Punjab Benevolent Fund Form 2024 Online Status Check

The Punjab Government is offering the Punjab Benevolent Fund (PBF) Scholarship 2024 for the children of currently serving, retired, or late government employees. Eligible students are those enrolled in Inter, BA, BS, MA, or MSc courses, having secured at least 60% in their matriculation or higher examinations. The scholarship application can be submitted for a maximum of two children per employee, though this extends to three if a child is studying at a recognized institution for special needs. The applications for the Punjab Government Servants Benevolent Fund Scholarship are open from January 1, 2024, to April 2, 2024. Further details about the scholarship, including the online application process, eligibility criteria, and application deadline, can be found at www.bfms.punjab.gov.pk.

The application forms for Benevolent Fund Punjab scholarships are available. The Punjab Administration Punjab Services and General Administration Department Punjab Government Servants Benevolent Fund has issued a notice concerning The Grant of Educational Scholarship 2024 for children of Punjab Government employees via the Benevolent Fund.

The Punjab Benevolent Fund Scholarship is an award of esteem offered through the Punjab Government to aid students who have parents working for government agencies. It is administered through the Punjab Education Department, this scholarship covers the cost of studying across a variety of educational levels, including middle and primary-secondary school, upper secondary schools, intermediate school programs, and bachelor’s degree programs.

Punjab Benevolent Fund Form 2024

Punjab Benevolent Fund covers the entire cost of studying for students. Only employees with regular attendance are eligible for the Punjab Benevolent Fund Scholarship. To facilitate students, we have placed below our Punjab Benevolent Fund form 2024 in Urdu. Check the PEEF Scholarship detail also. The form can be filled out in Urdu. It’s easy to fill out an application for Punjab Benevolent Fund in Urdu and English. Punjab Benevolent Fund is available only to Punjab residents. The organization accepts online application forms for students.

Punjab Benevolent Fund Form 2024 Online Status Check

Punjab Benevolent Fund Form 2024 Online Status Check

www.bfmspunjab.gov.pk Form

The website www.bfmspunjab.gov.pk offers a user-friendly form for individuals to access and submit applications related to the Punjab Benevolent Fund. This online form allows users to conveniently apply for various services and benefits provided by the fund. By visiting the website and completing the form, applicants can provide the required information and documents necessary for processing their requests. This digital platform streamlines the application process, making it more efficient and accessible for residents of Punjab, Pakistan.

Punjab Benevolent Fund Online Status 2024

The Punjab Benevolent Fund provides an online service to track the status of applications made by individuals seeking benefits and assistance through the fund. By accessing the official website or portal, applicants can check the real-time status updates of their applications. This online service ensures transparency by providing timely information about the progress of the application, eliminating the need for physical visits or inquiries. It enables applicants to stay informed about the various stages of processing and estimated timelines, offering convenience and easy access to monitor their Punjab Benevolent Fund application status.

Marriage Grant Form

The Marriage Grant Form is a document offered by the Punjab Benevolent Fund for individuals who require financial assistance for expenses related to marriage. This form enables eligible applicants to apply for a grant that covers a portion of the wedding costs. By completing the form, individuals can provide their personal details such as name, address, and contact information, along with necessary supporting documents like proof of marriage and income. The form serves as an official application, allowing the Punjab Benevolent Fund to assess the eligibility of the applicant and provide financial support to those who meet the criteria.

Benefits of the Punjab Benevolent Fund Scholarship

Eligible students may benefit from applying for this scholarship program, with some key advantages being:

  • Financial Assistance: Scholarships offer students relief from the financial strain of education by covering tuition fees, books, and other associated educational costs – alleviating financial pressure from their families.
  • Accessible Application Process: Our accessible online application process enables students to apply for scholarships from the comfort and privacy of their own homes, making the entire application process a smooth one.
  • Wide Coverage: This scholarship program covers students of various educational levels from primary through bachelor programs.
  • Support for Government Employees: The scholarship program showcases the government’s dedication to supporting its employees and their families by recognizing their service and hard work.
  • Education Empowers: By providing financial assistance, the Punjab Benevolent Fund Scholarship enables students to achieve their educational goals and build brighter futures for themselves.

