Check SIM Information With CNIC Number

Users can easily check SIM information using CNIC Numbers. The telecom business is monitored by PTA Pakistan, which has created a SIM Information System to help users validate their SIM. Check SIM details with only the CNIC number. SIM verification and maintenance are easy. Visit your service’s website to verify your CNIC number’s SIM information. After arriving, look for “Check SIM information” or a similar link. Pakistani SIM details can be checked using CNIC. This wonderful service lets customers verify that they are using SIM devices registered in their names and not using them illegally. Pakistani consumers can verify CNIC-registered SIM details by dialing *336# and following the instructions. All Pakistani mobile networks offer this free service. All customers must keep their CNIC and SIM details current to avoid mobile service issues.

Click here enter this link and enter the CNIC number when you are asked. You should then be able to see the complete information about the SIM account, which will include the number of your handset, the balance of your account, as well as the data usage. Through both mobile and online applications We provide the most effective method of identifying SIM owners at all levels. For instance, information is available through Jazz, Warid, Ufone, Telenor, and Zong Sims.

CNIC Number:
Example: 6110123456789

Check SIM Information with the Number

The heading suggests a service or process that provides details about a SIM card along with its associated mobile number. It involves accessing information like the network provider, activation date, and ownership details related to a specific SIM card. This information proves useful for purposes such as verifying the authenticity of a SIM card or checking the registration status of a mobile number. By utilizing this service, users can obtain relevant information about a SIM card by providing the SIM number or other identification details.

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SIM Information System

The SIM Information System is a platform fueled by technology, specifically designed to manage and provide comprehensive information regarding SIM cards utilized in mobile phones. Acting as a centralized database, it securely stores specific details associated with individual SIM cards, encompassing the subscriber’s personal information, mobile number, network operator, and other pertinent data. This system empowers mobile network operators and regulatory authorities by facilitating the tracking and monitoring of SIM card usage, deterring illegal activities such as fraud and terrorism, and ensuring adherence to telecommunications regulations. Leveraging this system allows stakeholders to proficiently handle and access SIM card information, consequently bolstering security measures and promoting effective telecommunications management.

Online Check SIM Number Through CNIC in Pakistan

Starting this month, the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) now allows individuals to verify the SIM numbers associated with their CNICs through online verification – available across all mobile networks operating within Pakistan.

To use CNIC to check your SIM number, follow these steps:

  • Visit the PTA website ( and choose your network provider from the drop-down list;
  • Input your CNIC number in the designated field before clicking “Submit”.
  • Once registered with your CNIC, this website will generate a list of all SIM numbers registered under it.
  • If any unauthorized SIMs appear, immediately report them to your mobile network operator and request that they block those numbers immediately.

Note that this service is only accessible to Pakistani nationals holding valid CNICs;  foreign nationals or anyone without such documentation cannot utilize this option.

Jazz SIM number check by CNIC

Jazz Mobile Network Operator in Pakistan provides reliable and cost-effective communications services to millions of customers nationwide. If you’re one of them and would like to check the SIM Number associated with their CNIC number, follow these steps:

  1. Dial *336# from your Jazz SIM;
  2. Select 1 for “My Jazz”,
  3. Select “4 for My Number”,
  4. When prompted enter your CNIC Number as per instruction
  5. Your Jazz SIM number associated with that CNIC will appear on the screen.

Maintaining accurate SIM details is vitally important as ensuring no unauthorized SIMs have been registered against your CNIC. Using one or more of the methods outlined here, it will allow you to easily check and monitor your SIM information and take corrective actions if needed.

Online SIM Number Check via CNIC

This subheading indicates a method for checking the mobile number linked to a SIM card using the individual’s CNIC (Computerized National Identity Card) information. you can also check your SMS and Call history for all sims. It implies an online procedure where users can input their CNIC details, including the unique identification number, to receive the corresponding SIM card number associated with their identity. This service aims to offer convenience and accessibility to individuals who may have misplaced or forgotten their mobile number but possess their CNIC.

JAZZ SIM Number Check by CNIC

This subheading specifically refers to a service provided by the JAZZ network provider, allowing users to retrieve their SIM card numbers using their CNIC. JAZZ is a prominent telecommunications company, and this service is customized for its subscribers. By entering their CNIC information through the dedicated online platform or service provided by JAZZ, users can effortlessly access their associated JAZZ SIM card number. This feature proves beneficial for JAZZ customers who need to retrieve their mobile numbers for various purposes, such as sharing them with others or updating their records.

