How to Get a Birth Certificate In Pakistan from Union Councils

How to Get a Birth Certificate In Pakistan? Getting a birth certificate in Pakistan is a straightforward process, and we’re here to guide you through it. A birth certificate is an important legal document that records the birth of a child. In Pakistan, the birth certificate is issued by the relevant district council. Traditionally, this certificate was obtained from the Union Council, Village Council, or Neighborhood Council on behalf of the local government. To obtain a birth certificate, you can directly approach the Union Council that serves your area. They will provide you with the necessary forms and guide you through the process. However, if you’re in Punjab, there’s a convenient option available. You can visit the e-Khidmat Centers, which provide hassle-free services under one roof.

At the e-Khidmat Centers, you need to fill out the birth certificate application form and pay the service fee at the National Bank of Pakistan. They have a hotline and application tracking IDs to make the process more efficient. Once you’ve completed these steps, your application will be processed, and you’ll receive your child’s birth certificate. Remember, having a birth certificate is important for various purposes, such as school admissions, obtaining identification documents, and proving age. It’s a valuable document that ensures your child’s legal rights and identity.

How to Get a Birth Certificate in Pakistan

Step-by-step procedures for Obtaining a Birth Certificate are as

  • Concern District Union Council will issue a birth certificate of where the child was born.
  • Apply for a birth certificate for a child younger than 18 years
  • A birth form can be obtained from the secretary-of-concern union council office.
  • The Birth form must be completed in the following sections: Person, Parents’ name. Place of birth and date of birth.
  • Attach one copy of the parent’s Identity Card
  • Education certificate required

How to Get a Birth Certificate In Pakistan from Union Councils

How to Get a Birth Certificate In Pakistan from Union Councils

Documents Required (Normal Case within 60 Days of Birth)

The following documents will be required for normal cases which is consist within 60 days of birth

  • Application Form A (Attested)
  • Bank Challan Form
  • Birth Certificate, School Certificate, or Attested Vaccination Certificate Copy (attested).
  • Attested Affidavit Rs.50 (2 witnesses), in case of Birth In House (attested).

Documents Required for Late Case 61st Day to 7 Years

  •  Birth Certificate A (Attested) (Hospital Birth Certificate), School Certificate, or Attested Vaccination Certificate Copy Application Form (Attested).
  • Birth In-House Attested Affidavit Rs. 50 (2 witnesses) (Attested).
  • Age estimation MS’s certification of the DHQ/THQ Bank Challan Form
  • A free PDF Birth Certificate Form Download
  • To download the Birth Certificate form, click the following link.
  • For a person without formal education, an affidavit certificate worth Rs. 30 must be presented and properly attested.
  • The application in the amount of RS. One hundred will be given to the relevant District Union Council Secretary.

How to Get a Birth Certificate from e Khidmat Markaz Punjab

  • Citizens can get trouble services from e-Khidmat Markaz all under one roof. The proper application tracking ID, which may be retrieved via the e-Khidmat Markaz website, hotline, or SMS gateways, makes this possible. Services are provided using effective time management techniques. To issue a birth certificate from e Khidmat Markaz, these papers are necessary.
  • filled-out application
  • Two recent photographs of a child’s Original and a copy of the applicant’s CNIC Originals and copies of the father’s, mother’s, and grandfather’s CNIC originals, and a copy (in the event of a hospital birth) of the hospital’s Birth Slip issued to the newborn
  • Your vaccine card, school transcript, and hospital birth certificate in original and duplicate (after 61 days and within 7 years).
  • Birth in the home attested affidavit for Rs. 50 with 2 witnesses (after the 61st and within 7 years)
  • You can track your application by contacting the toll-free number (0800-09100), using the e-Khidmat website or mobile app, or utilizing our SMS (9100) gateways.
  • Cost of a birth certificate
  • A birth certificate costs Rs. 200 and is delivered in seven business days.

How to get a Birth Certificate from Union Councils

  • With the advent of NADRA’s Birth Certificate, the traditional Union Council birth certificate’s significance has waned in recent years. The Union Council’s birth certificate is no longer required if you have registered your child at a NADRA office.
  • If a NADRA Birth Registration Certificate is just something you’re interested in,
  • The Union Council’s birth certificate request process
  • Within 60 days of the birth, you can contact your neighborhood union council to register. The following papers must be submitted:
  • A copy of the parents’ CNIC
  • The hospital or a traditional birth attendant issues a birth certificate.
  • A form that must be completed and returned to the Union Council with a thumbprint and signature has been provided.
  • Cost of a birth certificate
  • In Punjab, registering a birth is free. For the registration of births, a fee of PKR will be assessed. The cost to obtain the NADRA Computerize Birth Registration Certificate is one hundred dollars. The Secretary Union Council will receive payment of this fee.
  • While the fee for normal (within 60 days) birth registration in Pakistan may differ in different provinces, it is at most Rs.300.

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