Required Documents

To apply for the Punjab Benevolent Fund Scholarship, certain documents are needed as support for your application. Depending on which grant type you’re submitting an application for, certain additional requirements may vary. Here’s a list of commonly required documents for various grants:

Scholarship Grant requirements:

  • Copy of Student, Parent(s), or Mother’s CNIC and Recent Computerized Pay Slip for Government Employee(s).
  • Pension Book for Retired Government Employee(s).
  • Letter of affiliation from student institute to relevant board or university; Latest detailed marks certificate issued by said board or university attested by Controller of Examinations; Marriage Grant Application/Purchase Agreement Form or CNIC Copy for both applicants/government employees
  • CNIC or Matric Result Card of the daughter getting married as well as her Birth Certificate from Union Council will be needed, along with a copy of Nikkah Nama (Marriage Certificate). For government employees with Benevolent Fund deduction proof. And finally, retirement orders or PPO copies if retiring.
  • Death Certificate copy, issued by Town Committee or Union Council; List of Family Members (if a government employee is deceased); Nikkah Indraj Fehrist or Nadra Registration Certificate; Funeral Grant Application: CNIC Copy.
  • Death certificates issued by Town Committee or Union Council. CNIC or birth and death certificate of deceased issued by Union Council.

Monthly Grant

CNIC with computerized pay slip of deceased/invalid government employee as proof. B.F. deduction proof was also issued. And finally, B.F. deduction proof was issued by Union Council as official proof.
If the government employee is invalid retired, an invalidation letter issued by the D.G. Health, Punjab must also be submitted along with the applicant’s CNIC and photo. A non-remarriage certificate from their widow as attested by Union Council Nazim must also be provided along with death certificates issued during service from Heads of Departments.
Retirement order or pension book copy, in case of death after retirement. Non-remarriage certificate from a widower in case the employee was female. Birth Certificate from Union Council; Guardian Court Certificate as applicable (for minor).
List of Family Members, attested by the Head of the Department. Farewell Grant Application or Government Employee: CNIC copy.

Last computerized pay slip with Benevolent Fund deduction proof and death certificate from hospital or Union Council are required, and in case the government employee has passed on, an affidavit issued by the Court should also be obtained – see application process below for more information on eligibility criteria and requirements

Application Process For Punjab Benevolent.

Applying for the Punjab Benevolent Fund Scholarship is a straightforward process. Simply follow these steps to submit your application:

  • Visit the Punjab Benevolent Fund Scholarship’s official website to apply.
  • Fill out the online application form with accurate and up-to-date information.
  • Attach all supporting documents necessary for verification.
  • Get departmental approval before seeking to secure a grant for the scholarship.
  • Submit the completed application form along with supporting documents to your parent’s department.
  • Be certain that all sections of your application form are filled out accurately to avoid being rejected.
  • Submit an application from your parent’s department within the specified timelines to the Benevolent Fund Board.
  • Get excited and excitedly anticipate the announcement of your scholarship results

Eligibility criteria for Punjab Government Servants Benevolent fund

  • The scholarship is awarded to up to two students who have passed the matriculation or above with at least 60 percent marks, and who are studying in the next grade. If the third child is enrolled at a recognized institution that offers special educational services, an application may be submitted for a third child.
  • Three children can be awarded a scholarship who are deceased or retired contingent on disability for government employees
  • Children of deceased government employees are eligible to receive an award of a scholarship starting in primary school and continuing to the matric class
  • The application procedure is for The Punjab Government Servant Benevolent to fund the scholarship
  • All employees of the Government are required to fill out an application on the form prescribed by law, which is attested by the director of the institution. The application form must be made to the relevant office by the department head.
  • The following documents must be submitted to be included with the application form.
  • Copy of the CNIC/B form of the student’s copies of the CNIC of the parent’s copy of the computerized pay slip 2024 from the employees in service or certified copies from the PPO pension book in the case of a retired employee.Copy of the outcome card issued by the university or board (result cards downloaded via the internet won’t be accepted) with at least 60 percent marks. The applicant should not have failed any of the subjects or missed any examination.
  • The application form is available from the Administrator Benevolent Fund Alfalah Building Lahore, or DC or Chairman district welfare board of the fund. Application forms can also be downloaded from the website www.bfms.punjab.gov.pk