PTA Biometric Verification System

The PTA Biometric Verification System which is also known as BVS or BVS for short, has been an important step taken by PTA to ensure the security of cell phone subscribers and stop the unauthorized usage of mobile phone networks. With this system, you can quickly:

  • Obtain a duplicate SIM
  • Buy or activate an entirely new SIM card
  • Change the owner of the SIM card that was registered previously under the name of someone else’s CNIC
  • Verify your SIM card
  • Find solutions to issues with the portability of mobile numbers

Check SIM Information With CNIC Number


Check SIM Owner Details with Mobile Number

Let’s now dive into a step-by-step method of using mobile numbers to check SIM Owner Details including CNIC Number. Our user-friendly approach will assist in collecting accurate information.

Launch the Messages application on your phone. Create a new message and type ‘MNP’ before sending it to 667, which is designated for SIM verification. Shortly after sending the text message to 667, you will receive a response containing all of the details associated with your SIM, including its owner’s name, CNIC number, IMSI number, and activation date.
Ufone users can quickly verify these details by dialing *336# on their mobile phones.

cnic. SIM Information Online

At cnic., users can conveniently access SIM card information online. This platform enables users to gather essential details, including the name of the registered owner, CNIC (Computerized National Identity Card) number, and other relevant information about their SIM cards. By utilizing this service, users can authenticate SIM card ownership and ensure its legitimacy. This platform serves as a valuable resource for individuals and authorities, facilitating the verification of information tied to specific SIM cards. Ultimately, it promotes enhanced security and accountability within the telecommunication industry.

Check Sim information with CNIC Number Online Pakistan

The process of verifying and obtaining details about a mobile phone SIM card in Pakistan by using the Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC) number. People can input a specific CNIC number through online platforms or mobile applications to retrieve information such as the mobile operator, status of SIM registration, and associated phone number(s). This service is designed to improve security measures and prevent unauthorized usage of SIM cards. By linking SIM cards to individuals’ CNIC numbers, authorities can monitor and track mobile phone usage, contributing to public safety and reducing fraudulent activities.

PTA SIM Information System SMS Search

  • Enter your CNIC number without hyphens.
  • A text message will be sent to you shortly indicating the total number of active SIM cards associated with each operator.
  • SMS sent to 668 will cost you PKR 2 plus tax.

What is the best way to find out who owns the SIM card?

  • Blank message 667.
  • Your SIM owner’s identity will be included in a return text message shortly.
  • Information about the owner of a mobile phone number
  • Input a 10-digit mobile number into the search box on this website to get the name, location, area, and address of a mobile phone number in Pakistan.
  • If you enter zero or zero as your cell phone code, the results of the cell/cellphone number surveillance will be gathered. Any network of sim cards can be found in the Pakistan mobile phone database. You can easily get information about the sim by typing your cell phone number into the search box.

 Online SIM Information System Via site

The official website provides details on how to check your SIM Data Online.

  • To check your sim data online, first, visit the official website
  • is the website address
  • You must enter your ID card number after opening the web page
  • Enter the CNIC Card Number and press Enter
  • You will find sim details associated with your CNIC on the next page

Live Tracker for Persons

The Live Tracker App for Person or Company can also be downloaded from Google Play to check the SIM data on your CNIC. After downloading and Installing the app, you can check your concerned data after entering 13-digit Pakistani CNIC Card Number and view online your names, fathers, addresses, telephone numbers, and emails. You can easily download it on your computer or mobile device.

How to Check SIM Information By CNIC

To determine instantly the number of SIMs registered to your CNIC use any of the methods that are easy to follow below.

  • To get SIM Check online visit the official website
  • To conduct a SIM verification via SMS, compose a new text message containing Your CNIC number, minus dashes, and forward it to 668.
  • (Charges Rs. 2 + tax)

How to Check All SIM Numbers on ID Cards

How Can I Find Which Number is Registered on My CNIC There are two methods to find out the number of SIMS registered against the CNIC from Pakistan. Jazz, Warid, Telenor, Ufone, and Zong all subscribers are able to check the SIMS are registered on their CNIC. It is crucial to monitor the SIMS you have registered because of the growing number of mobile-related crimes.

