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Qaumi Sehat Card 2024 (National Health Card)Check Your Eligibility on 8500 and register online is an important step in Social Welfare reforms that will ensure that citizens who are considered to be in need across the nation have access to the right healthcare insurance quickly and sanitary manner, without obligations to pay. Here are the complete details about the sehat cards check karne-ka-tarika in the online version through the Sehat Sahulat program. In the eyes of the Prime Minister Pakistan, all citizens living within the jurisdiction that includes Federal, Punjab, KPK, Sindh, Balochistan, AJK, and Gilgit-Baltistan is eligible to avail of the free medical services offered by Sehat Card ( Prime Minister Health Card). The reason for launching this service is to provide families with free treatment who can’t afford medical costs. You can access all healthcare services provided by private and public hospitals without any cost


Qaumi Sehat Card 2024 Sehat Sahulat Card

Another major free healthcare plan for Pakistan includes the Naya Pakistan Sehat card or Sehat Sahulat Card. In order to provide households that are eligible within Punjab with free medical treatment and treatment, the Pakistani Prime Minister announced the Qaumi Sehat Card code 8500. This Naya Pakistan Health Card concept was announced in Lahore. This Sehat Sahulat Card Punjab is currently giving away 10 lakhs per household in the course of a year. The principal objective of PM Pakistan’s Sehat Sahulat Card is to give medical services at no cost to all families with qualifying families in Punjab since we know the difficulties of trying to afford medical treatment, the National Health Card functioned admirably. It will be considered being a health care provider with your CNIC. So far, 68 billion rupees have been utilized to provide treatment to more than 31 lac patients. Within over 800 carefully selected institutions there are over 80 thousand beds for patients. From the day the Qaumi Sehat Card was launched until today.

Seven lacs or more of kidney patients
Over 4 Lac 30 Thousand Gynecological Patients
More than 1,000,000 patients with heart disease
There are over 855,000 patients with cancer.
A total of 2.4 million patients who have had treatment.

Download this “Qaumi Sehat Card” mobile application to discover everything you need to know about health insurance including eligibility, hospital, and information, in addition to other things. Correct and complete data entry for each family member is essential to ensure the continuous and timely treatment in accordance with the Sehat Sahulat Card.

The Nikah Namas of every married woman and man should be documented. The information on the B-Form of children as well as all relatives must be correct. The information about your guardian has to be included in NADRA.

The only insurance plan of its kind that is the National Sehat Sahulat Card, doesn’t differentiate between public and private hospitals. Every Pakistani citizen can avail of free medical treatment in the amount of Rs. 10 lacks.

Qaumi Sehat Card Online Check | Sehat Sahulat Program

Qaumi Sehat Card Online Check Sehat Sahulat Program

CNIC is Your Health Card in Sehat Sahulat Program

Qaumi Sehat Cardis your health card. It has more than 2.5 million people have received treatment using Sehat Insaf cards. Patients suffering from fractures were treated according to medical guidelines since January 2022 and more than 10000 patients have benefitted from the treatment for fractures. It is important to remember that treatment for any illness doesn’t stop on the map of health. Check whether your sehat card is current by calling CNIC at 8500.

Sehat Card Facilities

In accordance with the instructions from the Chief Minister Punjab On the special instruction of the Chief Minister of Punjab, the Punjab government has taken the decision to provide medical services throughout Punjab in the manner it has promised. The government has invested 51 billion rupees for the treatment of more than 2.3 million patients. Related Article: NADRA Fee Schedule 2024 | CNIC/Smart Card/POC/NICOP 2024

Treatment for cancer using the most recent CYBERKNIFE technology has become available by using the use of a health card. The national identification card (CNIC) can be described as you Sehat card. To benefit from the 816 hospitals that are part of the panel, ensure that the information is entered correctly in NADRA records.

Check your Eligibility

Send your National Identity Card number to 8500 to verify your eligibility to participate in the program.

Find you your Pakistan Sehat card

If you’ve been deemed eligible and eligible, you will get the Pakistan Sehat card from the card distribution center that has been established in your locality.

Gather Information and Documents required

Find the hospitals that are empaneled for the Prime Minister’s National Health Program.

  • You should bring the following documents with you when you visit an impaneled private or Government hospital.
  • Pakistan Sehat Card
  • Original CNIC
  • B-Form (In the event of child treatment)

How do I Apply for the Qaumi Sehat Card online?

The procedure for getting the Qaumi Card online is simple and can be accomplished in a couple of easy steps.

Go to the Sehat Sahulat Program website

The first step to applying for the Qaumi Card online is to go to the Sehat Sahulat Program website. Once you’re on the site then click the “Apply for Qaumi Sehat Card’ button.

Complete the application form

When you’ve clicked the “Apply for the Qaumi Sehat Card’ button, you’ll be directed to an online application. You’ll be required to fill in your personal details, such as name, CNIC number, and contact information. Additionally, you’ll need to provide the details of relatives who are covered under The Qaumi Sehat Card.

Fill out the application form

Once you’ve completed an application for the position, click the button ‘Submit. You’ll receive a confirmation email after your application has been submitted.

You will receive your Qaumi Sehat Card to appear.

Once your application is completed, you’ll be able to be receiving a Qaumi Sehat Card within a few weeks. Your card will be delivered to your address registered with the company.


 How we can check health card eligibility?

Anyone who is a permanent resident in Punjab province can text their CNIC number via SMS to 8500 to verify whether they are eligible for the program.

How can I check my Qaumi Sehat card status?

Contact Information for Punjab: For queries regarding Sehat Card in Punjab you can call 0800-09009 or 042-99332647 / 042-99332266 or send an email to: [email protected] or [email protected]. For more details, see the Punjab Health Initiative Management Company (PHIMC) website: Sehat Card – Punjab

How do I check my health card balance?

Send a text message from the number of your CNIC at 8500, or to 9780.

What is Sehat Sahulat’s policy?

About Us. Sehat Sahulat Program is an important step towards reforming social welfare by ensuring that poor citizens across the nation have access to the right medical health services in a quick and timely method, with no financial obligation

Who started the Sehat card in Pakistan?

Overview of UHC in Pakistan. In line with WHO recommendations for UHC the provincial government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) initially launched the ‘Sehat-Sahulat Program’ (SSP), literally “Health Facility Program,” under the framework of Universal Health Coverage (UHC) in the year 2015.

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