IRIS FBR Login E Filing System | FBR login Online Verification

The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has introduced a new e-filing system, known as IRIS FBR Login, to facilitate taxpayers in Pakistan. This online portal allows taxpayers to file their tax returns, view their tax history, and access other tax-related services electronically. In this article, we’ll guide you through the process of using the IRIS FBR Login e-filing system and provide you with essential information on online verification. To get started with the IRIS FBR Login e-filing system, you need to have an active National Tax Number (NTN) or Registration Number (REG). If you don’t have an NTN or REG, you can register for it by visiting the FBR’s website.

IRIS FBR Login E Filing System.Pakistani taxpayers often have difficulty filing their income tax returns on time. The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR), however, introduced the IRIS Login Electronic Filing System. This electronic system simplifies the tax filing process and makes it easy for taxpayers to submit their returns online. We will be discussing the IRIS FBR Login E Filing System’s benefits and how it simplifies tax filing. FBR launched the IRIS FBR Login E Filing System in 2012 in order to make it easier for taxpayers to file income tax returns online. This system is designed to make it easier to electronically submit returns than to physically do so. It also eliminates the need for taxpayers to visit tax offices in person. Taxpayers can now file their returns electronically, from the comfort of their offices or homes.

 IRIS FBR Login and E-Filing System

  • Registering for an account
  • Returns filing
  • Options for payment

Taxpayers must create an account at the FBR portal to use the IRIS  Login e-Filing System. After registering, taxpayers will be able to file their returns by uploading all required documents. These documents include bank statements, salary certificates, tax deduction certificates, and salary certificates. The system calculates the tax amount automatically. Taxpayers can also pay taxes online using a variety of payment options including credit/debit cards and online banking.

IRIS FBR Login E Filing System | FBR login Online Verification

IRIS FBR Login 2024 E Filing System

 E Filing System: Benefits

  • Convenience
  • Accuracy
  • Time-saving
  • Cost-saving
  • Accessibility

Taxpayers have many benefits from the IRIS Login e-Filing System. It allows taxpayers to file returns online from their offices or homes. This saves time, and effort, and eliminates the need for tax offices to be physically present. The system also ensures accuracy in tax calculations, eliminating human error and reducing the chance of discrepancies. It also saves money as it does not require tax agents or consultants to file returns. The system is also accessible to taxpayers living in remote areas.

How to use the IRIS FBR Login e-Filing System

It’s simple and straightforward to utilize IRIS Login is easy and simple to operate. IRIS Login electronic filing system. Here are the steps:

  •  Registration: Registration as a user is the initial step to making use of the system. To sign up for the account of a taxpayer, they have to go to IRIS FBR’s IRIS FBR E-filing System website and click on the registration link. The taxpayer will be required to supply their personal details such as name, contact details as well as tax identification numbers (NTN).
  • Verification: Once they have completed the application process, taxpayers will receive via email a link to confirm their account. To make their account active you must click on the verification link.
  • Login: After the account has been set up after which taxpayers can sign in with their username, password, or username.
  • Returns filing: Taxpayers have to select the kind of tax return they would like to file by utilizing the options available on the platform prior to when they can submit it. The taxpayers then have to supply the required information, like income information taxes, tax deductions, and tax credits.
  • Pay tax: Taxpayers are able to pay their taxes via the platform once they’ve filed their return. The taxpayer has to select the tax type they wish to pay along with the amount and payment method.

Taxpayers challenges

  • Awareness is lacking
  • Technical issues
  • Security concerns
  • Language barriers

Some taxpayers have difficulty using the IRIS Login e-Filing System, despite its many benefits. First, taxpayers are not aware of the system and how it works. Second, there are technical problems that some taxpayers may face, such as slow internet connectivity and software compatibility. Thirdly, taxpayers may be concerned about security issues such as misuse of personal information. The system is only available to English speakers, so language barriers may exist.

Feature of IRIS FBR Login and E-Filing System

  • Integration with other systems
  • Security measures to improve
  • Accessibility improvements

To meet taxpayers’ changing needs, the IRIS  Login E Filing System continues to evolve and upgrade. FBR intends to integrate the system into other systems such as the National Database and Registration Authority and State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) to streamline the tax filing process. FBR also aims to improve security measures to protect personal data. The FBR also plans to make the system more accessible in regional languages.

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Contact Information

  • National: 051 111 772 772
  • International: 0092 51 111 772 772
  • Email: [email protected]


Is the IRIS Login E-Filing System mandatory for all taxpayers? 

Yes. All taxpayers who meet the requirements to file electronically must do so.

 What are the required documents for filing returns through the IRIS FBR Login E Filing System?  

These documents include bank statements, tax deduction certificates, and salary certificates.

What payment options are available for paying taxes through the system?  

Online payment options include credit/debit cards and online banking.

What are the security measures in place to protect personal data?  

To protect personal data, the FBR has taken several security measures such as user authentication, encryption, and firewalls.

 Is the IRIS FBR Login E Filing System available in regional languages? 

The system is currently only available in English. The FBR intends to make the system accessible in regional languages in the future.


The IRIS  Login e-Filing System is an important step in modernizing Pakistan’s tax system. It provides many benefits for taxpayers, including convenience, accuracy, cost-savings, time-saving, accessibility, and convenience. The system is constantly evolving, despite some difficulties. Plans are in place to integrate with other systems and enhance security measures. The IRIS FBR Login E Filing System has been a game changer for Pakistani taxpayers. The electronic tax filing system has made it easier, more accurate, time-saving, and convenient. FBR intends to keep improving the system in order to meet taxpayers’ changing needs and make it available to all. Taxpayers can expect to see the system improvements in the future, with more efficient and streamlined tax filing processes.

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