How to Check LESCO Bill Due Date and Amount| Print Duplicate Bill

How to Check LESCO Bill Due Date and Amount Online? Here we have provided a complete procedure that will help you to check your LESCO Electricity Bill Payment and Due Date. Sometimes customers couldn’t get their electricity bills due to some reasons and don’t be able to pay the bill in time. But you don’t need to worry about it anymore. We are providing an online service to check your electricity bill online free of cost.Simply look up and then navigate to the to the Bill page or make a search in google such as open and type in the search field “Lesco Bill” and then choose the first page and on the Lesco page, enter the Lesco Bill Reference No. and press Enter to continue.

How to Check LESCO Bill Due Date

How to Check LESCO Bill Due Date and Amount Online?All user can easily check it online by inserting Reference Number and Customer ID in the web portal provided by LESCO. You can check your bill online either by inserting a Reference Number or Customer ID on the websiteIf you are looking to view the latest LESCO (WAPDA) energy bill, then you’re at the right spot. It is all you need is “Reference No” (Fourteen ’14 numbers) or “Customer ID” (Seven ’07’ digits). You may see this on your previous bill. Keep these two numbers handy to verify your current electricity bill any time around the world.

Check Electricity Bill Via SMS

The government of Pakistan has implemented a 7.5 percent tax on non-filers of electricity that have bills greater than the amount of. 25000/. If you’re a taxpayer, then you can be exempted from this tax sending you ” CNIC” and LESCO’s “Reference Number” in the following format “8118”;

How to Check LESCO Bill Due Date and Amount| Print Duplicate Bill

How to Check LESCO Bill Due Date and Amount| Print Duplicate Bill

  • Lahore Electric Supply Company LESCO strives to be helpful to its customers. There was a frequent complaint that staff in the office of LESCO don’t listen to complaints properly. LESCO decided to conduct regular E Kacheri as part of the Prime Minster’s Delivery Unit (PMDU) initiative on the LESCO Facebook page to resolve this issue. Facebook Live will be chaired by the Chief Executive LESCO together with his team made up of the entire Managers Operations to address problems of customers of LESCO and resolve issues quickly.
  • Every customer of LESCO who belongs to Lahore, Kasur, Okara, Nankana, and Sheikhupura districts can be invited to E Kacheri meetings.
  • For WAPDA electricity theft as well as consumers, over-billing is a problem. LESCO will replace 1.7 million old meters with modern ” advanced meter infrastructure (AMI) meters “to tackle these two problems. Asian Development Bank (ADP) will offer $300 million to finance the project. According to LESCO spokesperson in this project, 14,74,532 single-phase, 2,13.120 three-phase 28753 industrial and commercial meters are to be upgraded by modern AMI meters located in the central and south-facing circles in LESCO. Most current AMI meters are expected to be completed in approximately four years.
  • After the installation of AMI devices, the meter tempering will stop. If any person tries to temper a machine, it will be instantly reported within the Central Control Room. Then LESCO will immediately take action against them. Therefore the power theft is likely to end. On an AMI Meter, the user can monitor their electric consumption and the voltage and amount of cost.
  • Lahore, Kasur, Okara, Nankana, and Sheikhupura districts fall under its jurisdiction. LESCO has been divided into eight (08) Operational Circles to ensure smooth operation. Each Operational Circle is further divided into sub-divisions and divisions. The details for every Operational Circle is given below: Check and Print Bill Online

LESCO offers provided:

  • All-hours
  • Seven days a week
  • 24 hours a day days registration for complaints via the Contact Centre Helpline
  • Here one can submit a complaint about electricity or obtain general information.
  • LESCO Helpline for phone calls is the number 118 and for SMS is 8118.


In what ways can I access my LESCO electricity bill?
By entering your Reference Number and Customer ID in the web portal offered by LESCO, you can simply check it online. By entering a Reference Number or Customer ID on the website, you can check your bill online.

How can I get my online electricity bill

  • Visit the company’s main website by logging in.
  • You must have your reference number on hand in order to obtain your billing information.
  • On the website, type the reference number and add the submit button.

How do I print my LESCO bill?

Visit this link, enter your Reference Number or Consumer Number, then press the submit button to request a duplicate LESCO bill. You will now be able to download the bill in PDF format. To obtain the duplicate bill, open that PDF file and press the Ctrl + P keys.

What does the Lesco bill’s consumer ID mean?

The reference number is the 14-digit number printed on the LESCO bill (00 000 000000000U). In the top-left corner, it is written in huge print. The top of the bill is printed with the following consumer identification information: The seven-digit customer ID format only uses numbers and has seven digits.

How can I use SMS to check my Lesco bill?

  • SMS/Email Service from LESCO
  • Choose “SMS Only.”
  • Then, enter your Customer ID & Mobile Number.
  • You can add your email (optional).
  • Click on “Submit.”
  • You will receive a confirmation notification.

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