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This article will examine what we know about the Akhuwat Loan Scheme 2024 and how to apply online for it. We will also explore the concept behind Islamic Microfinance and how it can help those who are in need. As the world gets more technologically advanced there are new opportunities that allow people to live a more fulfilling life. But, not all people can take advantage of these opportunities, particularly those struggling financially. To aid these people governments and organizations have developed several programs. One of them is the Akhuwat Loan Scheme. In this type of concept the lender offers the loan with no interest or profit motive and the person who borrows the loan is required to pay the loan in installments over a certain time. the government announced in the year 2000, the government would launch the Pakistan mere Ghar program in 2024. All Pakistanis are required to construct their homes with a loan provided by the Akhuwat Foundation, through this scheme.

The registration process for the Akhuwat Loan Scheme 2024 has begun. It is the Akhuwat Loan Government of Pakistan that has begun. At present every Pakistani who is part of the class of the poor can avail loan at the Akhuwat Foundation without interest. This information will inform you of the questions that are mandatory for the Foundation. The primary objective of the Akhuwat Foundation is to eliminate the poverty of Pakistan by providing free loans with no interest to the people across Pakistan.

Akhuwat Loan Scheme 2024

The Akhuwat Loan Scheme is a program of microfinance that was created through the Akhuwat Foundation, a non-profit organization located in Pakistan. The program offers interest-free loans to those who are unable to get credit from banks or other institutions due to a variety of reasons, such as inadequate income, insufficient collateral, or poor credit history. The Akhuwat loan scheme was launched in 2001 and, since its inception, it has assisted hundreds of people in Pakistan. The scheme is based upon the idea of Qard-e Hasana which refers to an Islamic finance term that translates to benevolent loan.

Akhuwat loan Scheme 2024 Application form Download

If you’re interested in registering online, visit your website’s official site to download the form and then write a full application explaining the reason you’re applying to register and explain it in depth so that it’s simple to read. Then, send your application to the Aim office close to your home. When the application is evaluated you’ll receive the details along with all the documentation required for loan approval will be examined.

Akhuwat Loan Scheme 2024 Online Apply | Islamic Micro Finance

Akhuwat Loan Scheme 2024 Online Apply | Islamic Micro Finance

Akhuwat Loan Application Form 2024

Anyone who wants to apply for a loan may apply online, and the physical application procedure is provided through the Department of Management. The entire process of submission of applications is completed through the administration. Candidates who are interested in applying may submit their applications along with the necessary documents. Candidates must submit their application with the documents required from the administration.

www.akhuwat.org.pk application form 2024

The application form for the Akhuwat loan is available at www.akhuwat.org.pk.Akhuwat is a non-profit association established in 2001, based on the Islamic concept in the form of Mawakhat (mwkht) which is also known as solidarity. The idea behind Mawakhat is a concept that dates back to 622 CE, when Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) exhorted the people in Medina (Ansars) to donate the majority of their possessions to the Muhajirs (migrants) from the city of Mecca and moved to Medina.

Akhuwat Loan Calculator

Akhuwat the loan amount varies between PKR 10,000 to PKR 100,000, based on the borrower’s requirements and the capacity to repay. The loan is available for between 12 and 18 months. The applicant is required to pay back it in installments each month. The loan is able to be used to fund various goals such as the start of a small-scale company, funding the cost of education, or covering medical costs.

Eligibility Criteria

The conditions of the Akhuwat home loans scheme are set by the government. All the details will be listed in the following.

  • The applicant should have the original CNIC
  • The applicant should be financially active.
  • The applicant is not able to be convicted of any crime.
  • Candidates have good character and good social standing.
  • The applicant has supplied at least two guarantors regardless of whether he is the family of a person
  • The place of residence of the applicant must be in a distance of two or 2.5 km of the office of branch.
  • People who are 60 years old or older are eligible
  • It is the applicant’s responsibility to be the owner of the property and the land.
  • Good Income
  • No criminal record

The complete information on this Akhuwat Home Loan Scheme 2024 Online Application has been described in detail. This is the perfect chance for those who wish to build their areas. The top lender will not pay an interest rate on this loan but should they ask for it, you may file a complaint through the Prime Minister’s portal and the authorities will investigate your request.

What is Islamic Microfinance?

