Punjab Mazdoor Card Online Apply 2024-24 | www.pessi.punjab.gov.pk

In this article, we will talk about how to apply for the Punjab Mazdoor Card online in 2024. If you are eligible, you can apply for the card on the website www.pessi.punjab.gov.pk. The Punjab Mazdoor Card scheme is an important program introduced by the Government of Punjab. Its purpose is to provide social security benefits to workers who are not part of any organized group or union in the state. The scheme offers medical insurance and financial assistance to workers in the non-organized sector, such as street vendors, construction workers, domestic workers, and rickshaw pullers, among others. It also helps people access various government benefits and programs that they may be eligible for. By applying for the Punjab Mazdoor Card, workers can avail themselves of these important benefits and support.


What is the Punjab Mazdoor Card

The Punjab Mazdoor Card, also known as the PESSI Mazdoor Card, is a special card given by the government to workers in Punjab, Pakistan. It is issued by the Punjab Social Security Institute (PESSI). The card is important because it provides workers with access to different benefits and services. These include healthcare, education, and employment opportunities. The PESSI Mazdoor Card works like a credit card and an identification card. It can be used at hospitals and clinics that are part of the PESSI network. Some private hospitals in the province also accept the card. To apply for the PESSI Mazdoor Card, workers can either ask their employer to apply on their behalf, go to a labor office in person, or seek help from an authorized agent. It’s a valuable card that helps workers get the support they need for their well-being.

Punjab Mazdoor Card Online Check 2024-24

To apply for the Punjab Mazdoor Card online, follow these simple steps:

  • Visit the online application link.
  • Fill out the form with the required information.
  • Submit the form through the PESSI App.

The form will ask for details such as:

  • Worker’s name, father’s name, and date of birth.
  • Contact number and CNIC (national identification card) number.
  • Address and category of worker.
  • Type of work and employer’s name.
  • Employer’s address, contact number, and CNIC.
  • Wages and mode of payment.

By providing these details accurately, you can easily apply for the Punjab Mazdoor Card online.

Punjab Mazdoor Card Online Apply 2024 | www.pessi.punjab.gov.pk

Punjab Mazdoor Card Online Apply 2024 | www.pessi.punjab.gov.pk

Punjab Mazdoor Card Status Check By SMS

All those disabled people who have got their disability ID card should write HQ in the message and give space then write their ID card number and send it to 8123, after verification, they will be eligible for financial assistance. Check the ID card of a friend near whom a disabled person lives and if it has a wheelchair symbol on it, send the ID card number to 8123. A little of our time can be a source of constant support to someone.

بی او پی کے ذریعے چلنے والی یہ اسکیم ایک خصوصی اے ٹی ایم/ڈیبٹ کارڈ کے استعمال کے ذریعے افرادی قوت کی مالی شمولیت کی جانب ایک اہم قدم اٹھاتے ہوئے پاکستان میں ایک بالکل نیا انقلاب ہے جو سماجی اور طبی مالی فوائد کی فوری تقسیم کی اجازت دیتا ہے۔ کارڈ، جس میں زخمی، بیماری، زچگی اور موت کی گرانٹس، معذوری پنشن، گریجویٹی اور  کی طرف سے پیش کردہ دیگر فوائد شامل ہیں۔ پنجاب مزدور کارڈ آخرکار پنجاب میں مزدوروں کی اجرت کی ادائیگی کے ڈیجیٹلائزیشن میں ایک کلیدی جز ہوگا۔

Eligibility Criteria For Punjab Mazdoor Card

Any employee within the non-organized industry who’s a citizen of Punjab and who is aged between 18 and 60 years old is eligible to apply for a Punjab Mazdoor card. The applicant needs to provide identification proof as well as proof of residency and evidence of employment in the unorganized sector.

How To Apply For Punjab Mazdoor Card Online?

The process for applying for a Punjab Mazdoor Card online is simple. Follow these steps to fill out an application for a Punjab Mazdoor Card online:

  • Go to the official site of the Punjab Labour Department at www.pblabour.gov.in.
  • Simply click on the “Punjab Mazdoor Card” on the home page “Punjab Mazdoor Card” link on the homepage.
  • click on the “Apply Online” button.
  • Complete the application form with all the information required including name, birth date gender, father’s name, gender as well as mobile number, email address, and details of employment.
  • Upload the documents required including evidence of identity and proof of residence and proof of employment in an informal sector.
  • Fill out the application and wait for approval.

Required Documents for Punjab Mazdoor Card

These documents are necessary to be able to apply for a Punjab Mazdoor Card:

  • Identification proof: Voter ID card, PAN card driving license, or passport.
  • Residence proof:, Voter ID card, or utility bills.
  • Employment proof: A document from the employer, or a self-declaration.
  • Benefits of Mazdoor Card

Benefits of Mazdoor Cards

Punjab Mazdoor Card Punjab Mazdoor Card provides the following benefits for cardholders:

  • Assistance with finances: The holder is entitled to cash assistance in the amount of Rs. 51000 in the case of the death of a person who is accidentally or permanently disabled because of an accident.
  • Health insurance coverage: A cardholder as well as their family members are eligible to receive an insurance policy for medical expenses up to Rs. 50000 per calendar year.

Punjab Mazdoor card contact Information

Contact at 0800 73774  helpline number for any issue regarding the CM Punjab Mazdoor Card. Moreover, Visit Punjab Employees Social Security Institutions Govt of Punjab for further detail.

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