How to Check Zong Number & Owner Name Details in Pakistan

If you’re having trouble remembering your Zong number in Pakistan, don’t worry! We’re here to help you. Whether you have a prepaid or postpaid SIM, we’ll guide you on how to check your Zong SIM number and even find the owner’s name details. This is especially useful for Zong users, including students, who often struggle to remember their own number when they need to load balance onto their SIM. Knowing your SIM number is necessary for topping up your Zong SIM. So, if you’re someone who forgets their SIM number, you’re not alone. Many people face this issue. We’ll provide you with the steps to check your Zong SIM number and even find details for internet, MBB, and business SIM numbers. Let’s get right into the solution without wasting any more time. Additionally, we’ll also provide information on how to contact Zong customer support if you need further assistance or have any other queries related to your Zong SIM.


If you want to know how to check your Zong number, you’re in the right spot. Here, you’ll discover a 100% effective code to find out the owner’s name of the SIM you’re using. After PTA’s SIM re-verification drive, every SIM in Pakistan is registered to a specific CNIC. It’s wise to double-check and find out the owner’s name and CNIC of the SIM card you have.

Zong Sim Ownership Check Online

To find out the owner’s name and CNIC number of a Zong SIM in 2024, simply send “MNP” to 667. This quick method allows you to get information about the registered owner of the Zong SIM you are using.

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Zong Number Check Online
Zong Number Owner Name Check Online

How to Check Zong Number & Owner Name Details in Pakistan

How to Check Zong Number & Owner Name Details in Pakistan

Zong Number Details Online Check

  • Dial *100# on your phone.
  • Press the call button and wait a few seconds.
  • Your Zong SIM number will appear on your screen.
  • Choose Free Message and send it to a number.
  • Check your Zong number on your screen.

Zong Mobile Code Checker is a free service. Alternatively, you can dial *8# to quickly find your Zong number.

Zong Sim Number Check Code 2024

To check your Zong SIM number in 2024, dial *8# and press the call button.

All Zong Number Check Codes in 2024-24 without Balance

  • To check your balance, dial 3101924# or 31092*4# (it’s free).
  • For general inquiries, dial *100# (it’s free).
  • To check your remaining SMS, dial 1001# (it’s free).
  • To get your PUK code, send “O” to 7911 (it’s free).
  • To verify your number, send “v” to 7911 (it’s free).
  • To check your number, send “MY NO” to 777 (costs Rs 2+tax).
  • To quickly find your Zong number, dial *8# (it’s free).

How to Check Zong Sim Owner Name Online

Here’s a simplified guide to check the owner name of your Zong SIM online:

  • Open your messages.
  • Send an empty message to 667.
  • You’ll receive the Zong SIM owner’s name and CNIC number via SMS on your Zong number.

Zong Sim Owner Name by Mobile Number

In Pakistan, inquiries about a mobile number’s network provider and ownership are quite common due to identity theft cases. Zong, one of the leading cellular network providers, offers convenient services for its customers to find out the registered owner’s name of a Zong SIM card by mobile number. The process is straightforward and secure, requiring the dialing of a short code and providing a few key details about the prospective SIM owner. This information is crucial for ensuring the SIM card in use is legitimately authorized and registered with the correct credentials. As a responsible citizen, whenever the need arises to verify the ownership of a Zong SIM card, now, the support of technology is readily available at your fingertips.

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