. Online registration of kamyab Jawan Phase 3 of the Program has begun. Yes! The application form for kamyab Jawaan is now available. There’s a brand new loan scheme 2024 that will provide loans that are part of the acclaimed youth program. These loans will be made for working capital and term loans for a period of eight years. The female loan quota is set at 20 percent. A one-time loan of up to 5 lakhs will be granted on a personal guarantee. For loans over 5 lakhs, Bank is responsible for examining all business details and investigating their concerns.

PM’s Kamyab Jawan Program Loan Online Application Form

Application for PM’s Kamyab Jawan Loan Program Loan on the Internet. Bank of Punjab and Bank of Khyber will also offer PM Imran Khan Kamyab Jawan Program loans. The most important role will be performed by Pakistan’s central bank which is the National Bank of Pakistan (NBP). PM’s Youth Entrepreneurship Scheme (YES!) Hunarmand Pakistan (Skills for All) Program * Green Youth Movement * National Internship Program.

Eligibility Criteria to be a part of Kamyab Jawan Registration to the program

Citizens of Pakistan who have a CNIC who are from 21 to 45 and have entrepreneurial potential are qualified. For businesses that are related to IT/E-Commerce the minimum age is 18 years old. The above age limit restriction is applicable to sole and individual proprietors.

How do I check my kamyab Jawan program status?

The Kamyab Jawan website is a place where loanees can keep the track of loans.
The valid CNIC number that is not dashed, and also the mobile phone number are required to be input.
You can also confirm your eligibility by entering the CNIC issue date along with the date of birth

Kamyab Jawan Program gov pk Online Registration

Kamyab Jawan Program gov pk Online Registration

Kamyab Pakistan Loan Scheme 2024

This page has the online form for registration, as well as an advertisement for candidates. Check back often for the latest details on this deadline. Kamyab Jawan Program phase 3 loan scheme registration deadline as well as requirements for eligibility. Overall, 130 million will benefit throughout the nation, which represents five percent of the total population. Ehsaas Rashan offers a subvention of. 1,000 per month for everyone family of 20 million who are affected by the purchase of pulses, flour, and cooking oil (Ghee). A 30 percent subsidy will be provided for these three items per unit of purchase. Kamyab Pakistan Program is the most important step taken by the Prime Minister to boost our nation’s standing.

Kamyab Jawan Program Phase 3 Last Date to Apply

There will be no interest for Kamyab Jawan Loans, ranging between Rs 10,000 to 00,000. They will be offered in 45 Pakistani regions with demand. The government of Pakistan has agreed to bridge the difference between KIBOR’s current rate in addition to 500 basis point

Apply Kamyab Jawan Program

 Apply to Kamyab Jawan Programme 2024?

Loans Amount Markup rate
Form Rs10,000 to Rs100,000 without interest
Less than or equal to Rs500,000 (Tier-1) 6% per annum or Annual
Greater than Rs500,000 (Tier-2) 8% per annum


PM Kamyab Jabbar Program Loans will be made available by Bank of Punjab and Bank of Punjab and Bank of Khyber. Additionally, the National Bank of Pak (NBP) will play a major part in the execution of the program.

Contact Information

  • Phone: 021-111 265 265
  • Website: www.kamyabjawan.gov.pk


What is the processing time for the Kamyab Jawan program loan?

The processing time for the application will not exceed 30 calendar days and will be clearly stated in the form of the application.

Who is eligible for the prime minister loan scheme?

Prime Minister’s Youth Business & Agriculture Loan Scheme. i. Every citizen of Pakistan who have CNIC and who are aged between 21-45 with the potential for entrepreneurship is qualified

What is the processing fee for Kamyab Jawan?

Prime Minister’s ‘Kamyab Jawan – Youth Entrepreneurship Scheme (YES)

  • Purpose Setting up a New Business Expansion of Existing Business
    Quota Allocation 25% of the loans will be sanctioned to women borrowers.
  • Loan processing fee Non-refundable processing fee will be PKR 100/- Other charges: Actual.

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