FESCO Online Bill Check 2023 | fesco.com.pk.If you haven’t received the FESCO Bill You can look complete detail of the FESCO Bill Check Online. It is a completely free site that lets you look up your Fesco online bill quickly. There you can see your current bill amount as well as the due date and view the entire bill. It is possible to download copies of the bill or print your FESCO WAPDA invoice for payment. Enter your 14-digit reference code below to see the status of your Fesco electric bill. You can look up your Fesco E bill for commercial, residential, or industrial electric connections. All you require is the reference number of 14 digits which you can input in the input box above and you’ll receive your Fesco bills online. Check out the image below to discover where you can find the reference number for fesco.

FESCO Online Bill Check 2023 | fesco.com.pk

FESCO Online Bill Check 2023

FESCO Online Bill Check 2023 without Reference Number?

www.fesco.com.pk is a responsive site that lets you easily check your bill across all devices (desktop/mobile). You only need the 14-digit reference number to view your Fesco bill online, which is found on any bill copy that is old. You cannot look it up using CNIC or name, however, you can verify your Fesco bill with the customer ID, which is comprised of 10 digits. If you reside in the Fesco Area of electricity, you can view your bill on the fescobills.pk website.

New Connection or Transfer Procedure

The new connection, as well as the change of names or transfer, are exactly the same process the same as applying for the first time. Please go through the instructions for new connections in this. If you purchase a property with FESCO connections were is already registered with the previous owner and you wish to change the name on the bill you must follow similar procedures as for a new connection. You can go to the nearest office and make an application for a name change or correction.


FESCO is the abbreviation of Faisalabad Electric Supply Company. FESCO offers electric power to nearly 4.01 million customers. The estimated total population of the Fesco territory is greater than 26 million. FESCO is among the most reliable electricity distribution companies that operate in Pakistan with regard to performance in operation since there is little loss within the power distribution system. However, on the other hand, the cost of collecting bills is greater. The main area of service is Faisalabad also known as Manchester of Pakistan because of its vast textile industry.

FESCO Bill Online

  • Go to the official website.  enter the reference number for your bill without dots or spaces.
  • Then, click then the “Check Bill” button.
  • There will be the “Your Bill is Ready” message that has two buttons.
  • Select the “Open My Bill “Open My Account” option If your meter is domestic.
  • If you own an industrial meter, you can select “Open Industrial Bill.”
  • When you click, a new tab will open that contains your latest bill, along with all details.
  • This is the exact version that you typically get at home.

FESCO Web Bill

The web bill is a different option to locate the consumer’s electricity invoice. Follow the steps below to locate a copy of the bill.

  • Open Wapda bill Fesco’s official website is here.
  • Enter the bill reference number with no space in the “Search Your Electricity Bill” box.
  • It will then give you a link to see the electric bill.
  • Click the button to open your bill.
  • For printing the bills, simply click the “Print Bill” button located at the top of the page.

Apply to FESCO New Connection

If you are applying for a new connection with Fesco it is necessary to provide a variety of details about yourself that we’ll discuss below. After you’ve filled in all the details then you will have to be patient for your permit to be delivered via mail.

Applicant Name

Father Name

CNIC Number

Consumer Email

Landline Number

Witness Name

Witness CNIC Number

Connection Address

Applicant Address


Fesco Sub Division / Division / Circle

Nearest FESCO Meter Reference Number

Number of Meters Already Installed

Connection type





Stree lights


Owner Type

Shared Owner



You should also need Documents to Upload

Many documents you’ll have to scan them prior to uploading them. The documents you need to scan include

  • Copy of the property ownership document
  • Affidavit of CNIC
  • An affidavit attested by the owner
  • Copy attested of NTN certificate
  • Copy of the electricity bill for your neighbor


If you’re looking for FESCO online bills for the month prior you’re at the right place. FESCO Duplicate Bill 2023 also known as FESCO Helpline information is also accessible on this website. If you haven’t been able to receive your FESCO Bill You can check the bill here. You can look at your current bill, as well as the due date, and also see the total. It is possible to download an electronic copy of this bill or download your own FESCO WAPDA invoice for payment. So, enter the 14-character reference code below to verify the validity of your FESCO electric bill. With this reference number, you’ll be able to receive a FESCO bill in duplicate online. Go through the FESCO invoice online to September 2022. The FESCO bill checks online for August 2022 as well as the FESCO bill checks online for July 2022 also are available by providing a reference. This article also demonstrates the FESCO bill check online 2023 January procedure.

FESCO Online Bill Previous Month Check & Print

We are sure you would like to know how to check your FESCO online bill-check for the last month. We’ll explain how to do it. Simply locate your last month’s billing reference number and copy this number into the FESCO web page’s search engine and press enter to receive your results. You can view the FESCO bill online or FESCO bill download online.

FESCO Online Bill Calculator

FESCO Bill calculator online is an application to help users to calculate their electricity bill in Pakistan. It is operated by entering the required information, including the number of units consumed and the rate of tariff, fuel adjustment surcharge, as well as fixed fees. The calculator calculates the total amount due to electricity including a breakdown of the elements. The calculator is a simple and simple method to calculate electricity bills, and also reduce both energy and time. If you believe your bill is not correct and you believe it, then you’re correct. There’s a possibility that they’re also an individual. They also are prone to errors. This is why you need to examine your original invoice. It’s easy. Simply go to www.fesco.com.pk and then check the price per unit. After that, you can multiply it by the number of units you consumed, and the bill will be authenticated. Follow the link to calculate your bill.

Click Here For Bill Calculator

How can I check my credit online in Pakistan?

Simply download the app, choose an appropriate distributor based on the location you live in, then enter your reference number and then you’re all set.



K Electric.





FESCO Helpline

Telephone Fax UAN
+92 (41) 9220184 – 9220229 +92 (41) 9220233 080066554

FESCO Bill Check online service is a practical service that lets you quickly and quickly examine your previous and current month’s electric bills. Through the FESCO MMIS portal, you can view your bills online as well as via SMS, which allows you to keep up-to-date with your bills. It is possible to also make your invoices printable online. utilize your FESCO bills calculator, to precisely estimate your bill and review the electricity bill online. WAPDA bills online checks are also available, so you can view all of your FESCO along with your WAPDA bills at the same time.