PB 29 General Election 2024 Result Check Here

Pb 29 General Election 2024 list of candidates Panjgur has been announced. The PB-29 Election Result for 2024 was announced on 08 February 2024 at 09:00 PM. This report provides comprehensive information on the outcomes of the general election for PB-29 Panjgur I, including the declared winner and the votes cast for each candidate. The election was held for the Balochistan Province Assembly, and a total of 33 candidates competed for the PB-29 Quetta-VI constituency. The Pakistan Election Commission published the names, party affiliations, and voting records of all the candidates. Mir Abdul Ghafoor Lehri from the PML-N emerged victorious with 10,914 votes, defeating Mir Muhammad Ameen Umrani from the IND party, who secured 4,778 votes, and Ali Hassan Jamote from JQM with 3,068 votes.

Ecp List Of Candidates 2024 General Election

The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has announced the list of candidates for the 2024 General Election. The PB-29 Election Results for 2024 show that 11 candidates ran for the provincial assembly seat in Balochistan. Abdul Wahid from JIP emerged victorious, defeating Atta Ullah Baloch, although the exact number of votes is not yet disclosed. The votes were mainly cast for candidates representing PML-N, TLP, JUIF, and PTI, and other contenders also participated in the PB-29 election.

PB 29 General Election 2024

The PB-29 General Election 2024 is an important event that will take place in Pakistan, where citizens will exercise their right to vote to elect their representatives for the Provincial Assembly of Balochistan. The election will be held democratically and transparently, with the participation of various political parties and independent candidates. The election will provide an opportunity for the people of PB-29 to choose their representative who will work for their betterment and uplift their area. The election will also be a chance for the political parties to showcase their policies and manifestos to the public and win their support. The election result will determine the future of Balochistan and its people, and every eligible citizen must exercise their right to vote.

General Election Results PB-29 2024

Candidates Party Votes
Abdul Wahid JIP Announced on 08 February 2024, at 09:00 PM
Atta Ullah Baloch JUIF
Aziz Ahmed IND
Dad Muhammad BNP
Kifayat Ullah Baloch PPP
Mir Asadullah Baloch BNP-A
Muhammad Anwar HDTB
Muhammad Ashraf PML-N
Muhammad Aslam Baloch NP
Muhammad Noor IND
Syed Muhammad IND

Quetta-VI PB-29 Election Result 2024

The Quetta-VI PB-29 Election Result for 2024 is not available at this time. However, detailed information about prominent political parties such as PML-N, PPPP, PTI, MQM, PML-Q, ANP, independent candidates, and other political entities participating in the PB-29 constituency is available.

PB 29 General Election 2024 Result Check Here

PB 29 Panjgur Election 2024 Result

The PB-29 Panjgur Election Result for 2024 was announced on 08 February 2024 at 09:00 PM. Candidates and their supporters can check the updated results on this page and stay informed about the latest developments. The election was held to elect a candidate for the Provincial Assembly of Balochistan, and voters cast their ballots for their preferred candidates. The election result will determine the winner and the new representative for the PB-29 Panjgur constituency.

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