Amount of Scholarships For Gazetted Employees of Punjab

  • Primary to Matric PKR 10,000
  • F.A, B.A and equivalent grade PKR 28,000
  • M.A. or equivalent, BDS, MBBS, B.Sc (Eng), DVM, B.Sc (Hon), Agri, B. Pharmacy, M.Phil, Ph.D., etc.PKR 32,000

Scholarship Amount For Non – Gazette (Part-II) Employees

  • Primary to Matric Primary to Matric level
  • F.A, B.A and equivalent level PKR 6,600
  • M.A. or equivalent, BDS, MBBS, B.Sc (Eng), DVM, B.Sc (Hon), Agri, B. Pharmacy, M.Phil, Ph.D., etc.PKR 8,000

Documents Checklist for Scholarship (Benevolent Fund) 2024

  • Student’s CNIC or B-form – Copy
  • CNIC from Copy (Father & Mother) In the event of death, Copy from guardians’ CNIC*
  • Attested Copy of the Salary Slip *(Latest Pay Slip for the year 2024) of employees who are in-service or Employees who have retired (Female or male) can be used to verify the authenticity of the pension book (PPO)
  • Copy of the student’s result card for 2022 (with a minimum 60% or more grades *Proof) from the Board or University (*Students are not eligible to apply, in the event of a subject being failed and/or absent) and copy of results card downloaded from the web are not accepted.
  • Add Ledger No. on the application form along with a the copy of Sanction Letter in the case of a monthly Grant
  • Students/children from Private Educational Institutions Certificate of Recognition of the Board/University and Registration Number for the period.

Punjab Benevolent Fund online status check By CNIC

To check the online status of your Punjab Benevolent Fund application by CNIC, you can follow these steps:

  • Visit the official website of the Punjab Benevolent Fund.
  • Look for the “Status Check” or “Application Status” section on the website.
  • Click on the provided link to access the status check page.
  • On the status check page, you will find a field to enter your CNIC number.
  • Enter your CNIC number accurately in the designated field.
  • Double-check the entered CNIC number to ensure it is correct.
  • Click on the “Submit” or “Check Status” button.
  • The system will display the online status of your Punjab Benevolent Fund application based on the provided CNIC number.
  • Review the status update to see if your application has been processed or if any further action is required.
  • If needed, you can also contact the Punjab Benevolent Fund helpline or customer support for more information or assistance.

By following these steps, you can easily check the online status of your Punjab Benevolent Fund application using your CNIC.

Punjab Benevolent Fund Online Status 2024

The headquarters of the Benevolent Fund Board is located in Lahore and District-based Benevolent Fund Boards are established to offer easy access to non-gazetted employees (BS 01 to BS – 01 to BS 15) 15) from Attached Departments within their districts. The fund consists of contributions that are compulsory and deducted from every government employee every month, at sources, at the rates that the government may at any time determine.

R Title Action
1. Scholarship Grant Download Form
2. Marriage Grant Download Form
3. Funeral Grant Download Form
4. Monthly Grant Download Form
5. Farewell Grant Download Form

Punjab Benevolent Fund Login

Students whose parents are Gazetted and not Gazetted may apply for this award. The Deputy District Commissioner will confirm the forms for benevolent funds for employees who are not Gazetted’s children. Services & General Administration Department has transformed the system for Punjab Benevolent Scholarship 2024.

Punjab Benevolent Fund Contact Information

  • Address: Government of The Punjab 1st Floor, Alfalah Building, The Mall, Lahore.
  • Phone: 042 – 99204035, 042 – 36284877
  • Fax: 042-36310470

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