Islamic Microfinance is a concept that blends the concepts of Islamic finance and microfinance. It’s a method to offer financial services to those who are unable to avail of these services due to a variety of reasons. Islamic Microfinance is based on the principles of fairness, justice, social justice, and ethical conduct. For Islamic Microfinance, the financial institution offers interest-free loans to the borrowers. These loans are based upon the notion of Qard-e-Hasana. The borrowers must pay back the loan in installments and the financial institution could charge a service charge to cover the administrative costs.

How to Apply Online Akhuwat Loan Scheme 2024

The Akhuwat Foundation has made it simple for individuals applying for the Akhuwat Loan Scheme 2024 on the Internet. This is a step-by-step procedure to apply for the loan:

  • Visit the Akhuwat Foundation’s official website, which is https://www.akhuwat.org.pk/.
  • Apply for Loan” button that will take you to the page for loan applications.
  • Complete the application for a loan that includes your details as well as income information, along with the amount of the loan.
  • Upload the required documents, such as an image of your identification card current utility bills, as well as salary slips.
  • Complete the application form and then wait until the process of verification is completed.
  • If your application is accepted and you are approved, you will receive an email confirmation and the loan amount will be credited to your checking account.

Akhuwat Loan Scheme Benifits

Akhuwat Loan Scheme 2024 is an Islamic microfinance program that provides financial assistance to people who are in need. The program is created to offer interest-free loans for those who are unable to pay for traditional banking services due to financial hardships. This program offers several advantages to borrowers. They are described in the following paragraphs:

  • Interest-free loans: The most significant benefit of the Akhuwat Loan Scheme 2024 is that it grants low-interest loans to the poor. The scheme is based on fundamentals in Islamic financial management and forbids the charge of interest for loans. Thus, the borrower can pay back the amount of the loan without extra interest charges.
  • Easy access: Akhuwat Loan Scheme 2024 is open to everyone with the required eligibility requirements. The process for applying is straightforward and applicants can apply online or go to the nearest office of Akhuwat to complete their application. This program will provide an easy way to access financial aid to those who need it most.
  • Flexible Repayment Terms: Borrowers in the Akhuwat Loan Scheme 2024 can pay back their loans in simple installments. The duration of repayment ranges between 3 and 24 months, based on the loan amount as well as the borrower’s ability to repay. This flexibility in terms of repayment can help borrowers control their finances efficiently.
  • No collateral is required The program doesn’t require collateral or security to secure the amount of the loan. So, borrowers can take advantage of the loan with no worries about putting up any assets as collateral.
  • Empowering women: Akhuwat Loan Scheme 2024 assists women in empowering themselves to achieve financial independence. The scheme offers loans specifically to women who wish to establish their businesses or further their studies. Women can also take advantage of the same benefits that male borrowers enjoy in the program.
  • Social welfare: The main goal of the Akhuwat Loan Scheme 2024 is to offer social assistance to the most vulnerable segments of society. This program is designed to raise the standard of living of those in need by offering them the financial aid they need to begin the business of their choice or fulfill their personal needs.
  • Interest-Free Microfinance: Akhuwat Loan Scheme 2024 provides microfinance with no interest to increase the financial inclusion of those who are not banked. The program helps small enterprises and entrepreneurs who are unable to get traditional bank services because of financial restrictions.

Apply Online For Loan Scheme

Loan Type Rupee Range in PKR Duration Application Fee in PKR
Family Enterprise 10,000 to 50,000 10 to 36 Months 200
Agriculture 10,000 to 50,000 04 to 08 Months Not
Liberation Loan 10,000 to 100,000 10 to 36 Months 200
Akhuwat Housing Loan 30,000 to 100,000 Up to 36 Months 200
Education 10,000 to 50,000 10 to 24 Months 200
Health 10,000 to 50,000 10 to 24 Months 200
Marriage 10,000 to 50,000 10 to 24 Months 200
Emergency 10,000 to 50,000 10 to 24 Months 200
Equipment and build School 25,000 to 150,000 Up to 36 Months 200


In the end, Akhuwat Loan Scheme 2024 is an innovative program that provides loans with no interest to those in need, encourages financial inclusion as well as empowers females. It offers many advantages for borrowers, like ease of access and flexible repayment terms, and no collateral requirements. This program seeks to offer social welfare and raise the living standards of poorer sections of society. any collateral needed to get a loan, which makes it more accessible to those who have no assets.

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