 Check SIM Information With CNIC Number

How to Check Sims On CNIC BY SMS

Text the 13-digit CNIC number to the 668 SIM check number. After about a minute or two you will get an email that will provide details regarding the number of SIMs that are registered on your CNIC. If you have numbers that you don’t own and don’t own, you can directly call the center responsible for your concern and stop the number. For example, if you have a Ufone phone number that you don’t have, you can make a call to Ufone customer service and block the number right from the beginning. If you don’t reside in Pakistan Go to the official site and perform an online SIM check. Enter all information and then send a letter to the company to block the number.

Verify the Jazz SIM number On the ID card

  • Find the sim’s number via CNIC by texting CNIC without an interruption up to 6001
  • PTA SIM verification by texting your phone numbers at 6001
  • CNIC Checking SIM by sending CNIC to 668, the number for checking SIMs
    So, this is the procedure for sim registration. make sure you have your Jazz or Warid number..

How do I find the Telenor SIM on the ID Card?

  • Telenor is among the top cellular firms in Pakistan. It has the largest number of customers due to its budget-friendly pricing and awe-inspiring services. The best way to determine the number of SIMs on ID cards can be found in the following options.
  • Call 345 to inquire with the operator about how many SIMs are available on CNIC.
  • Send a blank SMS to 77551 to check whether your BVS number is verified.
  • Send a blank text in the number 7750 to find the location of the closest Telenor retailer. There is a way to go and perform a CNIC sim test. Ask for the person to remove the numbers that are in conflict with your CNIC.
  • PTA SIM check is done by sending a Unicode SMS to 7421 which will result in an email with your mobile number from the operator advising you of the SIM registration verification
  • SMS CNIC to 668, SIM verify the number.
  • These were the ways to confirm the SIM and verify the CNIC.

Check Ufone Sims On CNIC

  • Ufone has drawn customers over the past few years with incredible bundle deals. You can look up the sim number online using CNIC using the Ufone code or go through the steps below.
  • Call *336# and follow that with 1. It will verify the validity of your phone number.
  • SMS CNIC to 668, SIM verification number
  • Visit your local Ufone customer service center and inquire about the number of SIMs that are currently on your CNIC. You can request to block the SIMs in the event that you are sure that the SIMs are not on your CNIC is not in use.

Zong Sim Registration

  • Zong was the very first company in cellular to launch 5G in Pakistan. If you don’t have to verify your SIM online, there’s no reason to worry. Follow these steps for the CNIC SIM verification.
  • CNIC SIM check by transmitting CNIC to 668, the number for checking SIMs
  • PTA SIM check method via sending “v” to 7911
  • Call 301 and your call will be routed to the operators. You can ask him what number of SIMS are stored on your CNIC. Block the SIMs that are on the CNIC that you’re not making use of.
    This could allow you to confirm the SIM and verify the CNIC.


How can I get SIM information from CNIC?

To check your number SIMs that are registered to your CNIC through SMS, here’s an easy guideline for opening the text message app on your mobile. Enter your CNIC number without punctuation marks. After that, you can forward this message to 668.

Can I check SIM information without the owner’s consent?

No, you cannot check SIM information without the owner’s consent. Accessing someone else’s SIM information without their permission is illegal and a breach of privacy.

How often should I check my SIM information?

It’s advisable to check your SIM information whenever there is a significant change in your account status or if you suspect any unauthorized activity. Regular checks can help you stay updated on your SIM’s status.

What should I do if I find unauthorized SIM information?

If you find any unauthorized SIM information associated with your CNIC, immediately report it to your mobile network operator. They will guide you through the necessary steps to resolve the issue.

Is checking SIM information legal?

Yes, checking your own SIM information using your CNIC is legal and encouraged for security purposes. However, accessing someone else’s SIM information without their consent is illegal.

How does the SIM registration process work?

When purchasing a new SIM card, you are required to provide your CNIC and other personal details to the mobile network operator. They will then register the SIM card under your name and activate the mobile services for you.

How do I check my SIM registration details?

  • Visit the Smart SIM Registration Portal.
  • You must follow the steps you took at the time you registered your SIM card.
  • Watch for a prompt to confirm the fact that your SIM card is registered.

How can I know the owner of a mobile number?

Four Ways to Trace a Cell Phone Number

Use a reverse phone number lookup service. A lot of online services allow users to enter the mobile number of a person and discover who the proprietor is and the address. …

  • Ask your cell phone carrier for help. …
  • Try using a reverse director. …
  • Engage a private detective.

How do I check my SIM card numbers?

If you own a SIM card, you’ll discover the SIM number printed on the back of your card. Certain phones will also display your SIM number in the settings of your device as well.

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