GPF Facilitation AGPR | Check GP Fund Balance Online

Employees who have opted into the General Provident Fund can now review the status of their GP Fund online via GPF Facilitation AGPR (Accountant General Pakistan Revenue). Accountant General Pakistan Revenue provides an online option known as General Provident Fund (GPF). It is the amount individuals receive upon signing up for their bank account. You can see your balance account balance on the GP Fund or withdraw through GPF Facilitation AGPR. The Accountant General Pakistan Revenues is responsible for centralizing the accounting process and reporting federal transactions.

The AGPR is also a central repository of financial data from federal self-accounting organizations. The AGPR receives reports and accounts from Federal Treasuries, Federal Treasuries, and the NBP/SBP. The AGPR also provide annually-based account (to AGP) and Consolidated Monthly accounts in the Federal Finance Division. Each province has its own AGPR sub-offices which serve to act as DAO to handle Federal Government transactions relevant to the Provincial headquarters. The AGPR’s head of administration is the Controller General for Accounts.

What is the GPF (General Provident Fund)?

General Provident Fund is a fund where subscriptions are received by Government employees and kept in their accounts. It also includes interest on subscriptions that are admissible under its rules. According to the rules, there shall be a Fund called the General Provident Fund of the Institute. The credit of this Fund shall be at the prescribed rate of an employee’s monthly salary. This rate may be modified as required by the Senate. The General Provident Fund is registered under applicable law as a Trust Fund and shall be managed by a Board of Trustees that the Senate shall appoint.

GPF Facilitation AGPR | Check GP Fund Balance Online

GPF Facilitation AGPR | Check GP Fund Balance Online

GPF Statement Online

The GPF Statement Online pertains to the availability of the General Provident Fund (GPF) statement through an internet-based platform. This service enables government employees and individuals with GPF accounts to electronically access and view their GPF statements. By visiting the assigned website or portal, users can log in using their credentials and navigate to the GPF section to generate their statements. The online GPF statement offers comprehensive information about contributions, withdrawals, interest earned, and the present balance in the GPF account. It provides a user-friendly method for employees to monitor and administer their GPF accounts, eliminating the need for manual paperwork or physical visits to government offices.

AGPR GPF Fund Status

AGPR GPF Fund Status pertains to the current position or condition of the General Provident Fund (GPF) administered by the AGPR (Accountant General Pakistan Revenues) in Pakistan. This status encompasses the financial particulars and updates regarding the GPF fund, including employee contributions, withdrawals, interest accrued, and the remaining balance. It presents a snapshot of the GPF fund’s financial well-being and provides employees with an overview of their GPF account’s status. Employees can access the AGPR GPF Fund Status through the designated online portal or by visiting the AGPR office to inquire about their GPF account’s present position.

Requirements to Receive Final Payment from GP Fund

  • 14th schedule to be forwarded by the head of department 15th Schedule (in case of death)
  • List of relatives (in the event of a death)
  • Nomination (in the event of death)
  • Detail of bank account with branch code
  • In the event of a death, bank account details of legal heirs
  • Last computerized pay slip
  • Retirement orders
  • CZ-50 (Zakat declaration)
  • CNIC
  • In the case of xliv subscribers, a deduction statement and proof of deductions from the GP fund are required.
  • Service book (in the case of xliv subscribers)
  • DDO certificate regarding non-drawl GP fund advance in whole

Requirements to GP Fund Refundable or Non-Refundable Advance

  • Code classification Performa
  • R.58-a Form
  • Sanction letter
  • Computer change fo-5 (for refundable), fo-02 (for not-refundable).
  • In the case of xliv subscribers, a deduction statement and proof of deductions from the GP fund are required.
  • The non-refundable advance of 80% is permissible at 45-50, 100% (once in service) at 50-60, 55-60, and 55-60.

GPF Facilitation AGPR

GPF Facilitation AGPR is an online portal where employees can check all details regarding GP Fund (General Provident Fund). The employee may check the requirement for final payment of GP Fund or the procedure for refundable or non-refundable GPF. The employees can get multiple benefits from the General Provident Funds, such as withdrawal of advance GPF, cash loan, land or vehicle. You can also check the AGPR salary slip via our site. The GPF Facilitation portal by AGPR provides a facility to check GP Fund balance online by Personal Number or CNIC.

Check GPF Payment

How to Check GP Fund Balance Online?

  • To check your GP fund balance online, visit the official Accountant General Pakistan Revenue (AGPR) website.
  • Go to the “Services” tab or click “GPF Facilitation” on the homepage.
  • Select “GP Fund” for outstanding balance or payment information.
  • Enter your “Personal Number” or search it by CNIC.
  • Select the search button after entering the correct information.
  • The queries will be shown to you on the screen.


How is the GP Fund calculated?

The GP fund balance is then deducted from the monthly salary of civil servants at fixed rates.

What are the GP Fund interest rates for 2022-23 in Pakistan?

The GP fund interest rates for 2022-23 are 7.9%, according to Finance Department.

How do I check my GP fund balance?

Monthly salary slips can be used to check the balance of the GP fund or you now check it online.

Is the GP Fund Taxable?

Only Zakat @2.5% is deducted from the final payment.

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