Nishat ScholarShip 2024 Online Apply

NISHAT Boarding School and College Murree and Islamabad have been announced as recipients of the NISHAT Scholarship 2024. This award is a fantastic chance for students from classes 6th to 9th. This famous scholarship program seeks to honor and help support outstanding young minds by granting them access to a high-quality education. Through this program, NISHAT aims to nurture the development of both personal and academic students with talent who exhibit an interest in learning and a drive to achieve achievement. The scholarship doesn’t just cover tuition charges but also provides additional financial aid for supplies, books, and other expenses for education. It acts as an opportunity for students to achieve academic excellence and follow their dreams. It is the NISHAT Scholarship 2024 serves as a testimony to the institution’s determination to foster an academic culture and instill future generations of leadership.

NISHAT Scholarship 2024

It is the NISHAT Scholarship 2024 offers a highly sought-after scholarship that aims to offer the opportunity to educate highly talented and worthy students. The scholarship is offered in partnership with NISHAT Boarding School & College which is located at Murree in Murree and Islamabad. The scholarship is open to students who are in classes from 6th to 9th. This scholarship program acts as an opportunity for students who want to pursue their academic ambitions and reach their potential to the fullest extent. This award, the NISHAT Scholarship 2024 honors and recognizes students who have shown extraordinary academic achievements and demonstrate a passion for learning. The scholarship does not just cover tuition costs but also offers additional assistance for supplies, books, as well as other costs associated with education. Through financial aid, NISHAT aims to make education of the highest quality available to students who might be facing financial challenges. The program of scholarships reflects NISHAT’s determination to encourage academic excellence and help youngsters in Pakistan to be future leaders.

Eligibility Criteria of Nishat Scholarship 2024

The eligibility requirements to be considered for Nishat Scholarship 2024 are as the following:

  • Class Levels: The award is open to students from 6th to 9th grade.
  • Academic Performance: Candidates must have an academic record that is consistently high.
  • Financial Need The scholarship is granted to those who have financial needs.
  • The scholarship is available to Pakistani citizens.
  • Student Enrollment in School has to be enrolled at Nishat Boarding School & College in Murree or Islamabad.
  • Conduct and Character: Candidates must exhibit character as well as discipline and ethical conduct.
  • Recommendations: Students should be able to provide recommendations from former teachers or schools.
  • Students who are interested have to fill out and submit the application form before the stipulated date.
  • The personal statement: Candidates might be required to compose an individual statement that outlines their achievements, goals, and motivations for applying for the award.
  • Interview: Candidates who have been shortlisted might be invited for an interview in the course of the process to determine their eligibility.

Nishat ScholarShip 2024 Online Apply

Nishat ScholarShip Online Apply

Nishat scholarship amount

The Nishat amount of the scholarship varies based on the particular program of the scholarship and on the student’s requirements. Nishat Boarding School & College offers scholarship opportunities to students from the 6th-9th grade, which aim to give financial aid as well as access to high-quality education. The amount of scholarships typically cover tuition and allows deserving students to continue their education with no financial limitations. Furthermore, the award may also cover the cost of textbooks, equipment and other expenses for education and reduces the burden on the students and their families. The amount of the scholarship is decided by the committee that decides on the scholarship in accordance with the financial needs of the student and the resources available. Nishat believes in the value of offering significant financial assistance to students who are deserving so that they can excel academically and realize their full potential.

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Nishat Scholarship 2024 Last Date to Apply

The deadline to apply to applying for the Nishat Scholarship 2024 is an important piece of information to potential applicants. Although the exact deadline can differ from year to year, it’s typically informed ahead of time via Nishat Boarding School & College. The date of the last day is used as a deadline for the submission of scholarship applications. It is designed to give the committee responsible for the scholarship time to evaluate and review the applications. It is vital that interested students and their families be aware of this deadline in order to ensure that they are able to finish the application within the deadline. Failure to meet the deadline could make the application not considered. So, keeping up-to-date with the official announcements by Nishat about the deadline to submit an application for this scholarship Nishat Scholarship 2024, is vital for students interested in applying to take advantage of this unique chance.

How to Apply for Nishat Group of School & College Scholarship 2024

For the application for Nishat Group of School & College Scholarship 2024 Follow these steps:

  • Visit the official website of the Nishat Group of School & College Scholarships at This is the official platform for applications to scholarships.
  • Check for you can find the “Scholarship 2024” section or another similar link on the homepage of the site. Click it to go to the application for scholarships.
  • Be sure to read the eligibility requirements carefully to make sure you fulfill all the criteria for the award. You must be in the grade that is eligible and that you meet other requirements.
  • Gather the documents you need prior to beginning your application. This could include your transcripts from your school as well as identification documents letters of recommendation as well as any other documents listed in the guidelines for application.
  • Complete the online application form on the site. Completely and accurately provide details regarding your academic, personal, or financial situation.
  • Upload the documents required in the format and size, as directed in the page for the application. Make sure that all the documents are legible and clear.
  • Examine your application prior to making it available to ensure that all details are correct and complete. Make any needed corrections or additions.
  • If you are happy with your form, you can submit it online via the portal. Keep a record of the confirmation number or reference number that you receive following successful submission.
  • Keep a copy of the details you submitted along with any acknowledgment or receipt that is provided through the website. This serves as evidence that you have submitted your form.
  • Keep an eye out for any further communications from the committee for scholarships. They might contact you for additional information or to schedule an interview, if necessary.

Contact Information

  • Address: Rational Testing Service, RTS Building, Iqbal Town, Service Road, Expressway, Islamabad.
  • Phone No: +92 51 2612007
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Website:


What is the NISHAT Scholarship 2024?

NISHAT Scholarship 2024 NISHAT Scholarship 2024 program is a program for scholarships offered in partnership with NISHAT Boarding School & College in Murree and Islamabad. It provides financial aid and opportunities for education to gifted and worthy students in grades 6th through 9th.

Who is eligible for NISHAT Scholarship 2024?

Students from 6th to 9th grade at the NISHAT Boarding School and the College of Murree or Islamabad can apply to the award. Other requirements include academic excellence as well as financial necessity, character, along with Pakistani nationality.

How can I apply for the NISHAT Scholarship 2024?

To apply, go to the official site of NISHAT Boarding School & College or the appropriate application portal. Apply using the form, submit the required documents, and submit your application on time before the date.

What does the NISHAT Scholarship 2024 cover?

The scholarship pays for tuition and may also include support for supplies, books, and other expenses for education. The exact amount of the scholarship and amount of coverage is contingent on the program of the scholarship and personal specific circumstances.

What is the selection process for the NISHAT Scholarship 2024?

The selection process usually is based on evaluating the application and evaluating academic achievement along with financial needs and other factors. The candidates who have been shortlisted could be asked to attend an interview during the interview process.

What is the deadline to apply for the NISHAT Scholarship 2024?

The deadline for applying for the scholarship can change every year. It is essential to keep up-to-date with announcements of NISHAT Boarding School & College to find out the exact date of the NISHAT scholarship 2024.

Can I apply for the NISHAT Scholarship 2024 if I am not enrolled in NISHAT Boarding School & College?
The NISHAT Award 2024 was created exclusively intended for students attending the NISHAT Boarding School & College located in Murree or Islamabad.

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